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December 2011

U.S. Olympic Hopefuls Take First Step Toward London Games at USA Shooting Airgun Team Trials at CMP South
ANNISTON, ALABAMA – More than 200 air rifle and air pistol shooters assembled at the CMP South Marksmanship Center on Saturday and Sunday, 3-4 December in hopes of getting their names on the short list for the 2012 U.S. Olympic 10-meter airgun teams for men and women. The USA Shooting event was the first of a two-part series of contests that will determine who will be selected to represent the U.S. in the 2012 Summer Games in London, England in July and August.

November 2011

Shooters Enjoy Competition and Camaraderie at Western Games
PHOENIX, ARIZONA – Many shooters representing the desert southwest, other parts of the U.S. and one from across the pond, William Ellis of Slough, England, enjoyed the sights and sounds of the 2011 CMP Western Games in October. The folks of the Arizona Department of Game and Fish who operate Ben Avery Shooting Facility provided outstanding facilities and service to the CMP and participants.

Pride of Scotland, McIntosh, Wins Junior Air Rifle Title at Dixie Double USA Shooting’s Morrill Wins Open Class ANNISTON, ALABAMA – Jennifer McIntosh, 20, of Aberdeen, Scotland, and member of the Great Britain air rifle shooting team, was the high aggregate junior competitor in the third annual Dixie Double. The 60-shot X2 international match was fired at the CMP South Marksmanship Center on Saturday and Sunday, 5-6 November. McIntosh fired an aggregate score of 1394.6 to lead the juniors and finished third in the open category.

Civilian Marksmanship Program Announces New Youth-Oriented Grant Program for CMP-Affiliated Groups
CAMP PERRY, OHIO - The Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) is pleased to announce the availability of financial assistance grants to CMP-affiliated groups benefitting youth marksmanship projects, activities and events.

CMP Expands Scholarship Offerings to Graduating High School Seniors for the 2011-2012 Scholastic Year
CAMP PERRY, OHIO - The Civilian Marksmanship Program is pleased to announce it has expanded the eligibility for its $1,000 annual college scholarship program to all graduating high school seniors who participate in rifle or pistol marksmanship competitions.

Terrell Rifle and Pistol Club hosts Texas State Garand Championship
The 2011 Texas State Garand Championship has come to a close and as the ranges go quiet, all the shots counted and the results recorded I’d like to review the weekend for those that participated or for those that missed out on what was the last state match for the year in Texas.


Competitors Enjoy Camaraderie, Ben Avery Hospitality and Arizona Sun at 2011 CMP Western Games
PHOENIX, ARIZONA – Some of the West’s best vintage rifle shooters gathered at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility just north of Arizona’s largest city for four days of competition using old school military rifles. The matches attracted shooters from other parts of the country as well and one from as far away as the British Isles.

Magruder Hospital and CMP Partner for a Unique Fundraiser
Magruder Hospital and the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) have teamed up to put on the 1st Annual Charity Shoot on Saturday, November 12th at the CMP Marksmanship Center building 5042 at Camp Perry in Port Clinton, Ohio. All proceeds will benefit Magruder Hospital.

2011 Coaches College and Conference
USA Shooting will host the 2011 Coach College (November 12-17) and Coaches Conference (November 18-20) for continuing education of our coaches and program leaders at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs.


Young Eagle Joshua Lehn Excited to Represent the U.S. in 2011 World Rifle Championships in Australia
CAMP PERRY, OHIO - Joshua Lehn, 18, of Lemoore, California, like most people his age, can’t afford to travel everywhere in the world to shoot competitively, so this year he passed up an opportunity to shoot highpower matches at Camp Perry for the chance to shoot internationally with the USA Young Eagles at the World Rifle Championships in Brisbane, Australia in October.

Arizona’s Fredric Fadeley Wins Excellence in Competition Match 2011 at CMP-USMC Junior Highpower Clinic at Camp Perry
CAMP PERRY, OHIO – Fredric Fadeley, 18, of Phoenix, Arizona capped the 2011 CMP-USMC Junior Highpower Clinic by leading all eligible competitors in the Excellence-In-Competition service rifle match. He ranked fifth out of all shooters which include Distinguished shooters and those who have already earned introductory points.

