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Reader Comments:

A year ago I read a CMP ad in a magazine and decided to check out your web site. I was impressed with the quality of the site and the information provided. I drove to Camp Perry to check the NM action first hand and was impressed with the "Opening Shot" ceremonies. While visiting the vendors booths I purchased a shooters jacket, glove, pad, and two M1's  from the CMP store. The last time I shot an M1 was 45 years ago at Cherry Point, NC where I was a coach and instructor on the rifle range. Thanks for the help and information you provided to reactivate my interest in the shooting sports. At 67 years young it's never to late!! 
M.M. Troy
Thanks for another great update!
R. K.
I enjoyed reading the Double Distinguised article.  Well written and inspirational.
Enjoy receiving and reading. Thanks for what you do!
Pete Hodges
Thank you so much for this newsletter. My cadets and I found it to contain tons of useful information. You guys at CMP are the greatest. Keep up the good work.
Chief Mack, Burbank NJROTC
Thank you for your wonderful Newsletter! As the parent of 2 Junior Shooters (they shoot high power, .22, air rifle, archery... essentially anything that will send a projectile through the air!) I really appreciate the coverage that you provide. You are so organized and provide information to keep the news, support programs and resources at my fingertips. Thank you for your dedication and hard work. Oh, please pass along my sincere appreciation to the wonderful group of Marines that hosted and taught the Marine Corps Junior High Power Clinic and also to the wonderful and dedicated Army Marksmen that hosted and taught the Small Arms Firing School. I had children in each and they both had a fabulous time! They looked forward to attending each day and the interaction and coaching exceeded our high expectations! They went above and beyond. Thank you! Sincerely,
Tami R.
Please keep up the good work. Thanks you for you information on CMP. I love to visit the Camp Perry store when possible so this news letter seems to keep me in touch with you all. Thanks again Paul Miller
Paul M.
Thank you... it was an awesome week and experience at Camp Perry for both my son and me.  We loved it and loved the CMP staff who were friendly and very helpful. :-)
I wanted to let you know that your news letter is outstanding.  A lot of really good info that I pass on to many people.  Thank you.
David F.
Thanks for the work you do. We enjoy the CMP Newsletter and updates. Sincerely, W. Chessman
I enjoy reading the email and look forward to it every week.
Thanks, Eric C.
Having been a member of the Junior NRA during the late '50's where I achieved the rating of Sharpshooter 6th Bar, I am honestly able to state that I was pleasantly surprised and very pleased to see that you're still actively pursuing today's youth to continue the interest of sport shooting (which I still love).  Thank you and warm regards.
Ted K., SCPO, USN Retired

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Western CMP Games Grow - The 2nd Western CMP Games were completed at Camp Pendleton, California on 5-8 November. They featured more entries than the 1st Games, a dynamic new partnership with the Creedmoor Cup Matches, an experimental As-Issued U. S. Military Rifle EIC Match and more exciting government surplus rifle sales opportunities. The Games were co-hosted by the Santa Margarita Gun Club, which is based at Camp Pendleton. The four days of CMP events were followed by five days of Creedmoor Cup events that concluded on 13 November.

Creedmoor Cup Matches - The 2005 Creedmoor Cup Matches were held directly after the CMP Western Games at Camp Pendleton, CA, on 9-13November. There were 167 competitors participating in the Camp Pendleton Long Range Matches and 169 competitors in the Creedmoor Cup, with 21 teams participating in the Commanding Generals Team Championship. Members of the CMP staff were present to assist with the match registration and competition results throughout the matches. The CMP internet-based Competition Tracker system allows scores to be posted live on the web during the match so that competitors and family members can follow the progress of the matches. This system was used for both the Creedmoor Cup Matches and the CMP Western Games.

OGCA Article on “Camp Perry Heritage” -  Cy Byrd, President of the Ohio Gun Collectors Association, recently authored an article titled Protecting Our History and Camp Perry Heritage that appeared in the October edition the OGCA Newsletter.  It is a compelling report and a call to action for anyone interested in Camp Perry and the National Matches.  The OGCA is a large gun collector organization that organizes an annual series of high-quality gun shows for its large membership.  In 2003 and 2004, the OGCA and CMP, with the support of Mr. Byrd, NRA Vice President John Sigler and many others, cooperated in creating an acclaimed exhibition of rifles and memorabilia titled Guns of the National Matches.  This cooperation carries over into OGCA support for the National Matches.  Click on the link below to read Cy Byrd’s comments about the meaning of the National Matches and the importance of protecting them.

USA Posts Several Medal Winning Performances at 2005 CISM - The 40th World Military Shooting Championship was held in Thun, Switzerland October 9-16, 2005. This year’s match had 77 teams and 317 competitors from all over the world. The CISM (International Military Sport Council) championship was created in 1948 by Belgium, Denmark, France, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands with the goal of achieving Friendship by Sport, a motto which is still honored today. The match also serves to promote friendly relations between armies and their member states.

Paralympic Shooting Training Camp Held at Lakeshore Foundation - U. S. Paralympic Shooting coach Dan Durben hopes to develop a strong team for the 2008 Paralympic Games in Beijing. Dan Jordan, the new coach of the Alaska Fairbanks Rifle Team, was the only U.S. shooter to qualify for the 2004 Athens Paralympics so athlete development programs are desperately needed to increase U. S. representation. An initial step toward change took place on October 21-23 when the first Paralympic Shooting Camp was held by Durben and assistant Paralympic coach Sommer Wood. The camp was attended by a strong pool of athletes who participated in three days of intense training in both pistol and rifle.

Targeting Success at the CMP, NRA, USAS National Coaches Conference - Attendance was high at the National Coaches Conference last week; 140 people registered for this year’s filled-to-capacity conference. The Conference, which alternates venues between the Civilian Marksmanship Program’s Ohio headquarters at Camp Perry, and USA Shooting headquarters at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, was held in Colorado this year on October 7-9. The event is known for its expert speakers and this year was no exception.

Viale Range Gets Fresh Look - When you look back at your fondest Camp Perry memories, your time pulling pits comes to mind first, right?. OK, maybe not first, but any highpower shooter who ever spent time at Camp Perry certainly has a love-hate relationship with the pits and those old target carriers that have been there since Viale Range was first built in 1907. This coming year though, when your relay is called to the pits on Viale Range, things are going to look a lot different. No, your vision is not failing you; major changes are indeed in the works for the Viale pits.

Picture:  c. 2005 J.C. Marienthal

Becoming Double Distinguished Shooter Number 81 By Steve Huff - If you are a service rifle or pistol shooter there is one shooting goal that seems to rise above all of the rest. That is the coveted title of “Double Distinguished.” When you first start out as a young rifle or pistol shooter, you probably didn’t even know it exists. With more experience and many matches under your belt you finally become aware of this lofty goal. It usually starts out by someone pointing out a Double Distinguished shooter. Most shooters speak of Double Distinguished shooters with awe in their voices.

World's largest military marksmanship competition postponed in wake of Katrina - CAMP JOSEPH T. ROBINSON, Ark. - Due to the nationwide mobilization of military troops and equipment in support of Hurricane Katrina relief efforts, a decision was made this week to postpone indefinitely the 2005 Winston P. Wilson National Championships. The Wilson Matches are a multi-service marksmanship competition conducted each year at Camp Robinson by the National Guard Marksmanship Training Unit. This would have been the 35th Wilson Matches.

CMP Employees Provide Small Comforts for Those Devastated by Katrina - When a tragedy such as Hurricane Katrina hits we, as Americans, are always generously willing to help. Disasters of this magnitude affect everyone, and for those fortunate enough to only have to experience it on television the intense desire to help only grows stronger.

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