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Reader Comments:

Thank you for your wonderful Newsletter! As the parent of 2 Junior Shooters (they shoot high power, .22, air rifle, archery... essentially anything that will send a projectile through the air!) I really appreciate the coverage that you provide. You are so organized and provide information to keep the news, support programs and resources at my fingertips. Thank you for your dedication and hard work. Oh, please pass along my sincere appreciation to the wonderful group of Marines that hosted and taught the Marine Corps Junior High Power Clinic and also to the wonderful and dedicated Army Marksmen that hosted and taught the Small Arms Firing School. I had children in each and they both had a fabulous time! They looked forward to attending each day and the interaction and coaching exceeded our high expectations! They went above and beyond. Thank you! Sincerely,
Tami R.
Please keep up the good work. Thanks you for you information on CMP. I love to visit the Camp Perry store when possible so this news letter seems to keep me in touch with you all. Thanks again Paul Miller
Paul M.
Thank you... it was an awesome week and experience at Camp Perry for both my son and me.  We loved it and loved the CMP staff who were friendly and very helpful. :-)
I wanted to let you know that your news letter is outstanding.  A lot of really good info that I pass on to many people.  Thank you.
David F.
Thanks for the work you do. We enjoy the CMP Newsletter and updates. Sincerely, W. Chessman
I enjoy reading the email and look forward to it every week.
Thanks, Eric C.
Having been a member of the Junior NRA during the late '50's where I achieved the rating of Sharpshooter 6th Bar, I am honestly able to state that I was pleasantly surprised and very pleased to see that you're still actively pursuing today's youth to continue the interest of sport shooting (which I still love).  Thank you and warm regards.
Ted K., SCPO, USN Retired
Thank you for a great news letter.
J. B.
I shot high expert in the Marine Corps in the 60's with the venerable Garand and hope someday to own one again. I like reading TFS and their informative articles. Thanks for the excellent site.
Sincerely, Fred C.
I attended the Houston Gun Collectors January Show, and truthfully, the CMP display was the high point of the show for me. I'm still trying to decide about buying a Greek Collector Grade M-1 rifle (I have too many Garands already), but when all is said and done, I think the decision to take the CMP to such major gun shows is a real winner.
Larry S.
The First Shot is a well put together, informative on-line magazine. Kudos' to the staff for the idea and content.
Col. Lance, USA-Ret.
PS Great revitalization and up grade of the old DCM.

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National Matches Play Host to Australian High Power Team

By Sommer Wood, Staff Writer/Editor

The Australian Team with Lieutenant General Anthony Jones of the U.S. Army.
So you think you traveled a long way to get to Camp Perry this year, well try traveling half way across the world. That’s exactly what the Australian High Power Team, Aussie Roos, did for a chance to experience the U.S. National Matches. The team consisted of David Cornick, George Grivas, Aubrey Sonnenberg, David Vivian Jones, David Waters, and John Webber. All six shooters are ex-service men from Australia who were looking for the opportunity to shoot semi-automatic rifles, which have been banned in Australia since the government enforced strict gun bans in 1996.

Australian Sticker on a borrowed rifle that has the Texas State Flag on the stock.
Because of the gun bans, the team didn’t even have rifles to bring to the National Matches. With the help of the several American contacts, the team was able to borrow rifles and acquire ammunition to shoot while at Camp Perry. And shoot they have, the Aussie Roos have participated in every rifle match held during high power week. “We have been very impressed and overwhelmed with how nice everyone has been, it has just been a wonderful experience,” said George Grivas of Adamstown Heights in New South Wales where most of the team is from.

Patches from gun clubs around the world.
Several of the shooters have traveled all over the world for the opportunity to shoot and plan to come back to Camp Perry again next year. “You have to be careful of what happens in your country. Gun bans happened in Australia, England, and Canada but crime just went up. Now we have to travel half way around the world to have a week’s good shooting with friends, shooting the same rifles we used to own,” said George Grivas.

Australian Team in the Infantry Trophy Match.



Members of the group still hope that one day they can achieve a lift on the gun bans in Australia. All are members of the Australian International High Power Association,, which is working to lift the bans. Hopefully one day the Aussie Roos can invite Americans to their own National Matches, but until then they will always be welcome at Camp Perry. Check match results to see how the Aussie Roos did at For more pictures go to

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