Team Remington provides instruction for Advanced Highpower Clinic at Camp Perry
CAMP PERRY, OHIO – The Advanced Remington-Bushmaster Highpower Clinic, led by retired U.S. Marine Ken Roxburgh and his team of top shooters from Remington-Bushmaster, provided expert service rifle marksmanship instruction and competition techniques to more than 60 shooters during this year’s National Matches.  

Juniors Get an Opportunity to Learn and Excel at 2011 Eastern Junior Highpower Clinic and Championship
CAMP BUTNER, N. CAROLINA - Each year, the Civilian Marksmanship Program partners with the U.S. Marine Corps Service Rifle Team and others to provide junior highpower rifle shooters opportunities to learn new marksmanship skills in challenging clinics and championships. In the waning days of June and first days of July, the Eastern Junior Highpower Clinic and Championship was conducted at Camp Butner National Guard Training Site near Durham, North Carolina. The event is designed to promote interest, education, and competition in the sport of highpower rifle shooting among junior shooters.

8th Western CMP Games and Creedmoor Cup Matches Ready for Entries
PHOENIX, ARIZONA –Registration is open for the 2011 Western CMP Games and Creedmoor Cup Matches at The CMP and Creedmoor Sports of Oceanside, California, will host the matches and festivities at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility north of Phoenix, Arizona, on 15-23 October. Sign up today and plan to be a part of this exciting event!

Barranco and Miller Provide Insight on Winning Inaugural Vintage Sniper Rifle Team Match
CAMP PERRY, OHIO – As they left the 600-yard firing line on Viale Range, Mike Barranco and Mike Miller acknowledged they shot well in the National Matches debut of the Vintage Sniper Rifle Team Match here on Wednesday, 3 August, but neither was aware that it was good enough to win the match. When the scores were tallied, there were just two points separating first to third place.

Inaugural Vintage Sniper Rifle Team Match a Huge Success
CAMP PERRY, OHIO – Mike Barranco and Mike Miller were winners at the 2011 National Vintage Sniper Rifle Team Match, but if you ask around, so were the other 284 shooters that made up the remaining 142 two-person teams in the first match of its kind at Camp Perry.


John Butcher Wins 2011 M1 Carbine Match
CAMP PERRY, OHIO – While some consider it the M1 Garand’s little brother, it’s now one of the biggest rifles in John Butcher’s gun cabinet. Butcher, 46, of Grafton, Ohio, fired an aggregate score of 371-6X, winning the 2011 M1 Carbine Match by a five-point margin and came up two points shy of the match record set by David Chase (373-7X) in 2007.

Robert Steketee Wins 2011 As-Issued John C. Garand Match in Tie-Breaker over John Hefner
CAMP PERRY, OHIO – Robert Steketee, 61, of Haslett, Michigan, won the 2011 John C. Garand Match in a 3X tie-breaker over John Hefner, 28, of Gilmer, Texas, on Saturday, 6 August. Both shooters fired 292, just missing the match record set by Kurt Palmer (293-6X) in 2009. Steketee broke the X-ring 11 times to Hefner’s eight to decide the match.  

DeMille Wins Springfield, Langham is Tops in Vintage Military & Rutherford Takes GSM Top Gun Crown
CAMP PERRY, OHIO – Dennis DeMille, 46, of Oceanside, California fired a rare 100-4X in the standing stage of the 2011 Springfield Rifle Match, winning the event and setting a new record in the process. DeMille’s 297-8X aggregate score toppled the former record of 295-6X set by Douglas Armstrong last year. DeMille, a former U.S. Marine rifle team member, fired a 98-2X in slow-fire prone, and a 99-2X rapid-fire prone in addition to an outstanding offhand stage.

