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2007 JROTC Postals Deliver Again - For ten years the Civilian Marksmanship Program has overseen the scoring of Navy, Army and Marine Corps JROTC 3x10 three-position air rifle postal competitions. These annual postals now determine which JROTC unit teams and individual cadets advance to compete in their respective service’s Eastern or Western JROTC shoulder-to-shoulder championships. From those Region Championships, the best unit teams and individuals representing each service advance to the JROTC National Championships. This year, for the first time, the Air Force joined in the fall postals with 14 units submitting targets. Altogether, 5,974 cadets and 1,101 JROTC unit teams participated in this year’s postals.

A Plea for Improved Scoring - Ten-meter air rifle targets and 50-foot smallbore targets are very difficult to score accurately because the scoring rings and 10-dots are small and easy to misjudge. It is not surprising then that many match sponsors and coaches score these targets inaccurately, with a result that scores given are usually higher than scores fired. This article seeks to challenge everyone who scores targets to place greater emphasis on learning how to score accurately to assure that paper target scoring becomes significantly better than it is now.

Straight to the Rear - By SPC Tyrel Cooper - Trigger control is one of the two main principles of shooting that we teach. You can have the best position in the world with perfect sight alignment, but if you have bad trigger control, you have wasted all that effort that you put into your position and sight alignment.

Ground Breaking for New Camp Perry Indoor Range - On Friday, 14 December, Brigadier General Jack E. Lee, Deputy Commander, Joint Force Headquarters (Ohio), OH ARNG, joined Civilian Marksmanship Program Director Gary Anderson, and COL James Chisman, OH ARNG, Fort Ohio Installations Commander, in a ground breaking ceremony at Camp Perry for a new indoor range and marksmanship training facility. The Civilian Marksmanship Program is partnering with the Ohio National Guard in constructing the facility, which will provide expanded electronic skills training for National Guardsmen and an 80-point air gun range for CMP training and competition programs. Construction is starting this month and is scheduled for completion in June 2008.

Avid National Match Competitor Elected to U. S. Congress - Political office is not new territory for U. S. Congressman-Elect Bob Latta (R-Ohio). In fact, Latta has over 17 years of experience serving in various offices in his home county and in the Ohio State Senate and House of Representatives. Bob Latta, a dedicated gun enthusiast and outdoorsman, has almost as many years of experience as a National Matches competitor. On 11 December 2007 a special election was held in Ohio to fill the seat of Rep. Paul E Gillmor (R), who passed away in September after a fall in his home. Latta, who was serving his fourth term in the Ohio House of Representatives at the time of the special election, won the election by a 57-43 margin and is now taking over the same Ohio 5th Congressional District Seat that his father, Del Latta (R), held from 1958 until 1988.


CMP Competitions Update - Two recent CMP activities highlight how the CMP’s shooting competition season is never really over. CMP staff finished conducting the 2007 Western CMP Games Matches at Phoenix on 23 October. Eight days later, on 31 October, the CMP was involved in the Fall National Matches Planning Conference where representatives of the NRA, Ohio National Guard, USAR, Army Marksmanship Unit and USMC Shooting Teams met to evaluate the 2007 National Matches and make plans for the 2008 National Matches. The CMP staff went from that meeting into meetings to finalize details for the 2008 JROTC Championships in February and March and the Eastern CMP Games Matches in May. The purpose of this article is to bring you up to date on recent developments that will be of interest to competitive shooters who participate in this continuous cycle of CMP Championships.

2007 Creedmoor Cup Matches - The 2007 Creedmoor Cup Matches and Clinic were held 24-28 October at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility which is located just north of Phoenix, AZ. This was a new location for the Creedmoor Cup, which is held in conjunction with the CMP Western Games. The Ben Avery Range has a long history of hosting major events including the 1970 World Shooting Championship and several National Championships. The range also has the distinction of being the largest public shooting facility in the country since the Arizona Game and Fish Department took over the operations of the complex. Camp Pendleton, CA hosted the event for the past four years, but the change of venue proved to be fortuitous because the wildfires ravaged southern California that same week and would have lead to the cancellation of the Matches.

