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Wounded Warriors Recognized at Camp Banquet



Because most of the USMC athletes have never seen or heard of international rifle shooting, coaches helped shooters with technique on the line.

ANNISTON, AL – On Thursday, Dec. 12, 2013, Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) staff members attended a banquet honoring the 25 Wounded Warrior Marines from around the country who attended a week-long camp at the South Marksmanship Center in preparation for the next Wounded Warrior Games. The banquet was held at the Hampton Inn & Suites in Oxford-Anniston, AL.


In early December, 25 USMC Wounded Warriors traveled to Anniston, AL, to fire and train at the CMP South Marksmanship Center.

Former Marines Floyd Snider, CMP armorer, and Rodney Cartee, CMP storage supervisor, were special award presenters for the evening. CMP’s Ashley Jackson and Adam Hanvey both received certificates for their service over the past two weeks, as they helped to run the ranges during the camp. Special thanks was also given to Olympian Jonathan Hall for his assistance coaching on the range.

During the course of the week, the Marines shot air rifle in a prone, international competition, categorized as SH1, SH2 or Open competitors. SH1 athletes do not require a shooting stand, while SH2 classified athletes do require facilitating equipment.


The United States Marine Corps Wounded Warrior Regiment provides assistance to wounded, ill and injured Marines, sailors attached to or in support of Marine units and family members in order to help them as they return to duty or transition to civilian life.

Fifteen Marine athletes also fired in the standing position, while the remaining 10 shot in an air pistol competition, with an Open category only. First, second and third place awards were distributed for the top shooters in each position and classification in the air rifle and pistol competitions. Two medallions were also presented to shooters who the coaches felt exemplified the qualities and attitude of a great Marine.


Athletes were classified as SH1 or SH2. SH1 athletes did not require assisting equipment when shooting, while SH2 shooters have such injuries that deem it necessary for extra equipment to be used.

Before the awards, Major John Schwent, who coordinated with coaches and athletes to conduct the Marine shooting camp, asked Snider and Cartee to speak about their years served, MOS and where they traveled. Both Snider and Cartee received tremendous applause from the attendance.

“It was a great event,” said James Hall, CMP program outreach supervisor. “The USMC Wounded Warriors gave several compliments to the CMP staff. Many of the Wounded Warriors came up to me after and mentioned they were honored to receive their medals from Marines we had on staff.”


Some Wounded Warrior athletes also chose to fire air pistols during the week.

The Wounded Warriors who attended the camp will take what they have learned from their practice sessions, like the one at the South Range, to represent the United States at the Wounded Warrior Games, which showcases the resilient spirit of wounded service members from each service branch through competition. Past Games have been held at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO.