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NOV 03

Posted 11/03 – A Centennial Celebration:  In 1903, President Theodore Roosevelt proposed an organization to better prepare American citizens for the possibility of war through marksmanship training and competition. The 100th anniversary of Roosevelt's vision--the founding of the Civilian Marksmanship Program and the National Matches-- was celebrated at this year's National Matches at Camp Perry. 

Posted 11/03 – The Guns of the National Matches: A Century of Arms:  To show today's shooters what their predecessors brought to the National Matches, the CMP and the Ohio Gun Collectors Association offered a unique exhibition at the 2003 Centennial event. 

Posted 11/03 – The CMP Commemorates the Centennial with an Original Work of Art:  Nationally known and awarded artist Jerry Antolik paints a one-of-a-kind picture. 

Posted 11/03 – New Trophy Honors Marine Corps Scout/Sniper Carlos Hathcock: For Jim Voss and Ken Odom, two former Marines, the idea of creating a trophy honoring Carlos Hathcock and what he stood for seemed long overdue. 

Posted 11/03 – Forty-Seven Years in Camp Perry Huts:  Bud Benard of Utah wins the CMP Centennial's "Most Nights in the Huts Contest." The 2003 National Matches, in fact, was his 50th consecutive trip to Camp Perry. 

Posted 11/03 – CMP News: Check out the new 2003 CMP Program Guide. That and other CMP News. 

Posted 11/03 – On Target: CMP training staff answer questions about dealing with the pressure of the big match. 

Posted 11/03 – Kentucky JROTC wins National Junior Olympic Titles:  A total of 27 state champion teams competed in the National Junior Olympic Championship in Wilmington, North Carolina. Shelby County High School Marine Corps JROTC from Shelbyville, Kentucky fired the highest overall score. 

Posted 11/03 - News from the USAMU:  At the 2003 National Matches, seven shooters of the USAMU Service Rifle team rendered a 21 gun salute in honor of the late Captain Don McKenzie. 

AUG 03

Posted 08/03 - “Let’s Make These Good Weeks”: an air of ceremony and celebration reminiscent of the Fourth of July permeated Camp Perry on July 14th as the U.S. Coast Guard Color Guard from Marblehead station placed the colors to begin the First Shot Ceremony of the 100th National Rifle and Pistol Matches. 

Posted 08/03 – 2003 National Trophy Pistol Matches: In individual competition, the winner of the President’s Pistol Trophy was Sergeant Robert Park, United States Marine Corps. Sergeant Park bested all other shooters in the President’s Match with a score of 381-15x out of a possible 400. 

Posted 08/03 – The Camp Perry Eagles:  Bald eagles have been a regular sight on Camp Perry since the mid 1970s when the nesting site was one of only four known in the state of Ohio. Ohio Rifle and Pistol Association member Mark Witt, as an officer of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, on May 30 successfully collected two young bald eagles from their nest seventy feet high in a cottonwood at Camp Perry. 

Posted 08/03 - In Sight of the Northern Lights: Glenn Dubis' new job as coach of the University of Alaska Fairbanks rifle team is quite different from his previous assignment. For one thing, on some days on the sun never really comes up, and on other days it never really goes down. 

Posted 08/03 – A Little Background on the University of Alaska Fairbanks:  UAF first sponsored a rifle team in 1937--over 20 years before Alaska was recognized as a state. 

Posted 08/03 – From the Editor's Desk:  In May, The First Shot conducted an on-line survey of people who visit our site. 

Posted 08/03 – News from USA Shooting:  Results from the 2003 USA Shooting National Championships. 

Posted 08/03 – Victory In Athens:  News from the Grenada World Cup. 

Posted 08/03 – COL Hoidahl Retires after 30 years: COL Robert Hoidahl was honored in a USAMU Change- of-Command ceremony on June 4. 

Posted 08/03 - Other News from USAMU: 7 soldiers make the team for the Pan Am Games. 

MAY 03

Posted 05/03 – A Place to Make History: West Point was the site of the 2003 NCAA Men's and Women's Rifle Championships. In a place that educated some of America's greatest leaders, records were broken and a little bit of history made. 

Posted 05/03 – Cowboys in Jersey:  (Or How the West Went East) The Central Jersey Rifle and Pistol Club has a bunch of cowboys. Well, not real cowboys, but 75 to 150 club members who dress up like cowboys every fourth Sunday of the month for Cowboy Action Shooting competitions. 

