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New Pistol Events Bring Even More Competition to 2013 Eastern Games

By Ashley Brugnone, CMP Writer

CAMP BUTNER, NC — Two new Pistol Matches were added to the schedule at this year's Eastern Games at Camp Butner in Butner, NC, May 3-7. Now, pistol enthusiasts have even more opportunities to join in on the fun of the Games. The addition of the matches was met with positive feedback and ample participation by shooters.
Eastern Games featured two new pistol events: Military & Police Service Pistol Match and the As-Issued 1911.
"It's fun that CMP has added these events. It gives me the chance to shoot my Glock," said David Thompson, 50, of Keyser, WV, as he laughed. "Outside of rifle, it's nice to give the pistol people a place to shoot in a competition setting."
David Thompson was excited for the inclusion of the new pistol events to this year's games — it gave him the opportunity to fire his Glock.
Thompson had the opportunity to use his Glock in the newly added Military & Police Service Pistol Match. During this competition, all pistols used must be semi-automatic and practical or suitable for issue as military or police service pistols. Competitors shot in four stages: standing with one- or two-handed grip, standing with left single-handed grip, standing with right single-handed grip, standing with one- or two-handed grip, with 10 shots during each stage.
In the new matches, competitors had to shoot in three stages, including standing with a left single-handed grip only and standing with a right single-handed grip only.
Christopher Roberts, 39, of Charlotte, NC, claimed first place in the match with an astounding score of 379-7, nearly 20 points ahead of second place holder William Trowell, 50, of Raleigh NC, who fired a 360-8. Coming in third was Dewey Hales Jr., 38, of Morrisville, NC with a score of 357-6.
Christopher Roberts of Charlotte, NC received the overall Military & Police Service Pistol Match plague from Gary Anderson.
MA1 J.B. Stern finished in 15th place overall in the new Military & Police Service Pistol Match, where many current and retired military members fired amongst each other.
An As-Issued 1911 Pistol Match was also added to the schedule for this year. In this match, competitors were only permitted to use a U.S. Armed Forces issue M1911 or 1911A1 cal. 0.45 ACP pistol or commercial pistol of the same type of caliber. Competitors shot in four stages, as done in the Military & Police Service Match: standing with one- or two-handed grip, standing with left single-handed grip, standing with right single-handed grip, standing with one- or two-handed grip, with 10 shots during each stage.

William Bowling, 56, of Fayetteville, NC, claimed the top spot in the As-Issued Match, firing a score of 354-5 for first place. Jerry Kittrell, 70, of Goldsboro, NC, placed second after recording a score of 347-3, followed by Haley Dewey Jr. with 337-3 for third.
William Bowling of Fayetteville, NC was the Match Winner in the As-Issued 1911 event. He received his award from Gary Anderson, director of Civilian Marksmanship Emeritus.
In annual Pistol event action, the 40-Shot Pistol Match was overtaken by Christopher Roberts, who earned first place with his score of 358-9. Brian Mason, 32, of Waldorf, MD, shot a 350-4 for second place, while Steve Huff, 46, of Hardy, VA, captured the third place spot.

Austin Schaefer, 15, of Camden, NC, claimed the High Junior honor, firing an aggregate score of 311-1 with his 0.22 Pistol (for use by juniors only).

Steve Huff earned the top spot in the EIC Service Pistol Match with a combined score of 273-5. Roberts placed second in the match, with 271-4, while John Eckenrode, 49, of Burke, PA, landed in third place with his score of 270-7.
Steve Huff won the overall EIC Service pistol Match with his aggregate score of 273-5. CMP vice chairman E.C. Stone presented Huff his plaque.
The High Junior for the EIC was Schaefer, who once again led with his 0.22, firing a 236-2.

In Pistol Team competition, the duo of Roberts/Kittrell, consisting of Christopher Roberts and Jerry Kittrell, commanded the lead with an aggregate score of 547-11. The second place score was 517-7, fired by Team Accuracy X, consisting of Steve Huff and Wesley Fleming, 45, of Elizabeth City, NC. Team H&H took the third place spot with a combined score of 516-2. Team members were Eric Herrin III, 49, of Raleigh, NC, and Dewey Hales Jr.
Jerry Kittrell of Goldsboro, NC and Christopher Roberts topped the Pistol Team Competition. The award was presented by CMP vice chairman E.C. (Cris) Stone.
The Overall Individual Pistol Team leader was CW4 ARNG Thomas Ratledge, 60, of Clemmons, NC, who fired a 279-8. Roberts claimed the second place spot with his aggregate score of 274-4, followed by Jerry Kittrell with 273-7.
Many talented pistol shooters fired in the events at the Games, creating some very close scores during competition.
For a full list of results, visit To view, download or order photo prints of the Games, log onto


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