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NOV 02

Posted 11/02 - Building On Youth - In October, the CMP hosted the National Youth Shooting Sports Leadership Conference at Camp Perry. With the theme of "improving the delivery of junior shooting sports," the event was done in cooperation with USA Shooting and the NRA, and attracted State Junior Directors and coaches from across the country. 

Posted 11/02 The State of the Sport: Are we losing or are we winning? 

Posted 11/02 A Course of Basic Instruction: During the conference, each participant received a copy of a CD ROM produced by the CMP. It contained Power Point presentations and curriculum designed for teaching a 12 to 15 week course on rifle safety and marksmanship. 

Posted 11/02 On Target: CMP Director of Training and Olympic medalist Bob Foth introduced two program changes he is working on that emphasize "practical coaching experience." 

Posted 11/02 Book of Dreams: Sophie McDonald, 13, who dreams of someday competing in the Olympics, brought a special book with her to Camp Perry. 

Posted 11/02 A Visit to Gary's House: Sunday evening of the conference included a visit to Gary and Ruth Ann Anderson's house, which is stocked with shooting memorabilia. 

Posted 11/02 The Camp Perry National Match Hut Endurance Award:  As part of the CMP's 100th anniversary celebration of the National Matches, we have created a new contest and award--a tribute to the enduring few who, every summer without fail, stay in the Camp Perry huts during the National Matches. 

Posted 11/02 CMP News: the latest news from CMP. 

Posted 11/02 Military Excellence in Competition Matches 1904: Nationally recognized writer Dick Culver discusses the Army Divisional Matches of nearly a century ago. 

Posted 11/02 - News from the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit: USAMU trains British Army Soldiers. 

Posted 11/02 South of the Border: USA Shooting Goes to Mexico to Help Conduct CAT Shooting Congress. 

OCT 02

Posted 10/02 How Some Kids Spent Their Labor Day Weekend: O.K., the accommodations weren't exactly the Holiday Inn (in fact, everyone stayed in Quonset huts "that looked like soda cans cut in half"), but 32 youthful smallbore and air rifle shooters were happy to take part in the 4th annual Rhode Island Junior Shooting Camp. 

Posted 10/02 The GCA Gold Team and the Rattle Battle (Camp Perry 2002): As nationally recognized writer Dick Culver describes it, the Garand Collector's Association "Gold" NTIT Team was "ready and raring to go." 

Posted 10/02 Notes from a Camp Organizer: CMP State Junior Director Michele Makucevich reports on how she organizes the annual Rhode Island Junior Camp on Labor Day weekend. She gives some valuable tips on running junior training events. 

Posted 10/02 The Inaugural Springfield/Military Bolt Rifle Match: New to the National Matches, but quite an addition. 

Posted 10/02 On Target: Three-time Olympian and 1992 Olympic Medalist Bob Foth tells how to improve your scores by using and properly adjusting your sling. 

Posted 10/02 Shots Heard from Around the World: News from USA Shooting. 

Posted 10/02 News from the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit: The unit is looking for "a few good shooters" interested in competing in pistol competitions in the summer of 2003. 

Posted 10/02 From the Editor's Desk: That user "bulletin board" The First Shot installed four months ago is getting 800 to 1,000 hits a day. Editor Mike Wallace talks about what users are talking about. 

AUG 02

Posted 08/02 Jam Packed:  One year away from its 100th anniversary, the National Matches, which include the CMP National Trophy Matches as well as the NRA National Rifle and Pistol Championships, attracted over 5,000 competitors to its events and training schools. Kevin McMahon wins the prestigious President's 100. 

Posted 08/02 Behind the scenes with the Army Reserves

Posted 08/02 The CMP-USMC Junior Service Rifle Clinic:  163 junior competitors take part in a three day school headed by the USMC Rifle Team. 

Posted 08/02 The First National CMP Rimfire Sporter Match 

Posted 08/02 CMP News: The latest news from CMP. 