Jenks Wins National Trophy Individual Rifle Match Tyler Rico Tops NTI Junior Field USAMU Praslick Captures National Team Trophies
CAMP PERRY, OHIO – Air National Guardsman, SSgt Leigh Jenks III, 37, of Underhill, Vermont, won the 2011 National Trophy Individual (NTI) Rifle Match on Tuesday, 2 August with a near-perfect score of 498-24X out of 500 possible. As the match winner, SSgt Jenks’ name was added to the Daniel Boone Trophy (overall winner), National Guard Association Trophy (high guardsman) and the Paul J. Roberts Memorial Trophy (high U.S. Air Force) and set new National Records for each trophy.

Konrad Powers Wins 2011 President’s Rifle Trophy Match and Tyler Rico Wins Junior President’s Trophy
CAMP PERRY, OHIO – Civilian shooter Konrad Powers, 41, of Carol Stream, Illinois won the storm-shortened 2011 President’s Rifle Trophy Match here Monday, 1 August, with an aggregate score of 295-8X out of 300 points possible, topping SSG Ty Cooper, 26, U.S. Army and SGT Christopher Atkins, 24, U.S. Army Reserve, who placed second and third, respectively.

Rifle Small Arms Firing School Draws 615 Participants; Brian Williams Tops EIC Competitors with a 394-12X
CAMP PERRY, OHIO – Brian Williams, 37, of Granby, Massachusetts, wasn’t the only shooter who was happy with his score at the 2011 Small Arms Firing School Excellence-In-Competition match, but he had reason to be the happiest, firing a record-setting score of 394-12X. Williams led all 539 non-distinguished shooters in the match and earned his first four “leg points” toward his Distinguished Rifleman badge. Fifty-four other eligible competitors earned introductory EIC points with Williams on Sunday, 31 August. Points were awarded only to the top 10 percent of competitors who were not already Distinguished and had no EIC points already.

Enthusiasm for Competitive Recreational Match Grows as National Rimfire Sporter Celebrates its 10-Year Anniversary
CAMP PERRY, OHIO – What started as an introductory recreational match in 2002, the National Rimfire Sporter Match is now bigger and better than ever following its 10th firing here Sunday, 24 July. Since the John C. Garand Match had proven so successful in getting M1 Garand owners involved in fun-oriented target shooting competitions, the Civilian Marksmanship Program decided it was time to create a "Garand Match for Rimfires."

JULY 2011

Opalewski Wins O-Class, Boord Wins T-Class and Villanueva Wins Tactical at 2011 National Rimfire Sporter Championship
CAMP PERRY, OHIO - Calm conditions and sunny skies prevailed as three previous champions set new national records in all three classes in the 2011 National Rimfire Sporter Championship fired here Sunday, 24 July. Charles J. Opalewski II, Lucas Boord and Ron Villanueva, all past champions, once again reached the top of the podium at this year's event which also brought out a record number of 480 match entries.

Marty’s M1
The sun has just peeked over the horizon at our backs on this steamy August morning. We’ll all lose a few pounds before this day is over. My sweaty hands grip the wooden stock of the rifle as I check the sights. All around me others are in similar stages of preparation, some putting in earplugs. They’ve been here before and know the damage to sensitive ears when hundreds of rifles begin firing. Even though there are almost two thousand souls settled on this tiny peninsula, it’s strangely quiet, hardly a sound. The pre-dawn breakfast of powdered eggs, “SOS,” and syrupy coffee is lying heavy in my stomach which grumbles in protest. The guy next to me looks over and chuckles. No doubt he’s a veteran. I’m a rookie and my main concern is that  I don’t mess up.

High-Flying Father & Son Bond at 2011 National Trophy Pistol Matches
CAMP PERRY, OHIO – The ranges at Camp Perry are THE place shooting competitors come to win championships. And over the years, many very skilled shooters have graced the ranges and awards podium, leaving with hard-earned medals, plaques, badges and trophies. For many others it’s a place where family and friends come together to enjoy their summer vacations, combining shooting with family reunions and reacquainting with old friends and taking in the aura and atmosphere of the grand-daddy of all shooting events.