Strapping In - By SPC Calvin Roberts - There are countless ways to set up a highpower rifle sling. However, there is no one way to properly assemble this crucial shooting tool. This article is not intended to walk you step by step through the “proper sling assembly process”. I am simply going to provide several tips and tricks to try out and keep in mind for your next trip to the range. The best way to learn the proper sling configuration is to talk with several experienced competitors and have them show you how they attach and use their sling. Then experiment with what you have seen to find out what works best for you.

Postal Round for the 2008 US Army Junior Open Air Rifle Championship Begins - The State Championship Postal Competition for the 2nd Annual US Army Junior Open Air Rifle Championships is now open for participants to begin ordering and submitting targets. The event consists of a Three-Position Air Rifle Match for the Sporter Air Rifle Class and an International Standing Air Rifle Match for the Precision Air Rifle Class. Teams and individuals have from 15 November 2007 until 15 March 2008 to enter the postal phase of the competition. This event is open to all school-age juniors, junior clubs, school teams, 4-H clubs, JROTC Units or other organizations with eligible junior members.

CMP Announces Two New Program Managers - Dana Bacak-Lynd was recently promoted to Program Manager at CMP.  Several of her new program responsibilities are related to juniors including Postal Match Administration, tracking Three-Position Air Rifle National Records, Junior EIC Points and sanctioning Three-Position Air Rifle Matches. All are key programs in CMP’s mission in the advancement of juniors in shooting sports.   There is also a new face to the CMP State Junior Directors program and it belongs to Vicki Donoho. While Donoho is a new CMP staff member, she is not new to the CMP. She has four years of experience as a counselor with the CMP Three-Position Air Rifle Summer Camps. She joins her husband, Brad Donoho, who was hired for the CMP Camp Riflery Manager position in July.

Physical Conditioning for Highpower Shooting - By SGT Walter E. Craig - In most sports, body conditioning is an absolute necessity. For example, the need to condition the body to improve strength or speed is obvious for sporting activities such as football, track, or swimming. Conversely, for most civilian highpower shooters, the need to condition the body to maximize shooting performance is generally not a priority. However, body conditioning is very critical to good shooting.

Friends of Camp Perry Supporting Shooters Memorial Plaza - Historic Camp Perry was established in 1906. The National Matches that were founded by an Act of Congress in 1903 were moved to Camp Perry in 1907. The Ohio National Guard post that is located just 5 miles west of Port Clinton, Ohio on State Highway 2 has been the home of the Matches ever since. Each year over six thousand competitors, family members and volunteers who support the Matches travel to Camp Perry to be part of this great  national shooting festival and series of national championships. Camp Perry has become hallowed ground to virtually all of these National Matches participants.

On the Long Road - At the Rapid City South Dakota Regional on 30 June 2007 William (Bill) E. Thompson Jr. earned final “leg” points for his Distinguished Pistol Shot Badge. What makes this news exceptional is that Bill was 80 years and 7 months old when he was awarded Distinguished Pistol Shot Badge #1403.


2007 Western CMP Games—From Too-Windy-to-Shoot to Perfect Weather - Wind was a dominating factor in the 2007 Western CMP Games that took place at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility north of Phoenix, Arizona on 20-23 November. The matches began with a clinic attended by over 70 new shooters on 20 November. When the 126 competitors who checked in for the first Garand, Springfield and Vintage Military Rifle Matches returned on Sunday morning, the overnight arrival of a strong high pressure system with sustained winds of 30 mph and gusts up to 60 mph forced the cancellation of the day’s matches. Two 30-shot events were fired on Monday when strong winds of 15-30 mph prevailed. Then on Tuesday, the final day of the Western Games Matches, the weather was absolutely gorgeous and the winds were dead calm.

Bare Necessities for Highpower Rifle Competition - By SPC Nathan J. Verbickas, USAMU Service Rifle Team Member - Whether you watched someone compete in a Highpower Match, or have just heard conversation about it, it's clear that something has peaked your interest in the sport. Being interested in something is great, but without information, it won't get you very far. We have heard new shooters ask people on the range what they need to do to get into Highpower and the responses that a lot of people give are scary! The next thing you know, you are in the store spending a few thousand dollars without even knowing why. In an attempt to avoid this situation, lets sit down and talk about some of the essentials, and more important information associated with the sport of Highpower Rifle Competition.

