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The Civilian Marksmanship Program is dedicated to the respect for and safe handling of firearms, instilling patriotism and discipline in our youth participants.  The CMP provides its constituents with the highest level of instruction in the proper control of firearms by highly-skilled coaches and veteran range safety officers in the classroom, at our ranges and wherever the CMP banner is displayed. 

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CMP Seeks Volunteers to Assist Veteransí Organizations With Ceremonial Rifle Maintenance

By Steve Cooper, CMP Marketing Manager

The CMP proudly supports the U.S. Armyís TACOM Life Cycle Management Commandís Static Display and Ceremonial Rifle program by servicing and shipping M1 Garand rifles to eligible organizations for ceremonial purposes, at no cost to the government.

ANNISTON, AL Ė Since early 2011, many of the rifles used to fire salutes at ceremonial events such as funerals and memorial events have been serviced and shipped to veteransí organizations by the Civilian Marksmanship Program after being approved for use by the U.S. Armyís TACOM Life Cycle Management Commandís Static Display and Ceremonial Rifle Program.

The U.S. Armyís TACOM Life Cycle Management Commandís Static Display and Ceremonial Rifle organization administers the issuance of rifles and the CMP provides servicing and shipping M1 Garand rifles to eligible organizations for ceremonial purposes, at no cost to the government. "TACOM" is now considered a stand-alone proper name rather than the commonly known acronym that described the former Tank-automotive and Armaments Command.

Prior to distribution to approved veterans organizations, CMP armorers inspect, repair, test fire, install blank firing adapters and ship ceremonial M1 Garand rifles for TACOM at no charge. The CMP has been providing volunteers to inspect and repair ceremonial rifles at veteran organizations, when feasible, since 2003 and the need continues to grow.

As a function of veteransí average age, the degree of familiarity with the M1 rifle has lessened as those more accustomed to newer service rifles like the M16A2 are filling the ranks. Because regular service is critical to the operation of rifles and safety of users, the CMP offers regular M1 Garand clinics to those interested in maintenance and will be happy to work with volunteers.

Thousands of rifles are used each year by more than 1,500 veteransí organization posts, clubs and chapters, and even though they are configured to fire blank rounds, they still require regular maintenance to ensure proper function. Itís not unusual for honor guards to fire their rifles at four or more engagements in one day. The CMP recommends that each organization designate personnel who keep a maintenance log on each rifle so they are ready for use.

Over time, rifles accumulate a build-up of carbon and lubrication breaks down, particularly in the case of the semi-automatic ceremonial M1 rifle. Proper maintenance also ensures that the correct size blank firing adapter is in place and a properly headspaced bolt is installed. Itís also highly important that users of the M1 Garand ceremonial rifle use only .30 caliber blank ammunition and not .30 caliber grenade launcher ammunition in error. The rounds look very similar, but the blank ammo features six crimps and not five, like the launcher ammunition. Use of improper ammunition can lead to severe injury or worse.

The following organizations may request ceremonial M1 Garand rifles by contacting TACOM directly: law enforcement agencies, veteransí associations, honor guards of national cemeteries and active military, National Guard and reserve units. The Secretary of the Army may conditionally lend or donate not more than 15 M1 Garand rifles to an eligible organization.

For more information about TACOMís Ceremonial Rifle Program, contact them by mail at:
U.S. Army TACOM Life Cycle Management Command ATTN: AMSTA-LC-LEAD, M/S: 419 6501 East 11 Mile Road Warren, MI 48397-5000

Contact TACOM by email at or by fax to (586) 282-7128.

Those wishing to volunteer for rifle maintenance may contact Tom Whitten at the CMP. Veteransí organizations needing assistance with inspection and repair of their rifles (M1 Garand, Krag, M1917, M1903, or M1903A3) should also contact Tom Whitten at CMP at; 419-635-2142 x 1113. For a list of parts available for purchase by veteransí organizations for the M1 Garand rifle from the CMP, click on the following link: For additional information on CMPís Support to Veteran Organizations, visit


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