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DEC 01

Posted 12/01 - Danielle Makucevich:  Age 4, has already attended five Camp Perry Championships. Her first was in 1997 when she was 10 weeks old. 

Posted 12/01 – The Bear Necessities:  According to Joe Nava, everyone in Alaska carries a firearm. And there's a good reason for it. 

Posted 12/01 – Making the Team:  Two members of the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit and two U.S. Marine Reservists earned their way onto the U.S. Palma World Championship Team. 

Posted 12/01 – The Arcane World of Cartridge Designations:  Dick Culver gives a "quick and dirty primer" on metallic cartridge designations. 

Posted 12/01 – Down to the Last Shot:  In a sport once dominated by men, there are some women making a name for themselves. A moment of drama from the CAT Games. 

Posted 12/01 – A Winning State of Mind:  Dr. Sean McCann of USOTC Sports on the psychology of shooting competitions. 

Posted 12/01 – Sarge's Death by Chocolate:  At the Coaches Conference, John Martin passed on a rather unorthodox method for quieting rambunctious juniors. 

NOV 01

Posted 11/01 – Three Days and Two Notepads Later:  From research on "quiet eye" to the components of a successful school rifle program, the conference covered a lot of good stuff. 

Posted 11/01 – "We've got to go with what works":  CMP Director Gary Anderson talked about the history and importance of three-position air rifle, as well as how to start a top-notch school program. 

Posted 11/01 – Class Act: Larry Pendergrass and Phil Williams discussed the dramatic growth of air rifle programs in Georgia 

Posted 11/01 – McHenry Wins Coach of the Year: Five years ago, Bill McHenry started a team at Fort Mill High School. 

Posted 11/01 – Raising the Big Bucks: Bill Riley, President of the Kansas 4-H Foundation took us from "Vision to Reality" in fundraising. 

Posted 11/01 – Fat Squirrels and Ranch Food: A lighter side to the conference. 

Posted 11/01 – USA dominates CAT games, winning 116 of the 192 medals awarded 

Posted 11/01 – When the "Tin Can" Changed History:  Nationally-recognized writer Dick Culver gives us a history lesson. 

Posted 11/01 – U.S. G.I. Non-Corrosive Primers by U.S. military manufacturers from WWII to the present 

Posted 11/01 – Marketing Tips:  Editor Mike Wallace tells us how to talk to the press. 

OCT 01

Posted 10/01 – Dueling Pistols returned:  US Shooting Team wins CISM Championship title. On July 19, the U.S. Shooting Team took overall honors at the CISM World Military Shooting Championships and was awarded the Dueling Pistols Trophy for having the best rifle and pistol teams in the world. 

Posted 10/01 – Army shooting champion retires:  A shooting champion should always go out with a bang. And that's exactly what Maj. Stephen C. Goff, an international rifle shooter with the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit, did when he retired. 

Posted 10/01 – The History of Marksmanship – 4: By Gary Anderson, DCM The First Shooting Clubs. 

Posted 10/01 – Marketing Tips:  At first glance, starting a web site seems like a great idea. 

Posted 10/01 – The CMP Mann Accuracy Devices:  I first became aware of the “Mann Accuracy Device” when it was mentioned in Lt. Col. William S. Brophy’s THE SPRINGFIELD 1903 RIFLES. 

Posted 10/01 – Honoring an army of one:  In July, the Civilian Marksmanship Program presented an M1 rifle to Einar Ingman. 

Posted 10/01 – Flocking with the Turkeys on Thursday Morning: Jim Morrison, 67, is one of the younger members of the Thursday Group that meets, of course, every Thursday at the range sometime just after sunrise. 

Posted 10/01 – 2001 National Match Awards


Posted 09/01 – "Give a kid a chance to dream...": Olympic champion Nancy Johnson opens the 2001 National Matches. 

Posted 09/01 – Early to Rise: From the opening of the IGA at 5:00 am to the giving of the last award, it was an eventful day. 

Posted 09/01 – One Point from Perfection: Sgt. Scott Threatt of the Marine team wins the Presidents 100 with a 299, breaking a National Match record. 

Posted 09/01 – A Team Effort: 85 teams from across the country competed in the Rifle National Trophy Team Matches. The Matches included some young faces and old rivalries. 

Posted 09/01 – In Memory of a Good Friend: At the Saturday Awards ceremony, the CMP dedicated a new trophy in memory of Colonel William L. "Col. Bill" Deneke. 

Posted 09/01 – The John C. Garand Trophy: The Saturday awards ceremony also saw the addition of a trophy for the winning rifleman in the John C. Garand Match. 

Posted 09/01 – The View from the Pits: We took our turn in the pits at the John C. Garand Match, and spent time with four new shooters from Pennsylvania. 

Posted 09/01 - Pit Pullers: The third installment of The History of Marksmanship by Gary Anderson, DCM. 

Posted 09/01 - Premature Hair Loss: Coach Stempeck promised his Pennsylvania Junior Team that, if they won, he would let them shave his head in front of the Camp Perry auditorium. Now the First Shot lives up to it's promise--by publishing the photos.

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