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Army SDM Instructor Program Grows With CMP Support! - A special report by Gary Anderson, DCM - A cadre of 40 volunteer civilian Military Rifle Instructors, who were selected and supported by the CMP, are now actively serving as instructors in U. S. Army Squad Designated Marksman Instructor Courses conducted by the U. S. Army Marksmanship Unit. The immediate result of their dedication is that the Army is now able to train many more instructors and soldiers in marksmanship skills that can significantly enhance their combat effectiveness.

New German Shooting Museum - By Gary Anderson, DCM - The German Shooting Federation (Deutscher Schützenbund) opened a new museum dedicated to target shooting in May 2004. On a recent vacation trip to German, I had an opportunity to visit this museum. Since the preservation and presentation of the history of the shooting sports is important to shooters in the United States as well as in Germany, I thought I would prepare this brief report on the new “Deutsches Schützenmuseum.”

Army Chief of Staff Presents 2005 President’s Match Letter - On 18 November, when the Chief of Staff of the U. S. Army, General Peter Schoomaker, visited Fort Benning, Georgia, he made a stop at the U. S. Army Marksmanship Unit where he presented the letter of congratulations from the President of the United States to the 2005 President’s Rifle Match winner.


Western CMP Games Grow - The 2nd Western CMP Games were completed at Camp Pendleton, California on 5-8 November. They featured more entries than the 1st Games, a dynamic new partnership with the Creedmoor Cup Matches, an experimental As-Issued U. S. Military Rifle EIC Match and more exciting government surplus rifle sales opportunities. The Games were co-hosted by the Santa Margarita Gun Club, which is based at Camp Pendleton. The four days of CMP events were followed by five days of Creedmoor Cup events that concluded on 13 November.

Creedmoor Cup Matches - The 2005 Creedmoor Cup Matches were held directly after the CMP Western Games at Camp Pendleton, CA, on 9-13November. There were 167 competitors participating in the Camp Pendleton Long Range Matches and 169 competitors in the Creedmoor Cup, with 21 teams participating in the Commanding Generals Team Championship. Members of the CMP staff were present to assist with the match registration and competition results throughout the matches. The CMP internet-based Competition Tracker system allows scores to be posted live on the web during the match so that competitors and family members can follow the progress of the matches. This system was used for both the Creedmoor Cup Matches and the CMP Western Games.

OGCA Article on “Camp Perry Heritage” -  Cy Byrd, President of the Ohio Gun Collectors Association, recently authored an article titled Protecting Our History and Camp Perry Heritage that appeared in the October edition the OGCA Newsletter.  It is a compelling report and a call to action for anyone interested in Camp Perry and the National Matches.  The OGCA is a large gun collector organization that organizes an annual series of high-quality gun shows for its large membership.  In 2003 and 2004, the OGCA and CMP, with the support of Mr. Byrd, NRA Vice President John Sigler and many others, cooperated in creating an acclaimed exhibition of rifles and memorabilia titled Guns of the National Matches.  This cooperation carries over into OGCA support for the National Matches.  Click on the link below to read Cy Byrd’s comments about the meaning of the National Matches and the importance of protecting them.

USA Posts Several Medal Winning Performances at 2005 CISM - The 40th World Military Shooting Champi­onship was held in Thun, Switzerland Octo­ber 9-16, 2005. This year’s match had 77 teams and 317 competitors from all over the world. The CISM (International Military Sport Council) championship was created in 1948 by Belgium, Denmark, France, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands with the goal of achiev­ing Friendship by Sport, a motto which is still honored today. The match also serves to pro­mote friendly relations between armies and their member states.

Paralympic Shooting Training Camp Held at Lakeshore Foundation - U. S. Paralympic Shooting coach Dan Durben hopes to develop a strong team for the 2008 Paralympic Games in Beijing. Dan Jordan, the new coach of the Alaska Fairbanks Rifle Team, was the only U.S. shooter to qualify for the 2004 Athens Paralympics so athlete development programs are desperately needed to increase U. S. representation. An initial step toward change took place on October 21-23 when the first Paralympic Shooting Camp was held by Durben and assistant Paralympic coach Sommer Wood. The camp was attended by a strong pool of athletes who participated in three days of intense training in both pistol and rifle.