Posted 05/03 – CMP's Illinois Junior Directors Instrumental in New Junior Club's Success:  The Arlington International Club of Arlington Heights, Illinois can attribute much of its early success to the guidance and training of Junior Directors Raymond and Tina Odle. 

Posted 05/03 – JROTC: In March, the CMP sponsored the First Annual JROTC National Air Rifle Championships at Fort Benning, Georgia, bringing together the best JROTC teams from the Army, Navy and Marine Corps programs. 

Posted 05/03 – The Hilton Trophy: History and Mystery:  The Hilton Trophy is one of the oldest and most historic trophies in the CMP's National Trophy Collection. 

Posted 05/03 – CMP News:  The latest news from CMP. 

Posted 05/03 – On Target:  Three time Olympian and Olympic medalist Bob Foth answers questions about the use of offset risers in air riflery. 

Posted 05/03 – News from the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit: Navy dominates Intercollegiate Pistol Championships. 

Posted 05/03 – Daisy Drill Rifle Nearly Indestructible: New for 2003, the Daisy drill rifle can take the drops, falls and throws--and still look good in the parade. 

Posted 05/03 – Out From Behind the Desk: NRA National Coach Trainer H.Q. Moody talks about changes in coaching and what to expect in the future. 

Posted 05/03 – The U.S. Rifle, caliber .30, M1917: Nationally recognized writer Dick Culver details one of the most misunderstood and neglected of United States Service rifles. 

MAR 03

Posted 03/03 – Mr. Murphy's Rifle: - Over six million M1 rifles were produced, and nearly all of these ended up in the hands of soldiers in combat during World War II, Korea and even Vietnam. The odds of receiving the very rifle one was issued during the Korean War are astounding--the odds of winning the lottery are better. Yet it seems as if Mr. Murphy and this one M1 Garand were not meant to be apart. 

Posted 03/03 – The Irrepressible Mr. Stempeck: Some people just won't take 'no' for an answer. As we have found out over the past 19 years, Dick Stempeck is one of those people. 

Posted 03/03 – A Lesson in Humility: Nationally-recognized writer Dick Culver remembers a humbling moment during the President's 100 in 1964 when he found out what kind of person could possibly mistake a 7.62 mm round for a .30-'06. 

Posted 03/03 – On Target: Three time Olympian and Olympic medalist Bob Foth talks about "escaping the plateau" in coaching. 

Posted 03/03 – CMP News: the latest news from CMP. 

Posted 03/03 – An Update on the Camp Perry National Match Hut Endurance Award:  A look at some of the entries to a rather unusual contest. 

JAN 03

Posted 01/03 – CMP and National Matches Commemorate 100 Years in 2003:  Each year when competitors gather at Camp Perry, Ohio for the National Matches, there is an air of festivity, of celebration and competition. 2003 will be especially unique, however, when it comes to celebrating. 

Posted 01/03 – Five Points for Building a Successful Youth Program:  Maybe they shouldn't be sharing their secrets, but the Army JROTC team from Bogalusa High School has had an uncommon run of success. Bogalusa coach Rick Fredieu talks about going from a struggling program to a winner. 

Posted 01/03 – Results of the 2002 Gary Anderson Invitational Tournament: Woodward Academy repeats as winner in the precision class team event. Bogalusa takes away more trophies than any other team in the tournament. 

Posted 01/03 – CMP News: the latest news from CMP. 

Posted 01/03 – On Target: CMP Director of Training and Olympic medalist Bob Foth tells us how to test our ammunition. 

Posted 01/03 – Marketing 101: According to Dr. Mike Wallace, it's about "asking the right people the right questions. 

Posted 01/03 – New National Trophy to be Commissioned: In memory of Gunnery Sergeant Carlos Hathcock II, the CMP will be commissioning a new trophy for the Marine who fires the highest combined score in the President's Rifle Match, the National Trophy Individual Match and the National Trophy Team Match. 

Posted 01/03 – The M1 Rifle and Silver Horseshoes: A tale of the Wimbledon Cup and the Farr Trophy circa 1957 by Dick Culver. 

Posted 01/03 – News from the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit: USAMU shooters train Special Forces. 

Posted 01/03 – In Memory of Lance Corporal Barton J. Carroll: On December 28th, family and friends of Bart Carroll gathered in a most fitting memorial. 

Posted 01/03 - USA Shooting Announces 2002 Shooters of the Year: USA Shooting recently named Matt Emmons and Kim Rhode as the Male and Female Shooting Athletes of the year for 2002. 

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