Posted 08/02 The CMP Opens a Year Round Store: Once only open during the National Matches and for mail order business, the CMP Store is now manned year round. 

Posted 08/02 USAMU Soldiers Win Competitions: Shooters of the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit score some major victories. 

Posted 08/02 A Tuggin' and a Pullin': How competitors at the National Matches got it from here to there. 

Posted 08/02 On Target: SSC Charles Herlth, Army Marksmanship Unit and head instructor of the 2002 Small Arms Firing School at Camp Perry, talks about physical preparation for competition. 

Posted 08/02
From the Editor's Desk: Mike Wallace, editor of The First Shot looks at why Garand matches are so popular. 

JUL 02

Posted 07/02 Sending the Kids to Camp: After five days of intensive instruction from Olympic and NCAA competitors, participants of the CMP Three Position Air Rifle Camp are placed on the firing line for a full dress competition. 

Posted 07/02 CMP News: The latest news from Camp Perry where an Army Reserve shooter became the first shooter in the history of the National Trophy Matches to win pistol shooting's Triple Crown. 

Posted 07/02 Perpetual Motion: One of the obvious strengths of the junior camp was the hands-on one-on-one instruction of experienced, competition-tested coaches, including 2000 Olympian Jayme Dickman. 

Posted 07/02 On Target: This month, 2000 Olympic coach Dan Durben takes Bob Foth's place on the firing line, and gives us some insight on strategies for improvement. 

Posted 07/02 A Question of Balance: Every morning, shooters went through a series of exercises. This included a daily routine for working on physical balance designed to build a solid shooting stance. 

Posted 07/02 The First in Line: Four months ago, Scott Shaffer told his 14 year old daughter Alex that "she needed to know how to shoot a gun." Now she's at junior camp and loving it. 

Posted 07/02 Highlights of the 2002 USA Shooting National Championships: Several hundred of America's best shooting sports athletes gathered in Atlanta for nearly 20 different events in pistol, rifle and running target disciplines. 

Posted 07/02 ISSF World Shooting Championships: Matt Emmons celebrated Independence Day by staging a come-from-behind win at the ISSF World Shooting Championships in Lahti, Finland 

Posted 07/02 Former USAMU Shooter Inducted into International Shooting Hall of Fame: USA Shooting formally inducted the late Lt. Col. Tommy Pool into the U. S. International Shooting Hall of Fame 

JUN 02

Posted 06/02 DCM Gary Anderson reports on a German shooting club It's a fascinating look at a "typical" club in a country famous for shooting clubs. 

Posted 06/02 CMP News: All plans for the 2002 National Matches are moving ahead as usual. That and other CMP news. 

Posted 06/02 From the Editor's Desk: Dr. Mike Wallace, editor of The First Shot, analyzes the results of last month's general reader survey. 

Posted 06/02 Realizing a Dream: A follow-up story on Chris Hill and the Woodward Academy team, champions of the 2002 Georgia High School Rifle Championship. 

Posted 06/02 On Target: Three-time Olympian and 1992 Olympic Medalist Bob Foth answers readers' questions on shooting and competition. 

Posted 06/02 Shots Heard From Around the World: News from USA Shooting. 

Posted 06/02 1913 Military Excellence-in-Competition Matches: The last of a series of historical articles from nationally-recognized author Dick Culver. 

Posted 06/02 USAMU Soldiers Shoot Their Way Onto World Championship Team: 14 soldiers from the with the U.S. Army Marksmanship Team have been selected to represent the U.S. at the World Championships. 

Posted 06/02 The 1919 Inter-Allied Games: The CMP recently had a medal donated from the games initiated by General John Pershing. Read about it's history. 

MAY 02

Posted 05/02 Little Guns and Big Hearts: It's not the size of the shooter that matters, just the size of their competitive spirits. Junior Olympians PJ Snyder, Matthew Pueppke and Kyle Youngs. 

