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Shooters, including aspiring new shooters are invited to take advantage of a new opportunity to do practice shooting.  Both ranges consist of 80-point, 10-meter air gun range and are fully equipped with electronic targets that accommodate air rifle, air pistol or National Match Air Rifle shooting.  Instruction and equipment are also available.  Visit
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National Match Air Rifle Monthly Match at Camp Perry

By Lue Contreras, CMP Program Coordinator

The CMP is contacting Adult and Junior Highpower shooters in Ohio and surrounding states to invite you to the National Match Air Rifle Monthly Matches that will take place at the CMP Marksmanship Training Center on 21 May 2011. The match program for these matches has two tracks, one for experienced highpower rifle shooters and a second track for new and inexperienced shooters so we’re also looking for new shooters who want to learn a new shooting sports discipline.

The CMP invites you to check out the National Match Air Rifle (NMAR) shooting sports discipline for adults and juniors and then come to Camp Perry near Port Clinton, Ohio on 21 May to shoot NMAR during the Camp Perry Monthly Matches. With 80 firing points all equipped with electronic targets that instantly score hits on the reduced 200 and 600-yard highpower targets, there is room for lots of shooters.

There are several new features in the Camp Perry Monthly NMAR Matches program that we hope will be of interest to you:

  • Competitors can enter one of two tracks. Track A for advanced or experienced shooters, a 60-shot NMAR Full Course (standing-sitting-prone). Track A shooters will also be asked to coach or mentor one relay of new and inexperienced shooters while they shoot a 30-shot Sporter-Garand Course.
  • Track B for new and inexperienced shooters and for shooters whose primary interest is in firing As-Issued Military Rifle, a 30-shot Sporter-Garand Course (prone-prone timed-fire and standing) where they will be coached by Track A.
  • We are introducing a new 30-shot Sporter-Garand Course that is designed for shooters who want a course of fire that closely mirrors the popular John C. Garand highpower course. It must be shot with sporter class rifles. This course starts with sighters and prone slow-fire and then continues with prone timed-fire and standing stages, all on reduced 200-yard targets.
  • A new awards program featuring CMP award coupons is being instituted. Awards won in these matches can be redeemed at the CMP Stores or through catalog orders.
  • The schedule is set so that most competitors can drive to Camp Perry in the morning, shoot and be home that evening.
  • The new official program for the Camp Perry Monthly NMAR Matches is posted at

Sign up online for the next NMAR Monthly Match on 21 May at: When you register, be sure to select Track A or Track B.

The CMP staff is also scheduling an NMAR Matches that can be hosted by shooting clubs in other parts of the country. The CMP will provide event promotion, staff to assist in running the match and loaner air rifles (both AR-Clones and Sporters). Host clubs must have space to set up a 12-25 point air gun range. The CMP can provide target backstops if necessary. CMP affiliated clubs that are interested in hosting an NMAR introductory match should contact Lue Contreras, 419-635-2141, ext. 1107 or

Air rifle has long been recognized as having huge potential for growth because air gun shooting is low cost, air gun ranges are easy to set up anywhere and air guns can be shot all year long. Air gun offers Olympic disciplines for shooters who want to train and compete at elite levels. There is three-position air rifle shooting that now dominates junior shooting. What has been missing is an air gun game that appeals to both adults and juniors who want to shoot for recreation while enjoying the camaraderie and challenges that come from competitions. NMAR is designed to fill that gap.

The CMP produced a new 24-page Guide to National Match Air Rifle to provide full information, rules and match procedures for NMAR. Download the Guide from the CMP website at It tells you all about the three air rifle classes where you can choose between the low-cost Sporter Class, the Match Rifle Class or the AR-Clone Class. The Guide explains how to shoot the three NMAR events and how you or your club can conduct your own NMAR matches.

This is your invitation to come to Camp Perry near Port Clinton, Ohio on 21 May to find out all about NMAR and how much fun it can be to shoot. We hope to see many of you there and we hope many of you will become regulars in shooting these monthly matches.


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