Zurek Wins President’s Pistol Trophy and Hullings Captures Junior Title at 2011 National Pistol Trophy Matches
CAMP PERRY, OHIO – John Zurek, a 25-year veteran pistol competitor and invitee to the 2011 USA Shooting national development team in May, won the prestigious President’s Pistol Trophy Match on Sunday, 17 July with an aggregate score of 390-12X, which included a 100-0X in the timed-fire stage. Zurek, 47, of Tucson, Arizona, is also the coach and shooting member of the winning Arizona Rifle and Pistol Association team that captured the civilian team championship (Oglethorpe Trophy). He is also the high-ranking service pistol shooter in combined scoring in the President’s, National Trophy Individual and National Trophy Team matches.

Few Remaining Slots Available as Advanced Adult Remington-Bushmaster Highpower Clinic Begins to Fill Up
CAMP PERRY, OHIO – If you’re looking for the missing links to shooting well in competitive highpower service rifle, you’ll be hard-pressed to find better instruction, especially on the eve of the rifle phase of the 2011 National Matches. The clinic begins at 8 a.m., Friday, 29 July at the Camp Perry clubhouse conference center at the northeast corner of the training site.

Stormy Weather Drives SAFS Shooters from Camp Perry Range, CMP to Refund Majority of Fees to Participants
CAMP PERRY, OHIO – More than 380 Pistol Small Arms Firing School attendees fell victim to the unpredictable skies of Camp Perry on Monday, 11 July when not one, but two thunderstorms rolled through the area. The first storm delayed the shooting portion of the class for about 90 minutes and the second storm provided the knockout punch and ended firing for the day.

“Tough Ol’ Bird” Zalewski Battles Back from Gall Bladder Treatment Two Years in a Row to Shoot Pistol Matches CAMP PERRY, OHIO – His son describes him as a ‘tough ol’ bird,’ but whatever you call Ron J. Zalewski, he’s bound and determined to get on the pistol range at Camp Perry, even if it means hanging an IV bag from his pistol box.

Under Secretary of the U.S. Army Westphal Rekindles President Roosevelt’s Marksmanship Mandate as National Matches Open
CAMP PERRY, OHIO – Featured speaker Dr. Joseph W. Westphal, Under Secretary of the U.S. Army, echoed many of the sentiments of former president Theodore Roosevelt as he officially opened the 2011 National Matches during the First Shot Ceremony here on Rodriguez Range, Monday evening 11 July. Though the world has changed considerably in the last century, it is just as unsettled as it was when President Roosevelt established this competition in 1903,” Dr. Westphal said as it relates to defense preparedness, marksmanship training and competition.

Davis Edges Bullard in Precision Class as Gill Runs Away with Sporter Crown in 2011 National Junior Olympic Air Rifle Championships
CAMP PERRY, OHIO – Connor Davis, the reigning National Junior ROTC precision air rifle champion, continued his winning ways at the 2011 National Junior Olympic 3P Air Rifle Championship here on 28 June but only by the slimmest of margins over Samantha Bullard.

U.S. Marine Corporal Hebert Wins 2011 CMP Pistol Warm-Up Match
CAMP PERRY, OHIO – Cpl Peyton Hebert, USMC, Quantico, Virginia fired an aggregate score of 385-3X to win the 2011 CMP Service Pistol Warm-Up Match here on Tuesday, 12 July. Cpl Hebert fired a 190-1X in slow-fire, 97-1X in timed-fire and 98-1X in rapid-fire.

Army Under Secretary Dr. Joseph Westphal to Open the 2011 National Matches as First Shot Ceremony Guest Speaker
CAMP PERRY, OHIO - Under Secretary of the U.S. Army, Dr. Joseph W. Westphal, will open this year’s National Matches festivities as the guest speaker at the First Shot Ceremony here on 11 July at 6:30 p.m. The event will be held at the Friends of Camp Perry Memorial Plaza, located at the opposite end of the entrance to Camp Perry on Lawrence Road. The Honorable Dr. Westphal will also fire the ceremonial first shot with a M1 Garand Rifle upon the conclusion of his remarks. The ceremony kicks off the prestigious National Matches, considered the World Series of the Shooting Sports, an event which draws thousands of pistol and rifle competitors, civilian and military alike, with a history dating back to 1907 at Camp Perry.

