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JROTC Postal Competition Goes High Tech in 2006 - 2006 has been a milestone year for CMP Competitions. One of the key factors in this success was the continued development of CMP’s innovative system called Competition Tracker or “CT” as it is known by the CMP staff. CT is a computer software program that performs a variety of competition management functions, including maintaining a database of competitors, taking on-line entries for matches and providing real-time score updates from events like the National Matches and CMP sanctioned matches around the country.  Now one more feature has been added to Competitor Tracker’s bag-of-tricks, electronic scoring of 10-bull paper air rifle targets.

Reading the Wind (Part 1, Rapid Fire) - By SSG Emil Praslick, USAMU - The term, “Reading the Wind” is misleading. A more apt title might be “The tactical negotiation of varying wind conditions and the limitation of their negative effects on the flight of your bullet.”  In this article we will discuss some tactics and techniques that will enhance your abilities to negotiate the wind and (hopefully) add a few points to your score. This article will be divided into two sections: part one will cover the 200 and 300 yard stages. The second part (forthcoming) will be devoted to the 600 yard stage.

Wanted: Master Instructors for the CMP Camp Riflery Program - Do you believe the shooting sports provide America’s youth with knowledge, skill, discipline, responsibility and a positive self image? Do you have shooting sports knowledge and instructional skills that you would like to pass on to new camp riflery instructors who will introduce those values to more youth? If your answer to these questions is “yes,” then you may be a great candidate to become a Master Instructor to help the CMP train future summer camp rifle marksmanship instructors.

M1s for Vets Project, Our first year - A brief overview - We now approach the anniversary of our first year of the “M1s for Vets” project. What began as an idea to provide one returning veteran with an M1 Garand as a way of showing our support and appreciation for his or her service, has grown into a nationwide project providing rifles to over sixty recipients.


New U. S. Army Junior Air Rifle Postal Announced - Fort Benning, Georgia. The U. S. Army Accessions Command, which includes the U. S. Army Marksmanship Unit, announces the inauguration of a new national junior air rifle championship program that is sponsored by the U. S. Army. The Army is actually taking over the sponsorship of a postal and national championship program that previously was sponsored by the National Guard Bureau. The program begins with a State Championship Postal competition with three-position air rifle sporter and precision standing events that are open to teams and individuals representing any junior shooting team or club that wishes to enter. The culmination of the 2007 program will be a National Championship competition that will take place at the Army Marksmanship Unit ranges at Fort Benning in August.

2006 Creedmoor Cup Matches - The 2006 Creedmoor Cup Matches took place 8-12 November 2006 at Camp Pendleton, CA. The matches were held in conjunction with the Western CMP Games and were conducted by Creedmoor Sports Inc. of Oceanside, California and the Santa Margarita Gun Club. Match entries were managed by the CMP through its Competition Tracker on-line results system; CMP staff members were at the match to statistical operations and post results on the CMP website.

No-Wind Zero and Marking Your Sights - By SFC Jason St. John - There is no question about it, to consistently hit the X-ring you need accurate elevation and windage zeros. These zeros change as you increase distance, and may possibly change as you gain experience. These changes are apparent in a well kept Data Book. To calculate your zeros, starting points are needed. You can establish starting points for your service rifle sights by marking them to give you a reference point for calculating your zeros.

Western CMP Games Matches - Shooter entries were up at the 3rd Western CMP Games Matches that took place on 4-5 November 2006 at Camp Pendleton, California as over 200 competitors and clinic attendees participated in a full six days of training and competitions. The Western Games competitions, which were conducted by the CMP in cooperation with Creedmoor Sports Inc. and the Santa Margarita Gun Club, benefited from excellent weather and a smooth-running match organization. Competitors had plenty of opportunities to enjoy the camaraderie of CMP Games events, experience the challenges of firing World War I and II battle rifles in a unique series of rifle matches and take part in the gun buying and social activities that are part of these matches.

Friends of Camp Perry - If you live around Port Clinton, Ohio there is a good chance you are familiar with historic Camp Perry, which was established in 1903. Located just five miles west of Port Clinton on Hwy #2, Camp Perry is the home of the Civilian Marksmanship Program which hosts the National Matches along with the NRA and the Ohio National Guard. Camp Perry is also the home to the 200th RED HORSE Squadron and the Camp Perry Training Site Detachment, which manages the Camp and provides support to military and non-military users. The Friends of Camp Perry (FOCP), a non-profit support organization, can now add their name to the list of organizations housed on base year round.

Delaware - back for Gold after 29 years - By Charles L Fletcher - I drove in the pouring rain on Sunday, 27August 2006 starting at 5:30 AM heading to New Castle, Delaware to shoot the Delaware State Outdoor Pistol Championship and CMP EIC Leg match. Twice during my 133 mile drive to New Castle I seriously considered turning the car around and heading back home to my warm bed in NYC. But I said to myself, “keep going...keep going...maybe it will be less rainy down there...keep never quit before…don't start now.”