Targeting Success at the CMP, NRA, USAS National Coaches Conference - Attendance was high at the National Coaches Conference last week; 140 people registered for this year’s filled-to-capacity conference. The Conference, which alternates venues between the Civilian Marksmanship Program’s Ohio headquarters at Camp Perry, and USA Shooting headquarters at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, was held in Colorado this year on October 7-9. The event is known for its expert speakers and this year was no exception.


Viale Range Gets Fresh Look - When you look back at your fondest Camp Perry memories, your time pulling pits comes to mind first, right?. OK, maybe not first, but any highpower shooter who ever spent time at Camp Perry certainly has a love-hate relationship with the pits and those old target carriers that have been there since Viale Range was first built in 1907. This coming year though, when your relay is called to the pits on Viale Range, things are going to look a lot different. No, your vision is not failing you; major changes are indeed in the works for the Viale pits.

Becoming Double Distinguished Shooter Number 81 By Steve Huff - If you are a service rifle or pistol shooter there is one shooting goal that seems to rise above all of the rest. That is the coveted title of “Double Distinguished.” When you first start out as a young rifle or pistol shooter, you probably didn’t even know it exists. With more experience and many matches under your belt you finally become aware of this lofty goal. It usually starts out by someone pointing out a Double Distinguished shooter. Most shooters speak of Double Distinguished shooters with awe in their voices.

World's largest military marksmanship competition postponed in wake of Katrina - CAMP JOSEPH T. ROBINSON, Ark. - Due to the nationwide mobilization of military troops and equipment in support of Hurricane Katrina relief efforts, a decision was made this week to postpone indefinitely the 2005 Winston P. Wilson National Championships. The Wilson Matches are a multi-service marksmanship competition conducted each year at Camp Robinson by the National Guard Marksmanship Training Unit. This would have been the 35th Wilson Matches.

CMP Employees Provide Small Comforts for Those Devastated by Katrina - When a tragedy such as Hurricane Katrina hits we, as Americans, are always generously willing to help. Disasters of this magnitude affect everyone, and for those fortunate enough to only have to experience it on television the intense desire to help only grows stronger.

The Distinguished Rifleman Badge,  How I earned it - Submitted By Dick Whiting - My quest for the Distinguished Rifleman’s Badge began in 1973 at Camp Perry during the Nationals, and ended in 1976 at Camp Perry again during the Nationals. In 1973, when I shot my first EIC match, I was squadded on target 89 on Viale, but during the Leg match I was resquadded to target 87. My third shot was a 10, but I shot it on target 89. I ended up 7 Xs out of the cut off. I never got over that, and have never understood why they keep changing targets on shooters during the Championships. But all in all, it was not too bad for a beginning Expert.

CMP State Junior Directors Attend Nationals - With its rich history and storied ranges, Camp Perry’s allure to competitive shooters neatly melds the traditional sense of family gatherings and the instinctive call of yearly migration. Like the swallows returning to Capistrano, shooters, coaches and volunteers flock to the instinctual beacons of those welcoming lighthouses and unmistakable water tower. But nowhere is the mixture of dedication and love of sport, which calls so poignantly, more present than among the ranks of the CMP State Junior Directors.


200th RED HORSE Welcomed Home in Grand Style - Family members, local community leaders, and area residents all came out on August 18, 2005 to welcome home the Air National Guard 200th RED HORSE Squadron who deployed for Iraq in early January of this year. The entire Squadron made it home safely after months of providing engineering and construction support for the U.S. forces and their allies in Iraq.  The 200th Red Horse Squadron is based at Camp Perry, home of the Civilian Marksmanship Program and National Matches.

A Summer Commemorated in Rich German Tradition - The oldest German shooting club was established in 1139, and with it many rich shooting traditions began. One of those traditions made its’ way into the Civilian Marksmanship Program’s 2005 Junior Three-Position Summer Camps for the first time. Dr. Dan Durben, CMP Camp Director, wanted to commemorate each of the camps with a traditional painted wooden target similar to the ones that hang in German shooting clubs still today.

