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CMP Enhances Internet Site With New and Improved Navigation and Content

By Steve Cooper, CMP Writer

CAMP PERRY, OHIO – The Civilian Marksmanship Program has introduced a new patriotic look to its Internet site ( featuring improved navigation and expanded content to serve a growing population of competitors, marksmanship instructors and devotees of the CMPs programs and sales activities.
The new CMP website features a colorful display of photos with seven major categories to explore including Clubs, Communications, Competitions, National Matches, 3P Air, Training and Sales.
“We’re pleased to introduce our new and improved Web site for the benefit of CMP’s supporters and all those interested in learning more about our marksmanship and sales programs,” said Orest Michaels, CMP Chief Operating Officer.

“Those familiar with our operations realize how huge our Web site has grown over the years,” Michaels continued. “The quantity of information, whether it is related to marksmanship programs, sales or competitive results, is staggering.”

The new Web site contains virtually all of the information it contained previously, however; the material has been organized in a fashion that will allow visitors to more quickly locate specific program and sales information. The site contains more photographs, slide shows and colorful graphics that make navigation more effective and enjoyable.

Visitors can view more than 14,000 photographs from recent and past events including clinics, three-position air rifle and pistol events, the National Matches, CMP games events and other activities occurring at CMP facilities at Camp Perry, in Anniston, Alabama and at hundreds of CMP-affiliated clubs across the U.S.
The new search function will allow visitors to search terms and phrases posted on the CMP web site.

The site’s home page features the most frequently visited content including links to Clubs, Communications, Competitions, National Matches, 3P Air, Training and Sales. Each of those categories contains navigation trees which take the user to valuable program and event descriptions, required forms, rules and much more. All pages now include an internal search function for those looking for information more specific in nature.

Regardless of their shooting discipline, competitors can easily find the appropriate program descriptions, rules, schedules and forms required to enter a match or clinic. The CMP’s Competition Tracker module provides online registration capabilities, live results from competitions and interactive features such as online newsletter subscription and contact information.

The Communications tab will take visitors to a huge variety of information and media including the latest news, upcoming event information, links to an online shooters’ forum, printed publications and a place to make suggestions or commentary on CMP operations.

Like all electronic media, the CMP Web site will undergo continuous improvement and upgrades. In the months to come, your online link to CMP activities will grow and expand.

CMP welcomes you to visit our new Web site frequently and we look forward to seeing you at a CMP clinic, match or games event or at one of our stores very soon. If you have feedback about our site, marksmanship programs or CMP stores, email us at