Krilling Range Dedicated at Fort Benning - A highly decorated war hero in the Korean War who subsequently became a national and international champion shooter and world-renowned rifle coach was honored at Fort Benning, Georgia, on 21 October, when a new combat pistol range was named in his honor.

CMP Board Honors Retiring Inspector General - Minneapolis, MN. The CMP Board of Directors honored its retiring Inspector General, Brigadier General Wallace Green (ANG, Ret.), when it met in Minneapolis, Minnesota on 13 October 2006. General Green began serving as one of the CMP Board’s two Inspector Generals in 1996, shortly after Congress privatized the Civilian Marksmanship Program. After serving in this position for ten years, General Green recently submitted his resignation so that he could spend more time pursuing family and other retirement interests.

Don’t Be "That Guy" - By SFC Norman Anderson, USAMU Service Rifle Team Member - You know the guy, he’s still talking at the coffee jug when his preparation period begins, then his magazines aren’t loaded when the command “Stand” is given, and finally, he doesn’t know the rules when he argues with the block officer as his target comes up marked “9 and No.” Although this guy might be the highlight of the “after match” activities, he is the proverbial bad apple on the firing line. With this example fresh in your mind, let’s go over how not to be “that guy”.

2006 Montgomery Bell Academy Rifle Classic Exceeds Expectations - The 2005 Montgomery Bell Academy Rifle Classic saw its lowest numbers in years. Many school teams had not returned to practice last fall because of lingering effects of the 2004 Navy and Army JROTC safety stand downs. Attendance was 285; that’s tremendous by anyone else’s standard, but not what MBA varsity rifle coach Leo Lujan had grown to expect for his premier tournament, which averaged 320 participants in previous years.


A Rifle for Shifty - It is 11 March 2006, 11:35pm somewhere on Interstate 81 just south of the Pennsylvania border. It is raining and everyone in the vehicle is asleep, except for me of course. I have been up for the past 40 hours, with the exception of a one-hour nap at the gas station waiting for the Burger King next door to open, yet I am feeling pretty good and a sense of accomplishment has settled over me. Even the fact that I need to be back at work in less than 14 hours does not bother me. What would make a group of grown men and a small boy get in a van and drive 11 ½ hours each way without a break? It is the once in a life time chance to spend a few moments with an elderly man who also happens to be an American hero.

It’s Just a Sling - By SFC Lance Dement, U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit - I feel there are only two things more important to a rifle shooter than a sling; these are the gun and ammo! The service rifle sling is often underrated or even misused. If you are reading this article you have probably used a service rifle sling in one way or another. The best way to learn how to correctly put a sling on a rifle is to talk to experienced shooters. Then try their various methods to see which one or perhaps a combination of methods will work best for you. There is no one absolute right way, but I will give you some things to consider in helping you use your sling more effectively.

Sign Up Now for Western CMP Games and Creedmoor Cup Matches - New entries for the 2006 Western CMP Games and Creedmoor Cup Matches at Camp Pendleton, California in early November are coming in at a steady pace now as shooters make final plans to attend this year’s biggest west coast rifle match. Camp Pendleton’s huge highpower rifle range makes plenty of entry spaces available, but shooters who plan to attend, but have not yet entered, are encouraged to get their entries in as soon as possible.

2006 National Youth Shooting Sports Leadership Conference - In what has become annual pilgrimage, coaches and youth leaders from across the country again made their way to the National Youth Shooting Sports Leadership Conference. The conference takes place every fall, alternating between the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO and CMP headquarters in Port Clinton, OH. This year it was CMP’s turn to host the conference and over a hundred people descended on Camp Perry for the event which took place 22-24 September.


Three-Position Air Rifle Rule Changes - The National Three-Position Air Rifle Council will soon release the 2006-2008 National Standard Three-Position Air Rifle Rules that govern position air rifle shooting in the United States. The new rulebook will be available both on the CMP web site and in printed form before the end of September. The new rules incorporate several rule changes that were approved by the Council during its annual meeting last July. This article summarizes those changes.

Better Performance Through Proper Nutrition - By CPL Walter Craig, U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit - There is one trait common to all champions, regardless of the sport they choose to compete in. This trait is an overwhelming and all consuming desire to succeed. Their desire is so great they will let nothing stand in their way. They find satisfaction in performing to the best of their ability and in mastering their body and mind like no one else has ever done. One of the first steps in helping any athlete perform their best is developing an optimal nutritional plan.

2006 CMP Three-Position Air Rifle Summer Camps - The conclusion of the 2006 CMP Three-Position Summer Camp season marks the 10th year for this highly acclaimed program. Over the years this program has benefited countless young shooters across the country and is revered as the premier camp of its kind. This year the schedule included new locations and new programs that carried forward the standards campers and coaches have come to expect.