2005 Summer Camps Bring New Faces and New Places - As usual, the summer of 2005 sent the Civilian Marksmanship Program on the road as the Junior Three-Position Summer Camp program traveled across the country to bring marksmanship instruction to youth. Again under the guidance of Dr. Dan Durben, the staff had many new faces among the counselor ranks but that didn’t slow anyone down as the summer got underway.

National Matches Play Host to Australian High Power Team - So you think you traveled a long way to get to Camp Perry this year, well try traveling half way across the world. That’s exactly what the Australian High Power Team, Aussie Roos, did for a chance to experience the U.S. National Matches. The team consisted of David Cornick, George Grivas, Aubrey Sonnenberg, David Vivian Jones, David Waters, and John Webber. All six shooters are ex-service men from Australia who were looking for the opportunity to shoot semi-automatic rifles, which have been banned in Australia since the government enforced strict gun bans in 1996.

History Comes Alive at the 2005 National Matches - Each year at the Springfield and John C. Garand Matches the prestigious military histories of these rifles are bought to life as some of the competitors in attendance dress in period uniforms. This adds a colorful and rich flair to the National Matches that is unique to the Springfield and the Garand. So who are these walking history lessons?

The Lawless Three: Three Generations at Camp Perry - When Barney Lawless of Fairfax, Virginia first competed at Camp Perry in 1960 he probably never imagined that one day he would be competing with both his son and grandson. That is exactly what he did this year at the 2005 National Matches.

The Camp Perry Retired Marines Make Great Strides to Help Juniors - For the seventh year in a row, Jim Owens and the Camp Perry Retired Marines made great efforts to help junior programs at the National Matches. Owens, who retired from the Marines in 1986 after 23 years of service, formed the Camp Perry Retired Marines Association in 1999. At that time he and his wife decided the purpose of the organization should be the advancement of junior high power shooting, and at the first dinner they raised over $1600 for juniors.

Distinguished Pistol Story - David Bridges - You might say that I am a late bloomer. I am currently 55 years old and did not purchase my first pistol until I was 50.  My first pistol was a Springfield Armory full size 1911A 45 caliber. Once I started shooting I just loved it and I would practice shooting any chance I could, sometimes 5 to 6 times a week. I had a good friend, Barry Hunn, that taught me the fundamentals like stance, sight alignment and one real basic – dominant eye. Turns out I am right handed and left eye dominant. This early shooting was all two hand shooting and focused on just hitting the target, anywhere.

Junior Wins the 2005 John C. Garand Match - 19-year-old Steven Skowronek from Irwin, PA won the 2005 John C. Garand Match with an impressive score of 292-8x. This set a new National Match record just edging out the pervious high of 292-5x fired by Antonio Samper in 2004.

Marine Corps Wins National Trophy Infantry Match - The U. S. Marine Corps finally turned the tables on the Army on the last day of the 2005 National Trophy Rifle Matches. The U. S. Army Marksmanship Unit dominated the matches until a U. S. Marine Corp Rifle Team, coached by Gunnery Sergeant Rodney Abbott, pulled off an impressive victory in the National Trophy Infantry Team Match, winning with a score of 1271. 

The Summer of Repeats Continues John Friguglietti Wins the Springfield Match for the Second Year - It’s not only SFC Norman Anderson who is repeating as champion at the 2005 National Matches; John Friguglietti of Denver, NC won the Springfield Match for the second year in a row. In winning, he posted a new match record score of 293-9x, edging out Jimmy Barners’ record of 293-6x that has been the top score since it was fired in the first Springfield Match in 2002.

Army Continues to Roll with Victory in National Trophy Team Match - The U. S. Army Rifle Team, designated as USAMU Praslick after the name of their coach, Staff Sergeant Emil Praslick III, produced a dominating win in the National Trophy Team Match with a 30-point victory over the second place team that represented the U. S. Marine Corps. The Marine team was designated as USMC Abbott; their coach was Gunnery Sergeant Rodney Abbott.

Colorado Team Wins Whistler Boy - The Colorado Blue Flames won the 2005 Whistler Boy with a commanding score of 963-24x. Nine points back in second place with a 954-19x was the North Carolina Rifle and Pistol Red team, and in third with a 950-22x was the Connecticut Palmer team.