Standing and Trigger Control - By SGT Brandon Green, USAMU Service Rifle Team Member - We’ve all been there—on the two hundred yard line and in our three-minute prep period. As you stand there looking through your sights, you just can’t seem to make them stay in the center of your target or even close for that matter. You know that your three minutes are running out quickly, so what are you going to do? This is the time when a lot of shooters start to come unraveled. We all know that nothing I tell you here will make you stand up there and shoot center shots all day, but maybe I can bring a few things to light that will help you control the movement and work through times like this. On days when your standing just doesn’t seem to settle, we need to be able to quickly evaluate and, if necessary, rebuild our position to help control the movement. We all know how to stand up, but it’s the standing still part that gives us trouble most of the time.

100th Anniversary Bushmaster Limited Edition Rifles - This summer, Bushmaster Firearms was pleased to be a part of the 100th Anniversary celebrations at the 2007 Camp Perry National Matches in Port Clinton, Ohio. In appreciation for the Civilian Marksmanship Program’s hard work, support of Junior Shooters, and great partnership with Bushmaster throughout the years, Bushmaster Firearms Intl. LLC is selling Limited Edition 100th Anniversary Camp Perry National Match DCM-XR Series Rifles. From the proceeds of each Anniversary Rifle sold, Bushmaster is donating $100.00 to the Civilian Marksmanship Program’s Junior Highpower Support Program. With expenses for travel, equipment, etc., Bushmaster recognizes the financial burden on the families of the junior highpower shooters, and believes this program will benefit and support those younger competitors who are the future of the sport.

CMP Welcomes Former Summer Camp Counselor to Staff - Brad Donoho, originally from Louisville, Kentucky, recently became CMP’s newest Program Manager, and will be working with several of CMP’s air rifle and youth programs. The 2007 graduate of the University of Kentucky has extensive competition and coaching experience both in air rifle and smallbore.

2nd Annual Venturing/NRA Shootaround – A Blast! - Congratulations to Dr. Michael A. Barrett, Executive Board member of the Stonewall Jackson Area Council and Council Venturing Chairman for an outstanding job of chairing the Second Annual Venturing/NRA Shootaround.  The Venturing/NRA Shootaround was held at the Council Camp located in Swoope, VA, Camp Shenandoah.

Several CMP Affiliated Clubs recently submitted articles on their clubs' sanctioned matches. Click on the links below to read the articles. If you are interested in finding a CMP Sanctioned Match in your area, search the CMP match listings at

Linden Sportsmen's Club

Oak Ridge Sportsman's Association

Howel Gun Club -


Entries Open for 2007 Western CMP Games and Creedmoor Cup Matches - The 2007 Western CMP Games and Creedmoor Cup Matches will be held at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility near Phoenix, Arizona on 20-28 October. This announcement reflects the fact that Creedmoor Sports Inc. and the CMP recently made a decision to move these fast-growing competitions from Camp Pendleton, California to the Arizona facility.

U.S. Army Junior Air Rifle Championships - On 8-11 August 2007, many of the country’s best junior air rifle shooters gathered at Fort Benning, Georgia for the first annual U.S. Army Junior Air Rifle Championship. The Army Marksmanship Unit (AMU) hosted the event at its Pool Range Complex.

What Sight Picture Is Best For You? - By SSG Tobie Tomlinson, USAMU Service Rifle Team Member - Which is correct? There are a myriad of sight picture options that shooters have used to great effect over the years. The sight picture that allows you to consistently shoot the smallest group, with a minimal shift in zeros, is the correct one. In the next few paragraphs we will explore a few of the more commonly used sight picture options. Remember, for any shooter to be successful, consistent sight picture must be complemented by front sight focus and sight alignment.

