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Reader Comments:

Nice work as always on the e-News. Always enjoy reading up on things.
Thank you!
Joe D. G.
Just read your most recent CMP Online News ; Thank you for your efforts & programs to promote Civilian Markmanship in the USA.
Mike H.
TFS is an outstanding medium for informing the shooting public and both format and content are always of the highest quality. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to express my comments.
CMS Steven L. Pennington, USAF, (ret)
Ms. Elder,
I was thrilled when I read the “Short History of the Distinguished Shooter Program.” As the first Navy female Distinguished Pistol Shot, I am humbled to see my name among so many others who have made the grade. Many thanks to Mr. Hap Rocketto for compiling what has to be the best single list of distinguished shooters from all levels.
LCDR Barbara Gies
Hello, I am excited to read your newsletter's that you generate. They are good sources of information and I am more and more motivated each time to continue working on my shooting skill's after being in the Marine corps for twenty years. I have been exposed to lot's of range shooting with rifles. I really like that feeling of being on the rifle range @ dawn preparing for a good day of accurate shooting. The fact that you continue to teach theses skill's with so much enthusiasm is absolutely outstanding.
Bryan C.
More, more from SSG Praslick. A good coach is worth his/her weight in gold. Keep it up. I need all the help I can get. CSM (ret) R. Thomas D. Command Sergeant Major (retired) "Once a soldier, always a soldier"
I think you “on line” newspaper is great! Keep up the good work.
Gary K.
I think it's is GREAT keep it up! Thank you very much!
PS I sure miss going to Perry
Conrad S.
Very informative. Reminders and tips for better shooting are always helpful. We tend to forget lessons learned and sometimes need to be hit on the head with a 2X4. LEStahl
Good stories, would love to see training info. on smallbore.
Jim E.
Alta, Calif.
I thought the article about the Reading R&P Club was great. I have the pleasure of shooting matches at their club several times a year and you can't fine a better group of people and sportsmen.
Keep up the great work....
Richard S.

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National Youth Shooting Sports Leadership Conference and Coach-Instructor Schools Registration Starts

By Gary Anderson, DCM

The National Youth Shooting Sports Leadership Conference offers opportunities to learn how to improve your marksmanship training work with youth from presentations given by some of the nation’s leading shooting coaches and program administrators.
If you work with junior shooters and want to grow and improve your program, you belong at the 2006 National Youth Shooting Sports Leadership Conference and Training Week. Any one who serves as a leader, coach, instructor or active parent in a high school or junior shooting program can benefit from the training courses and conference presentations that will be available at Camp Perry, Ohio on 19-24 September.

The 2006 National Youth Shooting Sports Leadership Conference will be hosted by the CMP, but the conference and training courses that precede it are a joint effort of the NRA Education & Training Division, USA Shooting and the CMP. The Youth Leadership Conference alternates years with the National Shooting Coaches College that is hosted by USA Shooting. The overall objective of the conference and training week is to foster greater knowledge and effectiveness among junior shooting sports leaders.

2006 Youth Leadership Conference attendees will also have an opportunity to fire in a special Rimfire Sporter Match and be introduced to this new shooting sports discipline.
The 2006 Youth Shooting Sports Leadership Conference opens at 9:00 AM on Friday morning, 22 September, and ends at noon on Sunday, 24 September. The conference will offer an outstanding array of networking opportunities and technical presentations on target marksmanship and junior program organization. The conference is attended by a wide variety of junior leaders that range from club and team coaches to CMP State Junior Directors, who have their annual training workshop at the end of the conference, to leaders in national youth-serving organizations with marksmanship programs.

The cost of the conference is $125.00. This fee covers conference materials plus three nights lodging and meals during the conference. Conference attendees will also have an opportunity to fire in a special Rimfire Sporter match on the Camp Perry ranges and to be introduced to this new shooting sports discipline.

Advanced and basic coach training courses are taught as part of the Youth Leadership Conference’s week-long program.
If you would like to attend the 2006 National Youth Shooting Sports Leadership Conference, you can view the Conference Program on-line at (link). You can also register on-line at

Five special training courses that can lead to coach, advanced coach or GSM Master Instructor certification will be taught during the week prior to the Conference. This will make it possible for conference attendees to also receive specific training and certifications in areas that are vital to their work as junior leaders.

Advanced Rifle and Pistol Coaching Courses will be taught on Tuesday through Thursday, 19-21 September. The $200 fee for these course includes a wealth of course materials, housing and some meals.

Basic Rifle and Pistol Two-Day Coach Courses will be taught on Wednesday and Thursday, 20-21 September. The fee for these courses is $125.

A GSM Master Instructor Course is also scheduled to be part of the Youth Leadership Conference training week.
There will also be a Garand-Springfield-Military Rifle Master Instructor Course on Wednesday and Thursday, 20-21 September, for anyone who is interested in earning this popular new certification. An added feature in this course will be an instructional segment on how to adapt GSM course marksmanship instruction techniques to teaching juniors how to shoot with smallbore rifles, air rifles or BB guns. The cost of the two-day GSM Master Instructor Course is $100, which covers housing, course materials and some meals.

A detailed Conference Program with a list of all presentations will be available later this summer. The important thing to do now is to sign up to reserve your place in the training courses and Youth Leadership Conference. You can sign up on-line at

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