Pennsylvania Marksmen Do Well in American Legion Air Rifle Championships - Two records were broken or tied as 29 junior air rifle competitors met at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs for the 16th annual American Legion National Junior Air Rifle Championships 3-5 August 2006.


Register Now for Junior Leadership Training Conference - Junior shooting coaches, leaders and parents from all over the country have one common annual opportunity to participate in training courses that are structured to increase their knowledge and skills as junior shooting sports leaders. This one national-level training week occurs each fall as either the National Youth Shooting Sports Leadership Conference (hosted by CMP in even-numbered years) or the National Shooting Coaches College (hosted by USA Shooting in odd-numbered years). The NRA Education & Training Division also plays a major role in each year’s program.

Garand-Springfield-Military Rifle Master Instructor Training Clinic Openings - Instructors and shooters who are interested in being trained and certified to teach CMP-sanctioned Garand-Springfield-Military Rifle Clinics will have three upcoming opportunities to attend one of these two-day courses during the next three months.

M1 for Vets Project Brings Veterans to Camp Perry - On 4 and 5 August 2006, seven recipients of the M1 for Vets Project participated in the Civilian Marksmanship Program’s Springfield and John C. Garand Matches at Camp Perry, Ohio. This trip was made possible with donations from the Walter Reed Society, Lake Norman High Power Club, and small donations from many fellow competitors and M1 collectors throughout the country. The M1 for Vets Project is designed to present injured Iraq War veterans M1 Garand rifles. Some 40 rifles have been presented since December 2005, and 11 more are being made ready for presentation. All rifles were either donated or purchased with donated funds.

Marine Corps JROTC Rifle Team Given a Taste of the National Matches - MSgt Gerald Lyons knows a thing or two about coaching champions. He has led his Shelby County High School Marine Corps JROTC Rifle Team from Shelbyville, Kentucky to victory in the JROTC National Championship three out of the last four years. That is why it was a special reward when Dr. Bill McHenry, Director of the Marine Corps JROTC Program, invited the Shelby County MCJROTC unit to send a four-member team and an instructor to attend the 2006 National Matches at Camp Perry as a reward for winning this year’s JROTC National Championship.

A M1 Carbine Match Makes Nice Addition to CMP Games - Participation reached an all-time high this year in the CMP John C. Garand, Springfield and Vintage Military Rifle Matches. The addition of the M1 Carbine Match was also well received with high participation and is expected to grow in the years to come. The Garand, Springfield and Vintage Matches had a combined 2369 shooters, up 327 competitors from last year. The new M1 Carbine Match brought in an additional 479 competitors, believed to be the largest assembly of Carbine rifles on one range since the Korean War era.

An Evening of Honor - The National Matches Rifle Awards Ceremony is an opportunity for competitors to come together and celebrate a week of excellence. This year, 49 Distinguished Rifleman’s Badges were awarded on stage with several of those shooters earning their last EIC points in the 2006 National Matches. This was the first year that shooters who ‘legged out’ at the Nationals were able to be recognized on stage that same week. Also, 39 separate awards were presented throughout the night by several distinguished guests.

Army Wins Close National Infantry Trophy Match - Only six points separated the Army and Marine Corps in the hotly contested National Infantry Trophy Match, but in the end it was the Army’s score of 1367 that was victorious. USAMU Hopper, named for coach SFC Lance Hopper, consisted of team captain SFC Norman Anderson, SPC Ty Cooper, SPC Brandon Green, SSG Emil Praslick, SFC Grant Singley, SFC Jason St John and SSG Tobie Tomlinson.

Marines Set New Record in National Team Trophy Match - The U. S. Marine Corps Rifle Team won a narrow 4895-169 to 4892-213 victory over the Army in the Interservice Championship 10-person team match at the end of July when an Army team member had the misfortune of having a double alibi that cost the Army 30 points and the match. This left the USMC Arrieta team, named for team coach MSgt Alexander Arrieta, eager to prove themselves in the National Team Trophy Match that took place ten days later during the National Matches at Camp Perry. They wanted a victory that would prove they were a team capable of winning without the benefit of a lucky break. What they got was a dominating performance that produced the highest six-person team score ever fired in the National Matches and a place in the record books with a new National Trophy Team Match record of 2958-113X.

Year of the Whistler Girls - It is known as the Whistler Boy Team Match, but this year the trophy went to the girls of the Connecticut Palmer Team. This is the first time in the history of Whistler Boy Junior Highpower Rifle Trophy competition that both firing members of the winning team were females. Julie Coggshall and Amanda Elsenboss combined to fire an impressive 966-19X under the guidance of team coach Bradford Palmer and team captain Peter Mathewson. They finished with a nine point lead over the Wisconsin Rifle and Pistol Association’s Golden Boys who shot a 957-23X for second, and 12 points over third place California Gold who shot a 954-21X.

