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Reader Comments:

Nice work as always on the e-News. Always enjoy reading up on things.
Thank you!
Joe D. G.
Just read your most recent CMP Online News ; Thank you for your efforts & programs to promote Civilian Markmanship in the USA.
Mike H.
TFS is an outstanding medium for informing the shooting public and both format and content are always of the highest quality. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to express my comments.
CMS Steven L. Pennington, USAF, (ret)
Ms. Elder,
I was thrilled when I read the ďShort History of the Distinguished Shooter Program.Ē As the first Navy female Distinguished Pistol Shot, I am humbled to see my name among so many others who have made the grade. Many thanks to Mr. Hap Rocketto for compiling what has to be the best single list of distinguished shooters from all levels.
LCDR Barbara Gies
Hello, I am excited to read your newsletter's that you generate. They are good sources of information and I am more and more motivated each time to continue working on my shooting skill's after being in the Marine corps for twenty years. I have been exposed to lot's of range shooting with rifles. I really like that feeling of being on the rifle range @ dawn preparing for a good day of accurate shooting. The fact that you continue to teach theses skill's with so much enthusiasm is absolutely outstanding.
Bryan C.
More, more from SSG Praslick. A good coach is worth his/her weight in gold. Keep it up. I need all the help I can get. CSM (ret) R. Thomas D. Command Sergeant Major (retired) "Once a soldier, always a soldier"
I think you ďon lineĒ newspaper is great! Keep up the good work.
Gary K.
I think it's is GREAT keep it up! Thank you very much!
PS I sure miss going to Perry
Conrad S.
Very informative. Reminders and tips for better shooting are always helpful. We tend to forget lessons learned and sometimes need to be hit on the head with a 2X4. LEStahl
Good stories, would love to see training info. on smallbore.
Jim E.
Alta, Calif.
I thought the article about the Reading R&P Club was great. I have the pleasure of shooting matches at their club several times a year and you can't fine a better group of people and sportsmen.
Keep up the great work....
Richard S.

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Marines Win National Trophy Team Match
Henderson and Sokolowski Win Individual Matches

By Gary Anderson, DCM

The USMC Scarlet team won the prestigious Gold Cup Trophy for the second year in a row in the National Trophy Team Match. Their 1133-37X team total is the highest Gold Cup score since a Marine team won this match in 1984 with 1135-38X. Team members (l. to r.) are Cpl Zachary Benes, Sgt James Ruiz, GySgt Richard Gray and GySgt Brian Zins. CWO2 Billy Ray Williamson was the Team Captain. GySgt Jerry Zingg was the Team Coach.

Major victories in the National Trophy Pistol Matches were claimed by the Marine Corps, Army Reserve Staff Sergeant James Henderson and Army Sergeant First Class Adam Sokolowski. The Matches took place on 11-16 July as part of the National Matches at Camp Perry Ohio. The intense rivalries between the Armed Services teams and equally strong rivalries between civilian teams were once again a highlight of the matches.

The National Trophy Matches feature competitions with service rifles and pistols. In the pistol matches, competitors are required to fire either M1911 .45 cal. pistols or M9/M92 9mm pistols. Firing includes slow fire stages at 50 yards and timed and rapid fire stages at 25 yards.

Staff Sergeant James Henderson, Festus, Missouri, won the Presidentís Pistol Match for the fourth time and second year in a row.

This yearís National Trophy Pistol Matches actually began on 11 July with a new M9 Pistol EIC Match that concluded the Pistol Small Arms Firing School. This year a modern era record of 376 students attended the school conducted by Army Marksmanship Unit instructors and coaches from other military teams. At the end of the school, everyone fired the M9 Match with military service pistols. The top ten percent of all shooters who had not previously earned EIC credit points (count towards earning the Distinguished Badge) could earn four EIC points. Chicago policeman Nick Pappas won this new match with a 288-7X score. Pappas and 26 other shooters earned their first EIC points in this match.

The National Matches pistol phase continued with NRA championships that took place after the Pistol Small Arms Firing School and M9 Match. SSG Henderson won the NRA National Pistol Championship in a close victory over seven-time National Pistol Champion Brian Zins, U. S. Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant. The pistol phase concluded with the National Trophy Pistol Matches on 16 July.

SFC Adam Sokolowski from the U. S. Army Marksmanship Unit won the National Trophy Individual Pistol Match with a 292-9X score. He is shown here at the Awards Ceremony where he received a trophy plaque and presentation M1 Garand rifle. The presentation rifle was crafted by Eric Pierce of National Match Armory in Rendon, Texas. The presenter was Brigadier General Matt Kambic, Assistant Adjutant General, Army, Ohio National Guard.

