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The Civilian Marksmanship Program is dedicated to the respect for and safe handling of firearms, instilling patriotism and discipline in our youth participants.  The CMP provides its constituents with the highest level of instruction in the proper control of firearms by highly-skilled coaches and veteran range safety officers in the classroom, at our ranges and wherever the CMP banner is displayed. 

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New Mobile Range Right on Target for Shooters Across the Country

By Ashley Brugnone, CMP Writer

ANNISTON, AL, CAMP PERRY, Ohio – In the summer of 2012, the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) constructed a portable air gun range in an attempt to expand its outreach to shooters around the country. The Mobile Range brings all of the luxuries of a state-of-the-art air gun facility without forcing shooters to make the trek to CMP’s northern or southern locations. Now, air rifle enthusiasts in other regions will be able to enjoy a CMP-constructed range right in their own community.
Electronic MegaLink screens are placed on tables in front of the shooters to automatically show their shot scores after firing.

“With travel being difficult for competitors to make it to Ohio or Alabama, the idea of the mobile range arose to transport electronic targets to the shooters instead of them coming to us,” said James Hall, CMP Program Outreach Supervisor.
The mobile range consists of 60 targets, target screens, tables and chairs.

The $425,000 “to-go” range is comprised of 60 electronic MEGAlink targets. MEGAlink is the leading producer of electronic targets in Norway, as well as one of the leading producers in the world. All 60 targets have color monitors next to the shooter so he or she is able to see each shot after it’s fired. MEGAlink is the same target system the CMP North and South stationary air ranges use on a daily basis.

“The appeal of electronic targets is the quick and accurate results, as well as the benefit for spectators to see the targets as competitors are shooting,” Hall explained.
Numbers are placed above each target to designate firing points.

Because of its versatile design, the range can be used as either a 60-point range or broken down into three sets of 20 targets or two sets of 30 targets. Its ability to adapt to different areas of space gives the range the flexibility to be used in a variety of settings.
Spectators can watch the live firing results on one of the eight large, LED televisions placed around the mobile range.

“The range can be set up in almost any combination of targets, which allows small gyms and conference centers to host a match with maximum target use,” said Hall.

Three small trailers were purchased to transport each 20-target set, and a larger trailer was purchased later to transport all 60 as a unit. The new range also features LED targets set up downrange, with a lift system for 3-position shooting, as well as eight, 60-inch TV’s to show the scores, tables and chairs so spectators can sit, relax and watch as the results are displayed from the targets. The program is run by a three-computer system constructed in the middle of the range, which operates the targets, lifts, results and TV’s.
CMP Workers and volunteers construct the metal frames and range targets from the many assembly pieces.

The first “trial” match of the Mobile Range was at the Montgomery Bell Classic in Nashville, TN in October 2012. All of the targets were transported in the three trailers from Anniston, AL to Nashville. With an abundance of workers to help with the set up, the 60 targets were assembled and ready for use in just a few short hours.
MegaLink targets, the same targets used in the air gun ranges at Camp Perry and Anniston, are also used in the mobile range.

All of the components are designed so that the range can be quickly constructed using as few as three people. Most of the range parts are light to carry and easy to compile, with wire hook up and the compilation of extensive pieces being the longest part of the assembly. Coinciding with the simple set up, range tear down is also an almost effortless process.

After the competition in Nashville was complete, the experimental trailer range trip proved to be right on target for both competitors and supporters.
Many metal frame pieces were constructed in Fremont, Ohio to give the targets a sturdy structure.

“The match was a success, not only for the Montgomery Bell Academy, but also for the CMP,” Hall said. “The targets ran well, and we received a positive response from spectators.”

Other CMP events where the range has been put to the test include the 5th Brigade Championship in Kerrville, TX in December 2012 and the Bass Pro 600 in Leeds, AL in January 2013.
All of the target pieces are light enough to be carried by one person and can be easily loaded onto the CMP trailer.

“The Bass Pro 600 was an interesting event because it was hosted inside of the boat area of a Bass Pro Shop,” Hall described. “This gave the sport a great opportunity to be visible to a unique crowd of people. It also generated a lot of interest for people to attend our open public shooting nights in Anniston.”
All of the target pieces are light enough to be carried by one person and can be easily loaded onto the CMP trailer.

All packed up and ready to go, the wheels of the range trailers will roll on as they travel to future events, including the JROTC Service Championship in Salt Lake City, UT, 4H Nationals in Grand Island, NE, the American Legion Championship in Colorado Springs, CO and use for summer camps and clinics.
The entire 60-target range is able to fit into one, long CMP trailer to allow for mobility and assembly in almost any region around the county.

“The Mobile Range has generated a great response,” Hall admitted. “We hope it continues to give shooters out west and other areas of the United States a chance to compete.”

Interested in having the CMP Mobile Range at your next event? The CMP Mobile Range is portable and available for a fee for your next event. Contact James Hall, CMP Program Outreach Supervisor at or (256) 835-8455, ext. 1145. See photos of the CMP Mobile Range at


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