Inaugural Hearst Doubles Match a Hit with Competitors - The 2006 National Matches and CMP Games schedule featured several new additions. One of three new events added to this year’s program revived a National Trophy that has not been in competition since 2002. The Hearst Trophy was donated to the National Board for the Promotion of Rifle Practice by the newspaperman William Randolph Hearst in 1940. The trophy, which features a 17th century Spanish flintlock with an ornately inlaid stock, was originally awarded to the High ROTC competitor and subsequently to the High Collegiate shooter in the National Trophy Individual Rifle Match. The decision was made to remove it from competition since the latter award essentially served the same purpose as other High Junior awards. This year, the Hearst Trophy was returned to competition when it gave its name to the new Hearst Doubles Match.

SPC Brandon Green USA Wins National Trophy Individual Rifle Match - The heat wave continues at Perry but SPC Brandon Green of the Army Marksmanship Unit stayed cool as he entered the 600 with the lead and a chance to win the 2006 National Trophy Individual Rifle Match. CW02 Billy Williamson of the U.S. Marine Corps shot a strong 197-8X at the 600 to jump to the top of the leader board, meaning SPC Green had to shoot at least 195-9X to win. The race for the Daniel Boone Trophy went down to the last relay of the Match, as SPC Green was the last of those in contention to fire. Showing a remarkable display of toughness, SPC Green shot a 196-4X at the 600 which gave him a total of 494-17X. 

SFC Lance Dement USA Wins President’s 100 - Temperatures were a scorching 95 degrees with a heat index of 105 degrees by mid-day at the President’s 100 Rifle Match. This made for a long day for the 1275 competitors involved, though performances were still high despite the conditions. Winner of the President’s 100 was SFC Lance Dement of the Army Marksmanship Unit with a score of 296-9X, two points over Sgt Kelly Wakefield of the U.S. Marine Corps who shot a 294 with an impressive 13X.

SPC Michael Andersen ARNG Sets New Record in the M16 EIC Rifle Match - It was a day of firsts for many of the competitors at the M16 EIC Match, which was designed to introduce new shooters to EIC rifle matches. Only shooters who have not earned any EIC points towards a Distinguished Badge are eligible for the four introductory leg points available in this match.

Viale Range Project Comes Full Circle - On 29 July 2006 a Viale Range Rededication Ceremony took place to mark the conclusion of a nine month renovation project that yielded a complete reconstruction of the range’s berm and pits. The day not only marked the reopening of Camp Perry’s renowned Viale Range, but it was also an opportunity to honor 2nd Lt. Robert M. Viale, a World War II hero for whom the range is named. 2nd Lt. Viale was posthumously awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor during WWII. He received this distinction for a series of heroic actions that culminated when he jumped on a live grenade to save the lives of five of his men. His acts of extraordinary bravery was captured in a drawing by Jess Cauthorn who served under 2nd Lt. Viale in WWII. Cauthorn’s artwork was included in the program for the event.


5th CMP Rimfire Sporter Match is Biggest So Far - The CMP Rimfire Sporter Match that took place at Camp Perry, Ohio on Sunday, 23 July, had the largest attendance of any of the CMP Rimfire Sporter events conducted since this unique championship started five years ago. The 2006 Rimfire Sporter competition had 212 event entries, up from 180 in 2005. After suffering rainy and windy weather in 2005 and 2004, this year’s match was blessed with glorious Camp Perry weather.

National Youth Shooting Sports Leadership Conference and Coach-Instructor Schools Registration Start - If you work with junior shooters and want to grow and improve your program, you belong at the 2006 National Youth Shooting Sports Leadership Conference and Training Week. Any one who serves as a leader, coach, instructor or active parent in a high school or junior shooting program can benefit from the training courses and conference presentations that will be available at Camp Perry, Ohio on 19-24 September.

Master Garand-Springfield-Military Clinic
First in Howell, Michigan Area Taught by Master Instructors
- The Howell National Guard Armory, home of the 1462nd Transportation Company, was the site recently of the first Master Garand-Springfield-Military Rifle Clinic in the Howell area conducted by CMP-certified Master Instructors. This one-day event far surpassed initial expectations by attracting 36 participants for its inaugural clinic held on July 15, 2006. Eleven participants were National Guard troops, and 25 were civilians.

Records Fall at Daisy Air Rifle Championship - The 2006 edition of the Daisy Air Rifle Championship featured some impressive new Three-Position Air Rifle National Records. 16-year-old Michaela Jochum from Beatrice, Nebraska, already owns several records, but may have fired her most impressive records yet during this year’s Daisy championship. On the first day of competition, she shattered her own 20-shot standing record of 185 with an unbelievable sporter score of 192. She finished the day with a 573 three-position total to break her old open record of 571. With two days of dominating performances, Jochum went on to win the sporter class individual competition by 31 points and lead her Homestead 4-H Club team to victory in the sporter class team championship.

The Importance of the Data Book - As a competitor and observer of many rifle matches, the one thing I notice shooters forgetting to do on a regular basis is updating their data book. A data book is a valuable tool for the shooter. It allows you to have a daily journal of your shooting performance. This journal can and should be referenced every time a shooter steps on the range. When reviewing your data book you will be able to compare the conditions you face today with your previous performances in similar conditions.