JUNE 2011

Official CMP National Trophy and CMP Games Matches Programs Now Online and Ready for Entries - CAMP PERRY, OHIO - The National Trophy Rifle and Pistol Matches are quickly approaching, with the First Shot Ceremony scheduled for Monday, 11 July. Our official programs for the CMP National Trophy and CMP Games Matches at Camp Perry, Ohio, are now posted on the CMP website and our Competition Tracker system is ready to receive on-line entries. Competitors who wish to reserve their places in this year’s matches are invited to do so. The easiest way to find the programs and the matches you wish to enter is log onto the CMP home page at Simply click on the National Matches tab in the center of the toolbar.

CMP Website Alert - To our Valued CMP Customers and Programs Participants. In order to keep you properly informed about our sales and marksmanship program activities, you can only trust information that is found on the Civilian Marksmanship Program Web site at and no other site with a similar URL. Any other URL or link cannot be trusted as the genuine CMP Web site. It has come to our attention that there are fraudulent Web sites on the Internet which may portray themselves as the Civilian Marksmanship Program. They are not to be trusted and CMP is not associated with them in any way.

Orion Scoring System Clinic - Erik Anderson Ph.D., the inventor of the Orion Scoring System, will be leading a series of clinics on Orion in conjunction with the Three Position Junior Olympics at Camp Perry, Ohio, June 26th and June 29th. The clinics are open to the public. This clinic will primarily benefit existing Orion users, however coaches and shooters interested in learning more about Orion are encouraged to attend as well.

MAY 2011

Leighton Wins Three-Gun Aggregate and Vintage Sniper Match Debuts at 2011 Eastern CMP Games - CAMP BUTNER, NORTH CAROLINA - The 2011 Eastern CMP Games brought new and old friends to the firing line under four days of sunny North Carolina skies 7-10 May. A few new champions were crowned and many came away with CMP achievement medals, but all took home some great shooting memories and experience in competitive marksmanship.

Virginia Junior Girls Team Snaps In With Veterans At First Official Vintage Sniper Rifle Team Match - CAMP BUTNER, NC – It was an unlikely sight – two ponytailed girls walking onto the firing line at the first official CMP Vintage Sniper Rifle Team Match on 10 May; and they weren’t there to get a sun tan while watching grandpa shoot. They came to compete shoulder to shoulder with some of the grittiest veteran rifle shooters in the country in a new match that requires excellent marksmanship, wind-reading experience and decisive communication skills.

US Forces - Iraq Task Force Dragon Commander’s Trophy Cup and Excellence-in-Competition Combat Pistol Matches, 14APR11 - BAGHDAD, IRAQ - Gen. Douglas MacArthur once said "Upon the fields of friendly strife are sown the seeds that, upon other fields, on other days will bear the fruits of victory." On Thursday, April 14th 96 Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines in Iraq had the opportunity to hone their warrior skills in such "friendly strife," but while also deployed to a combat theatre.

National Match Air Rifle Monthly Match at Camp Perry - The CMP is contacting Adult and Junior Highpower shooters in Ohio and surrounding states to invite you to the National Match Air Rifle Monthly Matches that will take place at the CMP Marksmanship Training Center on 21 May 2011. The match program for these matches has two tracks, one for experienced highpower rifle shooters and a second track for new and inexperienced shooters so we’re also looking for new shooters who want to learn a new shooting sports discipline.