Posted 05/02 CMP News: See the results from the first CMP Rimfire Sporter Rifle Match, plus the latest information on this year's Springfield and Garand Matches. Also, find out about the CMP's new store at Camp Perry. 

Posted 05/02 From the Editor's Desk: Dr. Mike Wallace, editor of The First Shot, talks about how the on-line survey and the new user bulletin board works. 

Posted 05/02 Captain Glenn A. Dubis:  Desert Storm veteran and four-time Olympian, retires after serving for more than 20 years. 

Posted 05/02 On Target: Three-time Olympian and 1992 Olympic Medalist Bob Foth answers readers' questions on shooting and competition. 

Posted 05/02 Shots Heard From Around the World: News from USA Shooting. 

Posted 05/02 1909 Military Excellence-in-Competition Matches: More history from nationally-recognized author Dick Culver. 

Posted 05/02 Action Pistol Shooters named to World Shoot Team: Spc. Maxient J. Michel Jr. And Sgt. Julie A. Goloski make the 2002 U.S. World Shoot Team. 

Posted 05/02 Comments from Readers: Each month, The First Shot accepts and reprints comments from readers. 

APR 02

Posted 04/02 - Stiff competition: Sixty of the country's top rifle shooters competed in the 2002 Rocky Mountain Rifle Championships. Read about who came away with gold. 

Posted 04/02 - CMP News: Here is an update on the latest CMP program and sales activities. 

Posted 04/02 Alaska-Fairbanks Wins Fourth Straight NCAA Rifle Championship: The Alaska team, coached by David Johnson, fired a 6241 total in the combined smallbore and air rifle aggregate to win the 2002 NCAA championship. 

Posted 04/02 1917 Military Excellence-in-Competition Matches: More history from nationally - recognized author Dick Culver. 

Posted 04/02 USAMC Soldiers Win Gold Medals, Break World Records in Europe: Shooters of the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit scored some major victories. 

Posted 04/02 On Target: Three-time Olympian and 1992 Olympic Medalist Bob Foth answers readers' questions on shooting and competition. This is the first installment of a monthly column. 

Posted 04/02 Comments from the Customers: The CMP staff in Anniston find motivation from satisfied customers. 

Posted 04/02 From the Editor's Desk: Mike Wallace, editor of The First Shot, spends much of his time researching and writing grants. He offers some practical ideas for landing funds for club programs. 

Posted 04/02 From the Editor's Desk: Mike Wallace, editor of The First Shot, spends much of his time researching and writing grants. Also some tips on how to land an NRA Foundation grant. 

FEB 02

Posted 02/02 Lights, camera, action: A film crew from the Digital Ranch production company of Sherman Oaks, California visited the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit in November and videotaped USAMC personnel for a documentary set to air on the History Channel in March. 

Posted 02/02 A Birthday Story: 15 year old Chris Hill wanted an air rifle for his birthday. All he had to do to get it was start a team at his high school and find a place to shoot. 

Posted 02/02 Full results of the Gary Anderson Invitational Classic 

Posted 02/02 The Shooting Range That Was Almost Lost: Joe Nava tells how the members of the Tanana Valley Sportsmen's Association in Fairbanks, Alaska got in the way of "civilization." 

Posted 02/02 CMP News: The official CMP Annual Report for 2001 is posted, there's a new competition event for the 2002 National Matches, the Rifle Safety and Marksmanship Training CD ROM is out, the much more. 

Posted 02/02 Military Excellence-in-Competition Matches (1902-1906): Dick Culver tells of a turning point in military service rifle shooting. 

Posted 02/02 CMP M1903 Drill Rifles: Our volunteer '03 expert Franklin W. Meredith answers questions about the M1903 and 03-A3 drill rifles the CMP has received over the past year. 

Posted 02/02 Coaching Ideas for Youth Programs: National Coach Trainer H.Q. Moody passes on ideas for building and maintaining successful youth marksmanship programs. 

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