Micaela Jochum Wins Fourth Major Championship in a Row - If anyone had any doubts about who the best junior sporter class air rifle shooter is, the results of the Junior Olympic Three-Position Air Rifle Championship should put those doubts to rest. Starting with the American Legion Championship last August and now including another decisive victory in the National Junior Olympic competition, 16-year-old Micaela Jochum of Beatrice Nebraska has won four major national-level championships in a row. And all with huge victory margins and national record class scores.

Marines Win National Trophy Team Match, Henderson and Sokolowski Win Individual Matches - Major victories in the National Trophy Pistol Matches were claimed by the Marine Corps, Army Reserve Staff Sergeant James Henderson and Army Sergeant First Class Adam Sokolowski. The Matches took place on 11-16 July as part of the National Matches at Camp Perry Ohio. The intense rivalries between the Armed Services teams and equally strong rivalries between civilian teams were once again a highlight of the matches.

LTG Blum Opens the 2006 National Matches - On 10 July 2006, National Match competitors, officials, staff, volunteers and visitors gathered on Rodriguez Range for the Annual First Shot Ceremony. The First Shot Ceremony is the traditional opening for the National Matches. Lieutenant General H Steven Blum, the Chief of the National Guard Bureau, had the honor of being the 2006 First Shot Speaker.

Inaugural M9 EIC Match a Big Success - This two-day school offers beginning shooters an excellent introduction to pistol shooting. This year it also gave students an opportunity to fire their first EIC match. This special EIC match was patterned after military combat matches that also award 4-point “introductory” legs. It is designed to promote greater interest in service pistol shooting and proved to be very popular with school students.

New CMP National Matches Art Poster Available - The CMP has just received a new, original painting produced by Jerry Antolik, a nationally known and awarded artist from Wyoming. The new painting depicts a familiar scene to most Camp Perry shooters and volunteers. It shows a National Matches range engineering staff member driving a tractor and trailer with 1000 yard targets, in the midst of Camp Perry’s ubiquitous sea gulls, in front of one of Camp Perry’s most recognizable landmarks, its main water tower.

Nebraska’s Jochum is Pacesetter in National Guard Bureau Junior Championship - In what could turn out to be the National Guard Bureau’s last National Junior Air Rifle Tournament, 16-year-old Michaela Jochum from Beatrice, Nebraska turned in a dominating performance to win the individual sporter class championship by 44 points and lead her team, the Homestead 4-H Shooting Club, to the sporter class team championship.

2006 Western CMP Games and Creedmoor Cup Matches Now Open for Entries - Shooters who plan to participate in the 2006 3rd Western CMP Games Garand, Springfield and Military Rifle Matches or in the 2006 Creedmoor Cup Match may now submit their entries and reserve entry spaces in what has already become the biggest rifle competition in the Western United States.

First Shot Ceremony to Inaugurate 2006 National Matches - The Chief of the National Guard Bureau, Lieutenant General H Steven Blum, will be the guest of honor at the 2006 National Matches First Shot Ceremony at Camp Perry, Ohio. The First Shot Ceremony is the traditional opening ceremony for the annual competitions that attract over 5,000 competitors and school students from all over the United States and several foreign countries.

Chris Atkins Named Overall Eastern Junior Highpower Champion - The 2006 Eastern United States Junior Highpower Clinic and Championship took place 25-30 June at the North Carolina National Guard Training Site at Camp Butner. Experienced coaches and instructors from the United States Marine Corps Rifle Team and the Army National Guard “All Guard” Rifle Team conducted clinics for both new and experienced junior shooters which included instruction in both shooting individual matches and shooting as a member of a coached team.


A Short History of the Distinguished Shooter Program - This comprehensive article written by Hap Rocketto gives a detailed and painstakingly researched history of the Distinguished Shooter Program. The Distinguished Rifleman, Distinguished Pistol Shot and Distinguished International Shooter Badges are awarded to members of the Armed Forces and civilians in recognition of "a preeminent degree of achievement in target practice with service rifle or pistol." The article also includes a glossary of Distinguished terms, information on participation eligibility for EIC "leg" matches, shooter badge credit points, illustrations of EIC and Distinguished badges and much more. 

Navy JROTC Cadets Receive CMP Marksmanship Training at Camp Perry - For four days in mid-June, 160 Navy JROTC cadets who participated in the 2006 NJROTC Area 3 Basic Leadership Training (BLT) course received rifle marksmanship training from CMP instructors. Air rifle marksmanship was one of several cadet training activities that included orienteering, drill and ceremony, a leadership challenge course and watercraft operation.