“M1 for Vets” Camp Perry 2007 - The “M1 for Vets” project concluded another successful trip to Camp Perry, Ohio. Fifteen fine young veterans participated in the M1 Carbine, Springfield, and M1 Garand Matches. Many medals were won, and some excellent marksmanship skills were exhibited during the three days of competition.

2007 American Legion National Championship - USA SHOOTING RANGE, COLORADO SPRINGS, CO – Noel Maxwell, a thirteen year-old female shooter from Bowling Green, Kentucky performed under intense pressure in the final shoot-off to capture the sporter crown at the 17th annual American Legion Junior Air Rifle National Championship, August 9-11. One record was broken as thirty junior air rifle competitors met at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs.


2007 “Camp Perry Centennial” National Matches Close - National Matches Highpower Match Director Jim Hill had the honor of firing the canon that signaled “colors” at the Matches one last time on 14 August as the 2007 “Camp Perry Centennial” National Matches came to a close. It was Hill’s last day as Match Director after serving in that capacity for the CMP and NRA highpower rifle championships for the past 13 years. It was a memorable ending to a great National Matches and one more special experience in one of the most remarkable careers in marksmanship.

2007 National Matches Were a Record Year for CMP Matches - Now that the 2007 “Camp Perry Centennial” National Matches are over, it is a good time to look back on the matches to assess what happened and to give accolades for the most outstanding performances. The biggest stars of the 2007 Matches may well have been the competitors because they came to the matches in record numbers. A total of 4,123 unique individuals participated in CMP events during the pistol, smallbore rifle and highpower rifle phases of the Matches. This number was up two percent over the 2006 total, which was the previous high for participation in all CMP National Matches events.

National Matches Team Matches - Team Matches are a big part of the National Trophy Rifle Matches program. Many shooters and coaches regard the National Trophy Team Match, in particular, as the most important trophy and team championship in American marksmanship. The National Trophy, which was commissioned by the U. S. Congress in 1903, goes to the overall winning team in the National Trophy Team Match, but the Soldier of Marathon Trophy for the top Civilian team, the Hilton Trophy for the top Reserve Component Team and the Minuteman Trophy for the top Junior team, along with the Infantry, Hearst and Whistler Boy Trophies represent especially prestigious team titles that service rifle teams all over the country put great effort into trying to win.

2007 CMP Games Matches Set Records - A full three days of CMP Games Matches now take place at the end of the National Trophy Rifle week during the National Matches. For large numbers of shooters, the John C. Garand, Springfield, Vintage Military Rifle and M1 Carbine Matches are the high point of their shooting year and the experiences they have at Camp Perry while firing in these matches will fuel their enthusiasm for the shooting sports for the whole year to come. The 2007 CMP Games Matches were highlighted by record numbers of competitors in all four of these fast-growing events. The Games Matches also featured lots of fine shooting by competitors who took home record numbers of Gold, Silver and Bronze Achievement Medals.

Marine Corps Shooter Wins National Matches Daniel Boone Trophy - Marine Corps Staff Sergeant Jason Benedict was in CMP Headquarters a few days before the National Trophy Rifle Matches to plan a clinic the Marine Corps Rifle Team was to conduct during the Matches. While he was there, he wrote a prophetic message on a large whiteboard the CMP staff uses to list important tasks to be accomplished. Benedict’s message stated, “prepare M1 Garand for SSgt Benedict.” It referred to the special presentation M1 Garand that the CMP and the National Match Armory of Rendon, Texas would award to the winner of the National Trophy Individual Match that took place at Camp Perry on 31 July.

The President’s Rifle Trophy Match Was An “On The Edge Of Your Seat” Show For Everyone! - The President's Rifle Match was first fired as a military rifle match in 1894. When the National Matches were established in 1903, it was incorporated into the National Matches program and has become one of the most important of all National Matches events. The winner of the President's Match receives a congratulatory letter from the President of the United States, the President’s Rifle Trophy and a presentation M1 Garand rifle. In 1904, Theodore Roosevelt began the tradition of providing a letter of congratulations to the winner and most U. S. Presidents since have honored this practice, including Presidents Clinton and Bush.

