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Garand-Springfield-Military Rifle Master Instructor Training Clinic Openings

By Gary Anderson, DCM

Graduates of the first CMP GSM Master Instructor Course in April 2006 posed for this photograph.  Photo courtesy of John Mitchell.

Instructors and shooters who are interested in being trained and certified to teach CMP-sanctioned Garand-Springfield-Military Rifle Clinics will have three upcoming opportunities to attend one of these two-day courses during the next three months.

There are still a few openings for the GSM Master Instructor Workshop that will be taught at Camp Perry, Ohio, on 9-10 September. Students in the workshop should plan to arrive at Camp Perry on Friday afternoon or evening, 8 September. Class and practical shooting position and technique sessions will take place all day on Saturday, 9 September, and on Sunday, 10 September. Certificates will be awarded and everyone will be released by 3:00 PM on Sunday afternoon, 10 September.

GSM Master Instructors receive CDs and GSM Instructor Notebooks with a complete set of slides to use in teaching Garand-Springfield-Military Rifle clinics to students in clinics hosted by their home clubs or ranges. Students in clinics taught by Master Instructors receive a complete set of student notes. 

The Workshop registration fee of $35 provides course materials plus two breakfasts, two lunches and two pre-dinner receptions. Evening meals are not provided and housing is not included in the fee, but motel housing on Camp Perry is available at $22.50 (double occupancy) or $45.00 (single occupancy).

A detailed program for the CMP GSM Master Instructor training workshop is posted at An application form to register for this training workshop is posted at You can also register by calling 419-635-2141, ext. 1101 (ask for Shannon Hand).

GSM Master Instructor Students are given ample opportunities to practice the training techniques that they will later be expected to teach to their clinic students.  Photo courtesy of John Mitchell.

Instructors, coaches and shooters who are interested both in teaching Garand Clinics and in working with junior shooters will have a unique five-day opportunity to complete the GSM Master Instructor Course and attend the National Youth Shooting Sports Leadership Training Conference at Camp Perry later in September. That GSM Master Instructor course will be on Wednesday and Thursday, 20-21 September. The Youth Leadership Training Conference starts the following day on Friday, 22 September, and concludes at noon on Sunday, 24 September. The Youth Leadership Conference will introduce all attendees to the Rimfire Sporter game and give them a chance to actually fire a Rimfire Sporter Match. The conference program offers a lengthy series of serious marksmanship training presentations that have not previously been given anywhere.

The registration fee for this GSM Master Instructor Workshop is also $35. This fee also provides workshop materials, two breakfasts, two lunches and two pre-dinner receptions. Housing is not included in the fee, but motel housing on Camp Perry is also available for this course at $22.50 (double occupancy) or $45.00 (single occupancy).

Detailed programs with information about this training course are posted at and You can register on-line for this course at or call 419-635-2141, ext. 1101. This course will be cancelled if a minimum registration of 10 students is not reached by 8 September.

Course students are certified as GSM Master Instructors who are encouraged to conduct Garand-Springfield-Military Rifle Clinics at their home ranges and clubs.

The third GSM Master Instructor training course will be offered on the west coast at Camp Pendleton, California, on Friday and Saturday, 3-4 November 2006. This training course takes place just before the Western CMP Games that start at Camp Pendleton on 5 November. Master Instructors trained in this course will be asked to assist in instructing the GSM clinic that the CMP will teach on Saturday afternoon, 4 November.

The GSM Master Instructor program with information about this course is posted at You can register by printing the application form, completing it and sending it to the CMP or by calling 419-635-2141, ext. 1101.

If you want more information about the CMP GSM Master Instructor Training Program, see the articles posted at or at