New GSM Master Instructors Certified, Next Course Set for September - The new CMP Garand-Springfield-Military (GSM) Rifle Clinic Master Instructor Program was launched in April when the first GSM Master Instructor Training Workshop took place at Camp Perry, Ohio. The second GSM Master Instructor course was just concluded at Camp Perry on 9-10 June. 29 Master Instructors were certified in April. 25 additional Master Instructors were certified in the course just completed.

Thinking Your Way to Success - Why does it seem that the same small group of shooters wins the majority of the matches? Within the Army Marksmanship Unit’s Service Rifle Team, the same effect applies. On a team filled with uncommonly talented shooters, the same two or three are consistently at the top of the final results bulletin. What is the difference among shooters who are technically equal?

CMP Three-Position Air Rifle Camps Begin 10th Season - The 2006 CMP Three-Position Air Rifle Camps mark a decade for the program that has influenced young shooters across the country and is revered as the premier camp of its kind. This year’s schedule and staff plan to carry forward the standards that campers and coaches have come to expect.

2006 National Matches Update - With just 38 days to go until the 2006 National Matches First Shot Ceremony on 10 July, a combination of exciting new events, favorable schedule changes, continuing rivalries among the top shooters and teams and heavy early entries all point to a great 2006 National Matches at Camp Perry.

2006 Summer Shooting Opportunities for Juniors - Summers can be a special time for junior shooters. Without the time demands of school, summers offer more time for extra training as well as the travel necessary to compete in the most important championships of the year. The 2004 and 2005 summer issues of On the Mark reviewed shooting opportunities that were available to junior shooters during the summer. This year, The First Shot looks at the many shooting opportunities that can make this summer a special time for junior shooters.

MAY 06

Never Out of Sight - Morgan Hicks is no stranger to big competition. In 2004 she was the NCAA Smallbore Champion and an Olympian at the Athens Games. But the Olympics were the last event she fired until the World Championship Try-Outs at Fort Benning, GA in April 2006. For even a seasoned veteran like Hicks, nearly two years could seem like an overwhelming lay-off to return from.

Reading Rifle & Revolver Club, Massachusetts Junior Highpower Clinic - On April 22, 2006, Reading Rifle and Revolver in Reading, MA hosted a Junior Highpower Clinic. Registration was interesting; I had more phone calls from adults who wanted to take the clinic than I had juniors. I even had one who wanted to know if I could push the age up to 28 to qualify as a junior so he could attend. I did not have to worry though about filling the junior slots, all 40 filled very quickly. All in all, I was really impressed that there was that much interest by both juniors and adults for the highpower sport. We were also very lucky that Nashua Fish & Game Assoc., Merrimack, NH, was running a clinic the same weekend that I could refer the adults rather than flatly turning them down.


New Rimfire Sporter Guide and National Rimfire Sporter Match Program Available - The 2006 version of the CMP Guide to Rimfire Sporter Shooting is now available. The new guide includes the official 2006 CMP Rimfire Sporter Rules, detailed instructions on how to shoot Rimfire Sporter, instructions for match sponsors on how to conduct Rimfire Sporter Matches and the official match program for the 2006 National Rimfire Sporter Match at Camp Perry.

Training the Trainers - Providing qualified marksmanship instruction is a top priority for the Civilian Marksmanship Program, and this begins at the top with the CMP’s Master Instructor Training Programs. The CMP Master Instructor certification program trains and certifies advanced shooters and instructors as Master Instructors who are then qualified to teach specific marksmanship instructional topics. The CMP already has two of these programs in place, the JROTC Marksmanship Master Instructor Course which trains instructors who then teach marksmanship instruction to JROTC instructors, and the CMP Military Rifle Instructors course which trains instructors to teach U.S. Army Squad Designated Marksman instructor courses. This past weekend the CMP added a new class of instructors to their list as the first Garand-Springfield-Military Rifle Master Instructor clinic was completed by 30 participants.

Camp Perry Recreational Park Construction is Underway - Construction of 40 self-contained recreational vehicle spaces has started at Camp Perry, and team reservations for the sites are now being taken. The Park is located on the eastern side of Camp Perry where they will replace a helicopter landing area, which has been relocated. This project is part of a combined effort by the Ohio National Guard, Ohio General Assembly and Civilian Marksmanship Program to improve facilities at Camp Perry. The CMP contributed $190,000 to augment state funds and fund this project.

2006 National Trophy Pistol and Rifle Matches Programs Released, On-Line Entry System Open - The First Shot Ceremony for the 2006 National Matches is now just 95 days away. Most shooters and competitors who will come to Camp Perry for this summer’s Nationals are now making plans to attend. If you are one of those people, CMP Programs for the National Matches are now posted on the CMP web site to give you the information you need to make your plans and the CMP Competitor Tracker On-Line Entry System for all of the National Matches events is now turned on so you can enter the matches and schools. The on-line entry system was turned on this past weekend in anticipation of this week’s official announcement; 250 competitors have already registered for the matches.