The Second M16 EIC Match Successfully Completed - The National Trophy Matches M16 EIC Match was introduced for the first time in the 2004 National Matches. The match is only open to competitors that have never earned EIC credit points towards Distinguished badges. This allows new shooters to get a jump start towards earning points and to encourage shooters to start working towards earning their badge.

SFC Norman Anderson comes from behind to win National Trophy Individual Match - While temperatures continue to rise this week at the National Matches, SFC Norman Anderson of the Army Marksmanship Unit remains hottest shooter on the range. SFC Anderson followed up Tuesdays President’s 100 Match win with a 496-22x score on Wednesday to win the National Trophy Individual Match for the second year in a row.

AMU's SFC Anderson Wins Presidents Rifle Match - After winning last years National Trophy Individual Match, SFC Norman Anderson of the Army Marksmanship Unit got off to a great start this year by winning the President’s 100. SFC Anderson finished with 297-17x to win his first President’s Rifle Match in his 13th summer with the AMU. “I’ve come in second before, but I’ve never won. I’m really excited to finally win the President’s,” said SFC Anderson.

Marine Corps Rifle Team Hosts Junior Highpower Clinic - The 2005 USMC Junior High Power Clinic wrapped up yesterday with awards and pizza for the 129 juniors in attendance. All successfully completed three days of instruction from members of the Marine Corps Rifle Team that included the 2005 Interservice individual winner Sgt. John Godwin.

Rifle Small Arms Firing School - 2005 marked the 40th year of the Small Arms Firing School hosted by the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit instructors and assisted by Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marine, and Navy shooting team members. The school is geared for new and less experienced shooters in order to teach basic marksmanship techniques, and had 546 new shooters in attendance this week. 


2005 Rimfire Sporter Nationals Biggest So Far - One hundred eighty shooters, the highest number yet, stepped to the firing line for the fourth rendition of the CMP National Rimfire Sporter Match on Sunday, 24 July. The day started with rain, changed to calm, cloudy weather and finally ended with the strong winds. In addition to offering just about every kind of Camp Perry weather imaginable, the day featured a festival atmosphere where almost the entire CMP North staff came out to help run the match and serve a barbecue cookout at the end of the day. Many also took advantage of their visit to Camp Perry to check out the National Matches Commercial Row and the CMP Store.

USMC Team, Army Reservist and Civilian Take Top Honors in National Trophy Pistol Matches - The Gold Cup Trophy, which is awarded to the winning team in the National Trophy Team Match, is arguably the most prestigious team trophy in any U. S. pistol competition. In the National Trophy Team Match, each member of a four-person team fires a 9mm or .45 cal. service pistol over the 30-shot National Match Course. Team members fire in pairs, with two team members firing on the first relay and two on the second. Each four-person team must have one “new shooter” who has never fired in the National Trophy Team Match before.

Major General Wayt opens the 2005 National Matches - Major General Greg Wayt, the Adjutant General of the State of Ohio, was the First Shot Speaker and had the honor of firing the ceremonial first shot to open the 2005 National Matches at Camp Perry, Ohio. The traditional First Shot Ceremony at Camp Perry took place on July 11th. Everyone in attendance enjoyed a colorful ceremony that benefited from the better side of Camp Perry weather, with the sun shining and a light breeze coming off of Lake Erie.

Nebraska’s Bures Shatters Record in Junior Olympic Sporter Competition - Jace Bures from tiny Odell, Nebraska (population 345) shattered the most prestigious sporter class national record on the books at the 2005 National Three-Position Air Rifle Championship. By the end of the competition, he not only won the individual sporter championship with a match record 1215 x 1300 score, but he established three new open national records.

Teams from Nebraska and Washington win 2005 National Guard Bureau Junior Air Rifle Tournament - The 23rd annual National Guard Bureau Junior Air Rifle Tournament took place at Western Kentucky University, in Bowling Green, Kentucky, 28-30 June 2005. A total of 136 teams (1013 individuals) participated in the State Championship Postal Competition of the tournament which took place in the months of December through March. The 10 highest qualifying sporter and 10 highest qualifying precision state champion teams in the State Championship Postal Competition, along with the Palmyra Junior Rifle Team and Homestead 4-H Shooting Club, winners in the 2004 Tournament, were invited to compete in the National Guard Bureau Junior Air Rifle Tournament.