APRIL 2011

Davis and Atchley Cruise to National JROTC Air Rifle Victories As Shelby County and Ozark Win Team Championships - ANNISTON, ALABAMA – Connor Davis, 18, of Shelby County High School, Kentucky, set two new national Marine Corps Junior ROTC precision air rifle records only to break his own record the next day en route to winning the individual national championship here on 25-26 March. He amassed an aggregate score of 1291.05 with 87 center shots. Davis, a junior at Shelby County, fired a qualifying score of 593-41 out of a possible 600 on the first day of competition – giving him a five point lead going into the 10-shot final. He then shot a 103.6 in the final to set the new 3x20-plus final record of 696.6. Davis owns the current USMC JROTC record of 103.8 which he set in December 2010 at the Gary Anderson Invitational.

Distinguished Shooters and Air Rifle Service Teams Recognized at National JROTC Championship Banquet - ANNISTON, ALABAMA – Three JROTC competitors received their Junior Distinguished badges on behalf of the National Three-Position Air Rifle Council and another six shooters earned badges during competition at the 2011 National Junior ROTC Air Rifle Championship on 25-26 March. Tyler Dayton, 18, of East Coweta High School, Georgia, received badge number 393; Charles Leonard, 18, of Marmion Academy, Illinois, badge number 394 and Sara Crampton, 15, of Des Moines North High School, Iowa, badge number 395. Badges were presented by CMP’s James Hall, who earned badge number 2 in 2002.

MARCH 2011

CMP Enhances Internet Site With New and Improved Navigation and Content - CAMP PERRY, OHIO – The Civilian Marksmanship Program has introduced a new patriotic look to its Internet site ( featuring improved navigation and expanded content to serve a growing population of competitors, marksmanship instructors and devotees of the CMPs programs and sales activities.

2011 CMP Competition Rules Now Available New Vintage Sniper Rifle Team Match Introduced - The 2011 15th edition of the CMP Competition Rules is now available. The CMP is the national governing body for Service Rifle, Service Pistol and CMP Games shooting events and the CMP Competition Rules is the official rulebook for these events that are a popular and important part of the national competitive shooting scene. The new rulebook is posted on the CMP website at

Lots of Excitement for Veteran and New Pistol and Rifle Shooters at the 2011 Eastern CMP Games & Creedmoor Cup Matches - CAMP BUTNER, NORTH CAROLINA - All interested pistol and rifle shooters, new or experienced, recreation-oriented or national championship contenders, are invited to participate in the unique, national-level competitions at the Fifth Annual Eastern CMP Games & Creedmoor Cup Matches at Camp Butner, North Carolina from 7-15 May.

With Winter at Camp Perry Beginning to Fade, It’s Time to Put the National Matches on Your Calendar - CAMP PERRY, OHIO – While March is always unpredictable, we’re hoping the final blows of winter are behind us on the shores of Lake Erie. The First Shot Ceremony for the National Matches and CMP National Trophy and Games Matches is roughly 120 days away, so mark your calendar and begin planning your summer shooting activities. If you’re new to the National Matches, you may be interested in the following information about the summer event and some things to discover while you’re here.

Schadler and Mitchell Crowned Top Individual Shooters in 2011 Air Force JROTC Service Championships - ANNISTON, ALABAMA – Cordelia Schadler, 15, of Battle Ground High School, Washington, won the 2011 Air Force JROTC precision air rifle service championship and Katelynn Mitchell, 17, of Western Hills High School, Texas, earned the gold medal in the sporter air rifle division here on 25-26 February.

Maya Arredondo and Mikaelah Atchley Come from Behind to Win 2011 Army JROTC Air Rifle Service Championships - ANNISTON, ALABAMA & CAMP PERRY, OHIO – It was a tale of two come-from-behind victories for Maya Arredondo and Mikaelah Atchley who won the individual precision and sporter air rifle categories, respectively, at the 2011 Army JROTC Service Championships. It was also a tale of two cities as air rifle shooters fired the same course of fire at roughly the same time, but 720 miles apart at twin CMP Marksmanship Centers in the north and south. The distance was an even larger factor for the winning precision air rifle team which came from Stuttgart, Germany.