2006 Small Arms Firing Schools Open for Entry Now - The 2006 Small Arms Firing Schools (SAFS) will again provide outstanding marksmanship instruction to nearly 1000 students. This year, however, SAFS students also will be able to compete in two exciting new matches. SAFS instruction provided by Army Pistol and Rifle Teams and supported by coaching from Army, Air Force, Marine, Navy and Coast Guard team members has long been regarded as some of the best available anywhere. This year, this great instruction will be accompanied by a new M9 Pistol EIC Match at the end of the Pistol SAFS and the M16 EIC Match at the end of the Rifle SAFS.


2006 JROTC National Air Rifle Championship - For 124 individual JROTC cadets and 23 Army, Marine Corps, and Navy JROTC teams March Madness took on a whole new meaning as they went shoulder-to-shoulder in the JROTC National Air Rifle Championship at Fort Benning, Georgia, 23-25 March. Like the teams competing in the NCAA Basketball Tournament, the road to the Championship was grueling for all those who advanced to the final round. The field began with 5,358 competitors and 974 teams, competing in their respective JROTC Service Postal Matches which concluded in December. From these Postals each Service advanced their top Sporter and Precision teams and at-large individuals to JROTC Region Championships. These competitors qualified by brigades/area commands, districts or areas to JROTC Eastern and Western Region Competitions held in February at Fort Benning (Eastern) and the Olympic Training Center in Colorado (Western).

On Track - Many sporting events offer real time tracking of scores over the internet. Fans who cannot watch the event live or on television can still track their team with a simple click of their mouse. Did you know this can also be done for CMP shooting events? This has been made possible by CMP’s innovative system called Competitor Tracker, which provides live feeds on the internet as scores are entered into the system.

CMP Releases 2006 Competition Rules - The 2006 10th Edition of the CMP Competition Rules has now been approved by the CMP Rules Committee and is posted on the CMP web site. The new rules contain very few changes concerning traditional service pistol and service rifle shooting, but they provide rules for new events that will be included in the 2006 National Matches and one new event that is in the CMP Western Games program.

CMP Honors Junior Shooting Leader - Martin Edmondson, Manager of Youth Development at USA Shooting, is retiring this month from a position where he served as one of the most active and most respected youth shooting sports leaders in the United States. Edmondson, who will turn 62 this month, decided after completing a military career followed by twelve years as the National Running Target Coach and the past six years as USA Shooting’s junior shooting leader, that he wanted to have time to spend with his wife Helga and to fulfill many plans that the long hours of a shooting sports organization staff member rendered impossible. The Edmondsons now plan to spend the next several months traveling through the U. S. and Canada. In the future, he also plans to continue being involved with youth shooting programs as a volunteer.

2006 Western JROTC Air Rifle Championship - After a successful Eastern Region Championship, all that was left to set the stage for the 2006 National JROTC Air Rifle Championship was the Western Region Championship held at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado on February 23rd-25th. 256 individuals and 52 teams representing different Army, Marine Corps and Navy JROTC units went shoulder-to-shoulder to determine who would win Region Championship titles for their services and who would advance to the JROTC National Championship.

Become a Garand-Springfield–Military Rifle Clinic Master Instructor - Shooters and instructors who would like to become trained to conduct Garand Clinics in their clubs or communities will soon have an opportunity to participate in a special Master Instructor training workshop offered by the CMP at Camp Perry, Ohio on 8-9 April. This workshop is part of a new program the CMP is inaugurating to train and certify Master Instructors to teach Garand-Springfield-Military Rifle Clinics (G-S-M Clinics) at clubs and ranges near their homes.

More Than Just a Rifle - CMP customers have many reasons why they purchase MI Garands. Some costumers are competitors who hope to find the perfect match grade rifle, others are collectors in search of the perfect restoration project, but the one thing most of our customers have in common is a desire to own a piece of history.


Viale Pits Construction Continues on Schedule - Nearly 70 percent of construction on the new Viale Range berm and pits is complete and the project is still on course for its June completion deadline. Pylons are in place, concrete has been poured, and dirt is being replaced to backfill the berm. Reconstruction began last September on Viale Range’s badly degraded berm and pits. Also the target carriers which been in place since the range was first established in 1907 are being updated. The project is scheduled to be completed prior to the start of the 2006 National Matches.

2006 Eastern Region JROTC Air Rifle Championship - On February 9th-11th, 213 individuals and 42 teams representing the Army, Marine Corps and Navy JROTC went shoulder-to-shoulder for the 2006 Eastern Region JROTC Air Rifle Championship. The three-in-one match determined who would advance from the Eastern Region to the National JROTC Air Rifle Championship from each service.

CMP Presents $190,000 Check to Ohio National Guard - The Civilian Marksmanship Program presented a $190,000 check to the Ohio National Guard Adjutant General’s Department on 3 February. The check was the CMP’s contribution towards the completion of a new recreational vehicle park that the Ohio Guard is constructing at Camp Perry. The 40-space RV park is scheduled to be completed in time for 2006 National Matches competitors to utilize for their RVs or trailers while they are at Camp Perry. The park is part of a Camp Perry long range plan that calls for replacing and upgrading competitor housing.