Summer Shooting Opportunities for Juniors - Summers can be a special time for junior shooters. Without the time demands of school, summers offer more time for extra training as well as the travel necessary to compete in the most important championships of the year. The May-June 2004 issue of On the Mark reviewed shooting opportunities that were available to junior shooters last summer. This year, we will again looks at the many shooting opportunities that can make this summer a special time for junior shooters.

Sea Cadet Air Rifle Camp - A return to the basics was in store for the 2005 CMP three position summer camp program as the first marksmanship camp for the Navy’s Sea Cadets was held at Camp Perry at the end of June. Marksmanship has never been offered before in the Sea Cadet program so the two week camp was the first exposure to three position sporter air rifle for the 60 cadets participating.

Sea Cadet Air Rifle Camp:  A Coaches View - This is a fantastic Sea Cadet camp! There were sixty (60) sea cadets in the marksmanship camp, mostly from the midwest, but really from all over. I had eight sea cadets in my coaching unit from California, New Jersey, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan. One of them had just come from LCDR Perez's recruit training in Florida.


First Shot Ceremony to Inaugurate 2005 National Matches - The Adjutant General of the State of Ohio, Major General Gregory Wayt, will be the guest of honor at the 2005 National Matches First Shot Ceremony. The First Shot Ceremony has become the traditional opening ceremony for the annual competitions at Camp Perry, Ohio that attract over 5,000 competitors and school students from all over the United States and several foreign countries.

Dan Jordan is UAF’s New Head Rifle Coach - A University of Alaska Fairbanks alumnus who earned All-American honors as a shooter is the new head rifle coach at UAF.  Dan Jordan, a 2001 UAF grad who was an All-American at UAF and won the silver medal in men's three-position rifle at the 2004 Paralympics, will replace Glenn Dubis, who led the UAF rifle team to two NCAA championships in three seasons.

2005 NYSRPA Small Arms Firing School (SAFS) - 2005 celebrated the 15th year that the NYSRPA has been holding Small Arms Firing Schools in the Spring. Created by SGM Joseph Considine USA SF, Retired, the program was originally held at the Peconic River Sportsman’s Club on Long Island and continues to be held there as well as at Camp Smith in Peekskill, NY for the past 10 years. Fondly known as the “SAFS,” the NYSRPA program annually runs a total of from 225-275 participants through the two events each spring. The program is open to all and approximately one-third of the participants are juniors.

TNSSA Announces All-State High School Rifle Teams -  The Tennessee Shooting Sports Association (TNSSA) has announced the 2005 All-State High School Rifle Teams and recognized them at the organization’s Awards Banquet on Saturday, May 21st, 2005. The event was held at Montgomery Bell State Park Lodge in Dickson. This is the eighth year that an All-State High School Rifle Team has been recognized by TNSSA.

Successful Start for First Western CMP Games - 198 shooters, a majority of whom were firing in their first competition, reported to Camp Pendleton, California’s Wilcox Range firing line on 14 or 15 May to inaugurate the Civilian Marksmanship Program’s first Western CMP Games. This new national-level competition event marked a historic step forward for CMP competition programs. The CMP sanctions several hundred highpower rifle matches each year and it is well known for its role in conducting the National Trophy Rifle and Pistol Matches at Camp Perry, Ohio, but until the Western CMP Games took place, the CMP had never conducted a highpower rifle competition outside of Camp Perry and the National Matches.

MAY 05

Civilian Instructors to Support Army Marksmanship Training - The U. S. Army Marksmanship Unit and the Civilian Marksmanship Program are developing a new program that utilizes outstanding civilian service rifle marksmen to assist USAMU instructors as they train Soldiers in advanced service rifle marksmanship skills. Highly qualified civilian marksmanship experts will be selected for training and service as CMP Military Rifle Instructors. The USAMU will train these instructors who will then be assigned duties with USAMU Mobile Training Teams conducting ‘Train-the-Trainer’ courses throughout the United States.

2005 JROTC Nationals - With pro­fessional baseball returning to Washington D.C., hearing people talk about “The Na­tionals” has come to mean a little more these days. However, for young shooters who belong to JROTC rifle teams, “The Na­tionals” means something entirely different and the weight of the phrase has not changed. It is a big deal for them to qualify for “The Nationals” – the National JROTC Air Rifle Championship, that is. The 2005 event took place on 22-23 April at the Pool Shooting Range Complex at Ft. Benning, Georgia, the home of the Army Marksman­ship Unit.

Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia Students Victorious in Navy JROTC Championship - The winning teams in the 2005 Navy JROTC Championship at Fort Benning, Georgia hailed from Georgia and North Carolina. The individual sporter and precision class champions represented NJROTC units at schools in Florida and North Carolina. 160 NJROTC cadets from as far away as California and Washington state were selected to represent their schools and JROTC units at the Fort Benning competition on 18-19 April and the top finishers in this championship now advance to the National JROTC Championship, which also takes place at Fort Benning during the same week, on 22-23 April.


New Safety Indicator Adopted for Air Rifles – Representatives of the CMP, USA Shooting and the NRA have recently approved the use of a new type of empty chamber indicator (ECI) for use in air rifle safety training and competition.  This new "Clear Barrel Indicator" (CBI) is easy to use and economical and is something most people may already have in their home.

Postal Competition Results Are In! – The CMP and its volunteers have been busy scoring the hundreds of entries received as part of the Army and Navy JROTC Postal Qualifier Matches used to determine who will attend the JROTC Air Rifle National Championships later this month at Ft. Benning, Georgia as well as the National Guard Bureau Junior Postal Competition, a separate competition whose winner could earn a trip to Bisley, England to compete with the best young shooters in the world.

Army JROTC Postal Results   Navy JROTC Postal Results          National Guard Bureau Postal Results

CMP Develops New JROTC Marksmanship Instructor Course – There are over 2,400 Army, Navy and Marine Corps JROTC units in the USA.  Statistics kept by JROTC commands and the CMP indicate that at least two-thirds or approximately 1,600 JROTC units offer rifle marksmanship programs to their cadets.  Most of those JROTC units have rifle teams and many actually provide basic safety and marksmanship training to all of the cadets in their programs.  The CMP has been working with the Army, Navy and Marine Corps JROTC programs to develop a new JROTC Marksmanship Instructor Course.  The one-day course teaches JROTC instructors about the sport of shooting and how to implement an air rifle marksmanship program in their schools.  Since the course was first introduced in February 2005, CMP-certified Master Instructors have already trained over 1,000 JROTC instructors.

Western CMP Games:  CMP Gold Medals to be Had in California May 14-15 –  In an effort to give more shooters from the western part of the USA an opportunity to participate in the CMP’s popular and challenging John C. Garand, Springfield and Vintage Military Rifle Matches, the CMP will hold the 1st Western CMP Games at Camp Pendleton, California May 14-15.  Find out how you can shoot in one of these matches and be part of the camaraderie and fun that comes from a Garand Match experience.

U.S. Military Match and Marksmanship Automatic Pistols by Bill Jenkins - For those interested in military match pistols that were used at the National Rifle and Pistol Matches and other pistil competitions, the search for well-researched and interesting source material just became much easier.  Recently published, U.S. Military Match and Marksmanship Automatic Pistols by Bill Jenkins of Medina, Ohio is an interesting and informative reading experience for anyone who has ever fired in the National Pistol Matches or other pistol competition as well as to collectors of the pistols and equipment that go along with that competition. 


Distinguished Shooters of Florida - Recently, the Florida State Rifle Association published a 48-page book titled Distinguished Shooters of Florida.  It is a detailed, up-to-date list of Florida residents who earned Distinguished Badges in the various shooting sports disciplines, including the prestigious Distinguished Rifleman, Distinguished Pistol Shot and Distinguished International Shooter Badges.  This publication is the product of fifteen years of work and research done by the author, Jim Perkins.  A total of 113 photographs and biographies of Distinguished shooters are included.  The individual listings have brief biographical data, Distinguished badge numbers and dates when they were earned.  This paperback book is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in the history of competitive shooting in Florida .  It will also be of interest to shooters and shooting history buffs from other states who would like to create something similar for their home states.

