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Reader Comments:

Thank you for this excellent e-newsletter. The links and information are great.
John B.
I greatly enjoy the USAMU shooting tips in the newsletter and also being able to find them on-line.
Regards, Ray in FLA
SFC Singley:
It has been a while, but I sent CMP a request for a TFS article on possible means by which us "centrally endowed" (read that as 'fat') shooters might work ourselves into a useable sitting position. Spring is coming and I will be trying to get ready for matches. Your article has been copied and I will read it and work on trying the options you have provided. Thanks very much for your individual military service to our Nation and for your personal efforts to help other shooters improve our skills.
Melvin C.
Really enjoyed the M1 for Vets article. Its really good to read something that was done for wounded vets. The match must have been a real wingding. Too cold for me. There is alot of history 1903 Springfield and the M1 . I had to sleep with my o3 for baning the butt on the deck in boot camp. Anyway thanks again for the story.
Jim N., Ok
I enjoy the TFS. In fact, occasionally I like to print some of the articles to be able to review them in the future.
James L. M.
Whenever we come back in from the field it’s always a good day when “The First Shot” is in. I drill the guys in the fundamentals – many of which I learned and fine tuned at CMP matches – and it comes back in spades out here when it really counts!
Dean H.
LTC - US Army
Security Advisor
Finally caught up with the October '06 story: A Rifle For Shifty. It was simply one of the best things I've read. As someone who had two uncles in combat in WWII, one air corps and one infantry, I will forever believe those men were heroes of the first echelon. Anything any of us can do for any of them is simply the least we can do.
Steve R.
Birmingham, Alabama
The article about Bill Krilling was very good, a great shooter, coach and a gentlemen to boot!
Ruth S.
Thanksfor the great stories and tips. Even old dogs can learn new tricks. This is great for keeping the CMP active.
Tim H., AZ

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CMP Camp Riflery Program Update

By Jeff Williams, CMP Camp Riflery Program Manager

In 2006, the CMP Camp Riflery Program experienced a significant increase in numbers of camp riflery instructors trained and in camps involved in the program. Those numbers promise to go up even more in 2007. The number of Instructor Training Courses (ITCs) completed in 2006 more than doubled over the previous year. With these growing numbers, there is also an increasing awareness among camp professionals of the program and what it offers. In addition, the CMP is making a conscious effort to promote the program to camps located in the western part of the United States.

A class of 13 new Camp Riflery Master Instructors trained by the CMP in March 2007 has now doubled the CMP’s capacity to support Camp Riflery Instructor Training Courses.

In 2006, the CMP hired a new Camp Riflery Manager to give full-time leadership to the program. The program utilized the services of 10 Camp Riflery Master Instructors. This team conducted 23 ITCs that trained approximately 200 instructors representing 35 different camps across the country. Almost all staff training takes place during a six-week period during May and June. It is a strenuous few weeks, but the results from this intense effort are great. During the eight-week 2006 summer camp period, camp riflery instructors trained by CMP Master Instructors were successful in teaching gun safety and basic marksmanship skills to 30,000 youth.

At the CMP, we see the Camp Riflery Program as an exceptionally promising way to reach large numbers of young boys and girls who are interested in target rifle marksmanship. The CMP is committed to continual expansion of its Camp Riflery Program. We hope to increase the number of ITCs from 23 in 2006 to between 40 and 50 in 2007. We have taken a couple of steps to move us closer to this goal. First, CMP staff is attending more professional camp conferences that take place in various parts of the country during the winter months. This enables more camp directors and professional camp staff to become aware of the CMP Camp Riflery Program and what it offers.

Dr. Lance Miller (top left, by the easel) and Jeff Williams (top center, below USA flag), CMP Camp Riflery Manager, were the lead instructors during the recent CMP Camp Riflery Master Instructor Course.

Our second step has been to recruit and train a new class of Master Instructors who can lead the additional ITCs that are being planned. The CMP is moving towards a plan that will have Camp Riflery Master Instructors distributed on a geographic basis so camp leaders will have a riflery or marksmanship expert in their area to call on for assistance. A call for applications to become CMP Camp Riflery Master Instructors went out in December. 13 highly-qualified individuals were selected from a large group of impressive applications. Selection was based on experience in competition, junior coaching, previous instructional experience, willingness to work long days in typical camp environments and availability during the May-June camp staff training period.

Training for the new class of Master Instructors was conducted at Camp Perry, Ohio on 7-11 March 2007. Dr. Lance Miller, one of the CMP’s most-experienced Camp Riflery Master Instructors, was the primary instructor for the Camp Riflery Master Instructor Training Course. In five days of intensive training, the new Master Instructors examined the ITC safety and marksmanship instruction curriculum in detail. During the last two days of the course, they practiced teaching parts of the course to their fellow trainees. The new class of Master Instructors effectively doubles the number who will be available to teach ITCs this year.

Students in the Camp Riflery Master Instructor Training Course spent the last two days teaching the ITC course themselves, with other Master Instructor trainees being the students.

Hundreds of summer camps across the United States offer camp riflery as a program for campers. The CMP is working to offer as many of these camps as possible the opportunity to have their staff professionally trained by certified Master Instructors, to have their camps affiliated with our national marksmanship organization, and to provide their campers with opportunities to learn and practice gun safety and rifle marksmanship as a sport. The CMP program also strives to send campers home with the means to pursue their interests in target marksmanship. Lots of gun enthusiasts and great target shooters trace their love of the shooting sports to first learning about shooting at a summer camp. The CMP program is striving to increase those numbers with an instructional program of the highest possible quality.

For more information regarding the Camp Riflery Program or CR Instructor Training Courses, please contact Jeff Williams, CMP Camp Riflery Manager, at 419-635-2141 ext. 1130 or email

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