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DeMille Victorious in Garand and Springfield Matches while McKinney and Caviness Win Vintage Military Bolt and Modern Military Events

By Steve Cooper, CMP Marketing Manager


PHOENIX, AZ – Dennis DeMille, 48, of Anniston, AL, dropped just seven points overall in winning the John C. Garand Match at the 2013 Western CMP Games, recording a 293-7X aggregate score. DeMille also led all shooters in the Springfield Match with a score of 288-6X.


Dennis DeMille, of Anniston, AL, won the 2013 Western CMP Games John C. Garand Match Springfield Rifle Match, recording scores of 293-7X and 288-6X, respectively.

In the Garand Match, DeMille cleaned his prone slow-fire stage (100-5X), fired a 99-0X in prone rapid-fire and completed the series with a 94-2X in the standing stage. In the Springfield Match, he fired a 100-5X in prone slow-fire, a 95-1X in rapid-fire and a 93-0X off-hand.

Lyle Drenth, 60, of Apple Valley, CA, placed second and was the high senior in the Garand Match with a total score of 288-7X, edging Dave Emary, 55, of St. Paul, NE, who fired a 287-6X, for third. Three shooters were initially tied for fourth place, firing 285 each but George Gaskill, 66, of Chino, CA, scored nine center-shot Xs, moving him ahead of Cpl James Minturn, 21, USMCR, of Temecula, CA, (285-6X) and James Fletcher, 62, of Whitney, TX, (285-3X) on center shot tiebreakers, dropping them to fifth and sixth, respectively.


Lyle Drenth, of Apple Valley, California, placed second and was the high senior in the Garand Match with a total score of 288-7X.

Austin Fitzgerald, 18, of Escondido, CA, was the high junior in the Garand Match, recording a score of 247-2X.

Ronald Foos, 58, of Chandler, AZ, placed second in the Springfield Match, firing a 286-3X, firing a pair of 99s in prone slow-fire and rapid-fire. Larry Stonecipher, 61, of Ada, OK, placed third with a total score of 282-10X and was also the high scoring senior in the match. Stuart De Motte, 26, of Kagel Canyon, CA, (282-4X), placed fourth.


Competitors have an opportunity to shoot their M1Garand, Springfield rifle, Vintage Military Bolt rifle or Modern Military rifle in any order during the Western CMP Games, or they can shoot the same rifle as many as four times during the event.

In a three-way tie for fifth place, Mike Miller, 66, of Downey, CA, John Henderson, 53, of Sonora, CA, and Cpl James Minturn all fired identical 281-3X and ties needed to be broken by their standing AND rapid-fire stage scores. Minturn had the lowest standing score (84) and finished seventh. Miller and Henderson each fired 92 in offhand, so Miller’s 93 in rapid fire eventually gave him the nod over Henderson (91) for fifth.

Lee McKinney, 72, of Rio Rico, Arizona, was the winner and high senior competitor in the Vintage Military Bolt Rifle Match with an aggregate score of 290-9X. He fired a 98-5X in the prone stage, 99-3X in rapid-fire and 93-1X in the standing stage.


Lee McKinney, of Rio Rico, Arizona, was the winner and high senior competitor in the Vintage Military Bolt Rifle Match with an aggregate score of 290-9X. He fired a 98-5X in the prone stage, 99-3X in rapid-fire and 93-1X in the standing stage. His awards were presented by Bill Willoughby, member of the CMP Board of Directors.

Larry Stonecipher placed second (285-8X) and Robert Spurrier, 52, of Lakewood, CO, captured third place, firing a 281-3X. Mike Miller and John Henderson once again needed a tiebreaker to determine fourth and fifth place, with Miller finishing ahead with a 279-7X to Henderson’s 279-3X.

Dennis Caviness, 38, of Lake Havasu City, AZ, was the winner of the Modern Military Rifle Match with an aggregate score of 286-3X. He fired prone slow-fire, rapid-fire and offhand stages of 99-2X, 97-1X and 90-0X, respectively.


Dennis Caviness, of Lake Havasu City, Arizona won the 2013 Modern Military Rifle Match at the Western CMP Games with an aggregate score of 286-3X. Bill Willoughby, a member of the CMP Board of Directors, presented his award.

William Ellis, 48, of Langley, England, placed second in the Modern Military Match with an aggregate score of 285-6X, edging David Geyer, 38, of Phoenix, AZ, who finished at 285-4X. Joe Vampola, 56, of Oceanside, CA, (283-6X) and Dennis DeMille (283-3X) rounded out the top five spots separated by X-count.

Wyatt Martin, 16, of Flagstaff, AZ, was the high junior in the Modern Military Match.

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