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Record Amount of Shooters Fire in the 2013-2014 JROTC Postal Championship

By Ashley Brugnone, CMP Writer


The JROTC Three-Position Air Rifle National Championship kicked off in October with its opening Postal Competition, where cadets from Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force JROTC programs submitted scores to the CMP to be compared against top junior shooters around the country. 

A record-breaking 8,025 shooters participated in the 2013-2014 match, with the top shooters in each branch earning an invitation to the JROTC Regional Service Championships, to be held in Albuquerque, NM; Anniston, AL; and Camp Perry, OH.

This year, MidwayUSA will be sponsoring the JROTC Championships – donating over $454,000 in endowments and operating costs, with over $300,000 of that amount going to top teams in all three phases of the Championships (Postal, Regional, National).

Army Top 3 Individuals:

  1. Isela Velazquez, R.L. Paschal HS, Texas – 276-10x
  2. Hunter Kraus, Central Catholic HS, Texas – 275-10x
  3. Alexander Eikelenboom, Lebanon HS, Oregon – 274-10x


  1. Heather Johnson, Lumpkin County HS, Georgia – 297-21x
  2. Kasey Rysavy, North Salem HS, Oregon – 296-20x
  3. Sarah Jameson, Walla Walla HS, Washington – 295-21x

Army Top 3 Teams:

  1. Fountain Fort Carson HS, Colorado – 1071-35x
  2. R.L. Paschal HS, Texas – 1069-32x
  3. Central Catholic HS, Texas – 1066-32x


  1. Walla Walla HS, Washington – 1172-69x
  2. Ozark HS, Missouri – 1153-58x
  3. Patch HS, AE – 1152-65x

Marine Corps Top 3 Individuals:

  1. Jeffery Dean, Danielle Boone HS, Tennessee – 280-14x
  2. Dakota Lupkes-Heim, Des Moines North HS, Iowa – 280-8x
  3. Ashley Valadez, W.T. White HS, Texas – 274-6x


  1. Cassandra Suter, La Cueva HS, New Mexico – 294-18x
  2. Destiny Collier, East Coweta HS, Georgia – 293-18x
  3. Hunter Dowell, Granbury HS, Texas – 291-18x

Marine Corps Top 3 Teams:

  1. Des Moines North HS, Iowa – 1070-33x
  2. R-S Central HS, North Carolina – 1062-30x
  3. Daniel Boone HS, Tennessee – 1061-29x


  1. La Cueva HS, New Mexico – 1154-64x
  2. East Coweta HS, Georgia – 1142-52x
  3. Shelby County HS, Kentucky – 1137-55x

Navy Top 3 Individuals:

  1. Darrell Ray, Moss Point HS, Mississippi – 282-9x
  2. Shadman Alamgir, Reseda HS, California – 281-12x
  3. Eliseo Dorado, El Dorado HS, Texas – 281-10x


  1. Heather Brown, Union Grove HS, Georgia – 296-16x
  2. Ben Spotts, Manzano HS, New Mexico – 291-17x
  3. David Johnson, Henry County HS, Georgia – 291-17x
  4. Joanna O’Neill, Los Alamo HS, New Mexico – 291-17x

Navy Top 3 Teams:

  1. West Ashley HS, South Carolina – 1090-36x
  2. Reseda HS, California – 1089-35x
  3. Zion-Benton HS, Illinois – 1088-30x


  1. Union Grove HS, Georgia – 1152-59x
  2. New Albany HS, Indiana – 1149-53x
  3. Henry County HS, Georgia – 1144-57x

Air Force Top 3 Individuals:

  1. Ashley Durham, McMichael HS, North Carolina – 279-6x
  2. Charles Collins, McMichael HS, North Carolina – 278-11x
  3. Matthew Velazquez, Buckeye Union HS, Arizona – 276-10x


  1. Jonathan Gove, Franklin County HS, Virginia – 295-22x
  2. Chelsea Larsen, Northgate HS, Georgia – 292-21x
  3. Cody Ashby, Franklin County HS, Virginia – 292-20x

Air Force Top 3 Teams:

  1. McMichael HS, North Carolina – 1090-30x
  2. Clearfield HS, Utah – 1075-28x
  3. Volcano Vista HS, New Mexico – 1067-29x


  1. Franklin County HS, Virginia – 1166-74x
  2. Monroe Area HS, Georgia – 1138-51x
  3. Volcano Vista HS, New Mexico – 1129-50x

Overall Individuals Over All Service Branches:

  1. Darrell Ray, Navy, Moss Point HS – 282-9x
  2. Shadman Alamgir, Navy, Reseda HS – 281-12x
  3. Eliseo Dorado, Navy, El Dorado HS – 281-10x


  1. Heather Johnson, Army, Lumpkin County HS – 297-21x
  2. Kasey Rysavy, Army, North Salem HS – 296-20x
  3. Heather Brown, Navy, Union Grove HS – 296-16x

The JROTC Regional Championships will be held in February 2014. The dates and locations for the Championships are as follows:

February 14-16:
Albuquerque, NM (All 4 services)
Anniston, AL (USMC & Navy)

February 20-22:
Camp Perry, OH (All 4 services)
Anniston, AL (Army & Air Force)

Nationals for all services will be held in Camp Perry, OH, in March 2014.

For a complete list of JROTC Postal Championship results, visit

Regional invitation lists can be found on the CMP website at Invitations are listed separately by service branch.




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