Davis Wins Marine Corps JROTC Precision Air Rifle Title and Wheeless Captures Sporter Crown - ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO – Connor Davis, 17, of Shelby County High School in Shelbyville, Kentucky, won the 2011 U.S. Marine Corps Junior ROTC Service Championship in the precision air rifle division. Thomas Wheeless, 18, of Phoebus High School in Hampton, Virginia, also picked up a gold medal and will move on to defend his national sporter championship crown at the National JROTC Championships in Anniston, Alabama in late March.

Moyer is Tops in Navy JROTC Precision and Ibarra Takes Sporter Crown - ANNISTON, ALABAMA – Kirsten Moyer, 18, a senior at Manzano High School in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and member of the Navy JROTC rifle team, fought off the demons that prevented her from capturing an individual precision air rifle championship last year to win this year’s Navy JROTC Service Championship on 12 February.

Press Release: The opening of Sommer Wood's MFA Photography Exhibition entitled Shooter - This release is to announce the opening of Sommer Wood’s MFA Photography Exhibition entitled Shooter. This body of work is both a documentary exploration of competitive shooting and a self-portrait of the artist. In the artist’s words: “Shooter combines two of my passions, competitive shooting and photography. It is my perspective of the word shooter. This work may at first be defined as a documentary analysis of competitive shooting, but it equally needs to be regarded as a self-portrait.


Parker Wins Open Rifle While Furrer, Peck and Ibarra Lead Juniors in Rifle and 3x20 at 2011 Camp Perry Open - SFC Parker qualified with an opening 597 on Saturday and followed with a 592 the next day. He needed his impressive 700.4 Day I aggregate to outlast a determined Sowash who fired a 695.9 to lead all Day II shooters. Parker’s 103.4 and 102.5 finals were enough to ensure a four-point overall victory. Sowash and Wallizer entered the final with matching 1186 qualifying scores with Sowash ahead on center shots.

Veteran Shooters Share Knowledge with Young Shooters and Have Fun at Super Final Match at Camp Perry Open - Take open precision air rifle champion SFC Jason Parker for example. He certainly used the event as an opportunity to keep his game sharp in preparation for Olympic quota matches down the road but he also succeeded in his mission to promote the virtues of the US Army Marksmanship Unit. In good spirits, he also left the firing line Sunday to a chorus of jeers and taunts when he was eliminated early at a raucous Super Final match.

CMP Affiliated clubs now have several sanctioned matches to choose from - Many clubs were having almost mini-style Eastern/Western Games matches and Competition Tracker at the time did not have a way to list the same individual firing different rifles or re-entry scores without creating separate matches or even multiple events in one match. The good news is Competition Tracker is now set up to show a 3-Gun Aggregate (Garand, Springfield, Vintage Military or G-S-M) for club level matches. Additionally, we are also set up to show re-entry scores for club level matches. Any competitor in a club sanctioned match may fire any three rifles and the same rifle twice in the same match simply by re-entering.

2011 Summer Camps - For several years, the first Monday of each January marks the posting of the newest schedule for the CMP Summer Rifle Camps. This has become a much anticipated event, as coaches and shooters eagerly visit the CMP website to see what the camp schedule has in store.

CMP State Directors Announce Retirement and Minnesota Juniors Get New Coats - CAMP PERRY, OHIO – Three original CMP State Directors (formerly known as State Junior Directors) announced their retirement after serving the Civilian Marksmanship Program and countless junior shooters since the state director program began in 1999. Joe Mucelli, of San Francisco, announced his retirement, effective 1 December and Marlene and Jack Duncan, of Arizona, shared their plans to retire in October.

CMP State Directors Close 2010 Season with First Two-Day Workshop - ANNISTON, ALABAMA - It was a busy year for the CMP’s State Directors (SD) across the country and many directors representing the majority of the U.S. attended their first ever two-day workshop here in October. The workshop entitled “Getting Back to the Grass Roots” was held at the CMP Marksmanship Center - South on Friday and Saturday, 1 & 2 October. It’s the SDs’ mission to provide leadership, resource and program information, coordination, networking, motivation and publicity for shooting organizations within their states.

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