National Matches Juniors Learn Advanced Highpower Skills from Marine Shooters - On 27-29 July, during the first three days of the 2007 National Trophy Rifle Matches at Camp Perry, Ohio, 117 junior highpower rifle shooters from across the country participated in classroom and on-the-range instruction given by the U.S Marine Corps Rifle Team. The CMP-USMC Junior Highpower Camp, which was coordinated by the CMP and conducted by the Marine Corps Team, has become a traditional start of the National Matches as well as a learning opportunity that the country’s best junior highpower service rifle shooters look forward to each year. The clinic includes classroom presentations, on-the-range demonstrations and lots of one-on-one coaching from Marine Corps team members. In order to attend the school, participants must have previously attended a Rifle Small Arms Firing School or achieved an advanced highpower rifle classification.

Army Reserves Support the 2007 National Matches - CAMP PERRY, OHIO – U. S. Army Reserve Soldiers from all over the United States have come to Camp Perry in support of the National Matches sponsored by the Civilian Marksmanship Program, the National Rifle Association and the Ohio National Guard starting July 8th and continuing through August 14th.   The Army Reserve annually establishes their National Match Training Support Group, which provides the command and control of over 300 Soldiers, most of whom rotate through duty positions while performing annual training. Army Reserve duty at Camp Perry also requires Soldiers to attend classes and training in Warrior and Leader tasks so necessary for all Soldiers in today's world.

New Painting Unveiled at National Matches -- Print Available from CMP - A new “Camp Perry Centennial National Matches” oil painting by renowned Wyoming artist Jerry Antolik was commissioned by the CMP as one of the special events that celebrated the 1907-2007 Camp Perry Centennial. The painting was finished earlier this year and has been on display at the National Matches In-Processing Center throughout the 2007 National Matches. A full-sized print of the painting is now available for purchase from the CMP by anyone interested in target shooting art and National Matches memorabilia.

47 Shooters Earn Their First EIC Points During the National Matches M16 EIC Match - The annual Rifle Small Arms Firing School took place at the Camp Perry on 28-29 July 2007. More than 500 students participated in the classroom instruction, which was followed by a practice firing on Camp Perry’s Viale Range.  The CMP administers the school and the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit conducts SAFS training, range practice and the M16 EIC Match that concludes the school. The USAMU, along with military coaches from other services, are outstanding, experienced instructors and they work hard to give SAFS students two full days of instruction, assistance and guidance. Most students are new to target shooting, but many experienced shooters come back to the school for several years. SAFS students do their firing with rack-grade U.S Military M16 rifles. 5.56 mm ammunition for the practice and competition is provided as well as a SAFS t-shirt, and certificate.

Another Record Year in Rimfire Sporter - 200 shooters gathered on Viale Range at Camp Perry on Sunday, 22 July to participate in the 6th National Rimfire Sporter Match. Last year 169 shooters competed in this fast-growing National Matches event. Match participants were especially lucky this year; the weather was absolutely gorgeous! With the sun shining and a gentle breeze, the day was just that, a breeze. Scores and the spirits of competitors and match staff were high. It was a fantastic day to be at Camp Perry.

A "Behind the Scenes Look" at the NRA Range Engineering staff - CAMP PERRY, OHIO – The National Rifle Association's Range Engineering Crew has been instrumental in providing support for the National Matches since 1968, when Department of Defense support was withdrawn, and this year, it is no different. As part of the NRA’s National Matches partnership responsibilities, Range Engineering crew sets up and maintains the National Matches firing ranges.   One man is tasked with directing this 60-person crew and providing the best ranges possible for the top shooters in the world.  That man is Joseph M. DeCosta, a man with a legacy, high work ethics and a kind heart. 

National Junior Air Rifle Competitions at Bowling Green Have Impressive Turnouts and Scores - From the 2nd to the 12th of July, nearly 700 of the country’s best junior air rifle and air pistol shooters and their coaches competed in a series of major national junior air rifle championships at Bowling Green, Kentucky. The 2007 Daisy Air Rifle Championship, National Junior Olympic Three-Position Air Rifle Championship and USA Shooting Progressive Position Pistol Championship all took place on the beautiful campus of Western Kentucky University. The matches were highlighted by 17-year-old Michaela Jochum’s double victory in the Daisy and Junior Olympic sporter class events, by 17-year-old Ethan Settlemires’ close win over a strong field in the Junior Olympic precision class competition and by overall best Junior Olympic team scores posted by R. L. Paschal High School in sporter and the DuBois Junior Rifle Team in precision.