Army Competitions Keep Soldiers’ Skills Sharp - The month of March saw the U.S. Army holding its annual Small Arms Championships as well as their Long-Range Championships at Ft. Benning , Georgia .  The 2005 All-Army Rifle and Pistol Championships were hosted by the U. S. Army Marksmanship Unit.  Through the competitions, Army soldiers sharpened their own skills and learned new ones that they will in turn teach to other soldiers in their units…skills that could save lives in combat.  The CMP would like to congratulate all the winners of these exciting matches.  

Fall Creek Valley Conservation Club Takes a Field Trip…
and Brings Home a Few Rifles
- When Don Williams of the Fall Creek Valley Conservation Club in Anderson, Indiana visited the CMP Store at Camp Perry, Ohio in September 2004, he knew right away the other members of his club would be interested. Heading home with his rifle, he made plans to bring it up at the next meeting.

Army Wins NCAA Rifle Championship
First NCAA Championship for U. S. Military Academy in 50 Years
- March may be associated in most people’s minds with the NCAA basketball tournament, but the NCAA sport of rifle has its own annual sports drama in March. The 2005 NCAA Rifle Championship was concluded this past weekend at Colorado Springs and the results proved to be every bit as dramatic, surprising and interesting as NCAA basketball tournaments.

CMP in the Lone Star State - The Houston Gun Collector’s Association held the first of their three gun shows this year on January 22-23 at the Reliant Center Complex (formally called the Astrodome Park Complex) in Houston, Texas. The HGCA, organized in 1950, has held three gun shows annually for the past 30 years at the same complex. It is the largest gun show in Texas.  The Civilian Marksmanship Program sent several staff members, along with 475 rifles, to Houston for the January gun show.

Special Opportunity for Experienced Coaches and Instructors - If you are an experienced shooting coach or instructor with the time and desire to do something to help young people learn how to shoot, the Civilian Marksmanship Program needs your help.  For the last 5 years, the CMP has worked with summer camps that offer ri­flery as a camp activity. In working with these camps, the CMP seeks to provide quality training and curriculum, sound ad­vice and, most importantly, the very best instructor training.

CMP Board Honors Retiring Inspector General - Colorado Springs, CO. The CMP Board of Directors honored its retiring Inspector General, Brigadier General Richard Capps (ARNG, Ret.), when it met at Colorado Springs on 27 February. General Capps began serving as one of the CMP Board’s two Inspectors General in 1998, shortly after Congress privatized the Civilian Marksmanship Program. After serving in this position for seven years, General Capps submitted his resignation effective the end of December.

California Gun Club Enjoys Good Weather and Day of Shooting - On February 12th of this year the Winchester Canyon Gun Club, Santa Barbara, California, hosted it's 2nd CMP Meet since re-affiliating with the Civilian Marksmanship Program. Attending this meet were 13 youth and 6 adults. A spirit of friendship prevailed as members shook hands and exchanged greetings. Members were happy to see each other after the January '05 meet was postponed due to road closures and severe winter weather.

NCAA Rifle Championship at Colorado Springs - Rifle is a NCAA varsity sport with its own prestigious championship.  The 2005 National Collegiate Men’s and Women’s Rifle Championships will take place at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs this coming week on 11-12 March.  Teams and Individuals representing Alaska-Fairbanks (defending champion), Army, Jacksonville State, Kentucky, Navy, Nebraska, Texas-El Paso, Xavier, Memphis, Nevada-Reno, UTEP and Tennessee Tech will compete for coveted NCAA championship awards.  


Top 100 Leg Match Scores for 2004 - Do you ever wonder how your leg match scores compare with top service rifle and pistol scores fired by shooters around the country? A new feature on CMP’s Competitor Tracker web page now makes it easy to see all the top scores fired by shooters in service rifle and pistol Excellence-in-Competition or “leg” matches. Lists of the top 100 leg match scores in pistol and rifle for the year are now available on the CMP web site.

Soldiers Armywide invited to compete in US Army Small Arms Championships - FORT BENNING, Ga. - The U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit will host the All-Army Small Arms Championships in conjunction with the U.S. Army Infantry Center March 12 to 24.  Soldiers and units will compete with the M-16 rifle or M-4 carbine, M-9 pistol and M-24 or M-14 rifles against counterparts from the regular Army, Reserve, National Guard and Cadet Command. The USAMU has a limited number of weapons available for Soldiers and cadets who do not have assigned weapons.

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