CMP Hires Camp Riflery Manager - The CMP is proud to announce the hiring of Jeff Williams as its new Camp Riflery Manager. CMP Director Gary Anderson said, “we consider this a major step forward in our efforts to strengthen, improve and expand our Camp Riflery Program.” The CMP is developing a comprehensive Camp Riflery Program that offers instructor training courses and training curriculum for camp riflery instructors and counselors. The CMP program is designed to serve summer camps that offer marksmanship as part of their program as well as to assist other camps in getting new riflery programs started.

A First for North Carolina - Not only is Thurman Horner a Distinguished Rifleman, the North Carolina native holds the honor of being the first civilian to earn the Badge in the Tar Heel State. Born and raised in Oxford, North Carolina, Horner’s first exposure to shooting sports came at the age of 11 when he started shooting .22 cal rifles. In 1944 he joined the NRA as a junior, and the following year he enlisted in the Marine Corps. Once in the Marines, Horner earned an extra five dollars a month for his expert qualification with a service rifle, but that was the extent of his marksmanship career until he attended his first competition at Camp Perry, OH in 1964.

The CMP Rifle Instruction Guide - It was over three years in the works but the CMP Rifle Instruction Guide is finally completed. This instruction manual designed for rifle shooters and coaches is a collected series by the Director of the Civilian Marksmanship Program, Gary Anderson. The series originally appeared in the CMP’s Newsletter for Coaches and Junior Marksmen, On the Mark formerly JSCN News, in a series of columns titled Instructor’s Notebook, Teaching Rifle Marksmanship. These articles were addressed directly to instructors and coaches of three-position rifle shooters. This material has now been adapted for a wider audience to include junior and adult shooters in addition to coaches and instructors.

Snow Shoot Matches Provide Shooters an Escape from Cabin Fever - For some shooters, winter is considered the off-season. For others the snowy ranges present an opportunity for a unique annual match. This was the case at the Southern Michigan Gun Club in Kalamazoo, Michigan who just hosted their sixth annual Snow Shoot, a CMP M1 Garand, Springfield, and Vintage Military Rifle Match. “When we started it was really just an excuse to shoot in the middle of winter,” said John Hughes, who was one of the six participants in the club’s inaugural Snow Shoot in 2001. “It was not very formal the first year, it was just a few of us in our period uniforms, shooting vintage rifles,” said Hughes.

CMP North Store Draws in an Array of Visitors - During the National Matches competitors from all across the country flood the CMP North store in search of M1 Garand rifles and other CMP memorabilia before they make their journey home. But it is not only the summer that attracts crowds to Camp Perry, throughout the year the CMP store averages over 200 customers a week. Of those visitors, over half live outside the State of Ohio.

Selected Anschütz Rifles Now Available through CMP Affiliate Rifle Sales - The CMP recently concluded a new agreement that will add selected Anschütz rifles to its Affiliate Rifle Sales Program. Now, target rifles made by the famed German arms maker that are especially suitable as club and team rifles and for new and intermediate level shooters can be purchased from the CMP at special club prices. For the first time, the CMP now offers a smallbore target rifle other than the government surplus target rifles that it sold previously.

Ohio Juniors Take Part in First CMP Match Day Clinic - For years, CMP has offered training in air rifle to experienced juniors and their coaches through the CMP Three-Position Junior Air Rifle Camps. This past weekend the focus was shifted to shooters who have never fired in a match. The CMP Match Day Clinic was designed to walk juniors and their coaches through the process of a three-position air rifle match. The idea was to provide those in attendance with the tools to coordinate and host their own matches, and foster connections among junior programs in Ohio.


Top 100 Leg Match Scores for 2005 - With the start of the new year, all scores from 2005 leg matches should be reported, posted and ranked. This means it is possible to recognize the shooters who fired the top service rifle and pistol scores during the past year. The CMP’s Competition Tracker competition management system now tracks top 100 scores from service rifle and pistol Excellence-in-Competition or “leg” matches throughout the year and lists of the 2005 Top 100 leg match scores are now essentially complete.

2005 Gary Anderson Invitational - 378 competitors from 16 different states including shooters from as far away as Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Colorado and Texas gave the 2005 Gary Anderson Invitational the biggest participation it has had since its inception in 1996. The 2005 GAI took place on the U. S. Army Marksmanship Unit’s Pool Range Complex at Fort Benning, Georgia on 2-4 and 9-11 December.

CMP Marksmanship Programs for New Shooters - The CMP is, in many respects, a grass roots organization that places a high priority on encouraging new shooters and helping them learn gun safety and marksmanship skills to get them off to a good start in target rifle and pistol shooting. Several CMP programs focus on this objective. If you are new to the shooting sports, this article describes CMP programs for new shooters and how to take advantage of the opportunities they offer.

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