The first of the National Trophy Pistol Matches is the prestigious Presidentís Pistol Match. In a tradition started by President Theodore Roosevelt, winners of this match receive a letter of congratulations from the President of the United States. The competition between two previous winners of the Presidentís Match was especially close. Sergeant Robert Park, U. S. Army, who won this match in 2003, finished with a 387-10X total. SSG Henderson, who won this match in 1997, 2002 and 2005, was not to be outdone and finished with a 387-12X. Ties are broken in favor of the shooter with the highest X-count. Henderson set the National Matches record for this match in 2005 with a 389-10X score and has won it more times than any other shooter in history.

The Presidentís Match has always been popular with service pistol shooters because the top 100 competitors are named to the ďPresidentís Hundred.Ē Every member of the Hundred receives a certificate and medallion; military shooters can wear Presidentís Hundred tabs on their uniforms. Special notoriety is attached to placing 100th and 101st in this match. This year, Ashleigh Grosshuesch from Sheboygan, Wisconsin was 100th, just making the Hundred, and CMDR George Bratton, USNR, was 101st, just missing the cut.

In the National Trophy Individual Pistol Match where the Custer Trophy is at stake, former Army Reserve and now civilian shooter Steve Reiter from Tucson, Arizona was going for an unprecedented three in a row, having won this match in 2004 and 2005. This year he posted another excellent score, 288-12X. Reiterís score topped the early leaderboards, but was bumped back to second when later scores came in and an outstanding 292-9X total was posted by SFC Adam Sokolowski, a member of the U. S. Army Pistol Team. Sokolowski previously won the Custer Trophy as an Army Private in 1999.

The National Trophy Pistol Match is a high pressure match for many shooters because civilians can earn 10 EIC credit points that count towards the 30 they need to earn for the Distinguished Pistol Shot Badge. 31 Non-Distinguished shooters received EIC credit points in the match; six of those shooters ended with 30 or more EIC points and have now earned their Distinguished Pistol Shot Badges. They are:

  • Robert Case, Vacaville, California

  • Haig Derderian, Racine, Wisconsin

  • Keith Heinauer, Whispering Pines, North Carolina

  • Jon Milan, Phoenix, Arizona

  • Patrick Powell, Columbia, Tennessee

  • Ashliegh Grosshuesch, Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Grosshuesch had the unique distinction of not only being the 100th place shooter in the Presidentís Hundred, but he was also the 31st Non-Distinguished shooter among the 31 who earned EIC credits.

Rebecca Jennings, 15, Boerne, Texas, was the leading junior pistol shooter in the National Trophy Matches. She is shown here with the Junior Individual Pistol Trophy.

For the last few years, the National Trophy Team Match has been a battle between Army, Army Reserve and Marine Corps Teams. Last year the Marine Corps won over the Army and USAR Team in a relatively close contest where they were just three points ahead of the Army team and nine points ahead of the USAR. This year the Marines increased their winning score from 1114 to 1133 and had an 11-point victory margin over the second place Army team. The Marine Team was led by GySgt Brian Zins who fired the highest overall score in the team match with a 292-11X.

Civilian teams compete under different rules than the military teams. Civilian teams are limited to residents of the state the team represents. The Oglethorpe Trophy is awarded to the winning state or club team. The Pennsylvania Rifle and Pistol Association Team won a narrow 1085 to 1084 victory over the Virginia State Team to take this highly coveted trophy.

Some of the 21 National Trophies that are awarded to the most successful competitors in the National Trophy Pistol Matches. The Gold Cup Team Trophy, Presidentís Trophy and Custer Trophy are in the upper center.

The National Trophy Pistol Matches also feature special junior events where competitors fire .22 caliber pistols over the same courses as the Presidentís and National Trophy Individual Matches. The leading junior was 15-year-old Rebecca Jennings from Boerne, Texas. Jennings was the high junior in the Presidentís Match with a 356-3X, won the National Junior Pistol Trophy with a 263-5X and was a member of the Texas State Rifle Association Junior Gold team that won the National Junior Pistol Team Trophy.

Altogether, 21 different National Trophies were awarded to the outstanding competitors in the matches. Complete results are posted on the CMP web site at Pictures can also be viewed at  A total of 843 individuals participated in the 2006 National Trophy Pistol Matches and Pistol Small Arms Firing School. Overall school attendance was up 14 percent over the previous year while the match events all showed increases over 2005 tallies.

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