Eastern United States Junior Highpower Clinic and Championship 2007 - The 2007 Eastern U.S. Junior Highpower Clinic and Championship took place 24-29 June at North Carolina's National Guard Training Site in Butner, North Carolina. Read about this exciting event by clicking on the articles below.

2nd Annual Eastern U.S. Junior High-Power Clinic and Championship Camp Butner, North Carolina, Kevin Trickett (MA) takes top Junior in the Eastern US Championship - By Maureen Trickett

My Experience at the Eastern U.S. Junior High-Power Clinic and Championship - By Jodi Hilt



Henderson, Reiter and Zins Dominate 2007 National Trophy Pistol Matches—Again! - The National Trophy Pistol Matches are the nation’s national championship in service pistol shooting. Competitors in these matches must use U. S. military pistols, either the M1911 .45 cal. or M9 9mm or their civilian equivalents, while firing from one-handed standing positions at bulls-eye targets placed at 50 and 25 yards. These matches have a long tradition that dates back to 1891 when the Distinguished Pistol Shot Badge was established by the Department of War and even earlier to when military pistol competitions first began in this country. The National Trophy Pistol Matches were inaugurated by Congress and the Department of War, but are now governed by the CMP. These service pistol matches are an important part of the National Matches that are currently taking place at Camp Perry, Ohio.

2007 Pistol SAFS and M9 EIC Match - Learning gun safety and target shooting techniques under the instruction of master shooters is beneficial to a newcomer as well as to an experienced shooter in the sport of competitive shooting.  The Pistol Small Arms Firing School or SAFS that was conducted here at Camp Perry on 9-10 July was sponsored by the Civilian Marksmanship Program and conducted by the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit or USAMU from Fort Benning, Ga.  The school gave classroom and one-on-one instruction to over 401 individuals from all over the United States.

Mr. John McLaurin III Opens the 2007 "Centennial" National Matches - Over 600 officials, competitors and spectators gathered at Camp Perry’s Rodriquez Range for the 2007 National Matches First Shot Ceremony Monday afternoon.   The First Shot Ceremony is the traditional opening for the National Matches. This year’s speaker was Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army, Mr. John McLaurin III.   The National Matches, created by the U. S. government in 1903, have a proud heritage that looks back to the National Rifle Association’s ‘Annual Matches’ that began in 1873 and to the establishment of Camp Perry in 1907.


2007 National Matches Update - Entries for the CMP events in the 2007 Camp Perry Centennial National Matches continue to come in at a fast pace. Total entries in the CMP phases of the 2007 National Matches now are over 2,600 and growing every day. The Pistol Small Arms Firing School is already full and two or three other events are now expected to fill. Several improvements are being completed at Camp Perry and a number of special Camp Perry Centennial events are scheduled. Camp Perry will definitely be the place for rifle and pistol shooters to be this summer.

Navy JROTC Cadets Learn Marksmanship At Camp Perry - June 11-15 was a big week at Camp Perry for more than 150 Navy JROTC cadets from high schools in Ohio, Indiana, Michigan and West Virginia. The cadets were selected to attend for a NJROTC Basic Leadership Training Course at Camp Perry, Ohio. Their intensive training program during the week included drill and ceremonies, a leadership challenge course, rubber raft training, physical fitness testing, orienteering and air rifle marksmanship. The marksmanship program was provided by the CMP using a temporary 40-point air rifle range set up on Camp Perry’s Petrarca Range.

Sailors compete in the Fleet Forces Command and All Navy Rifle and Pistol Championships - Navy shooters from the East and West coasts recently completed the Fleet and All Navy rifle and pistol championships. The Pacific matches were held 28 April -11 May at MCB Camp Pendleton, CA. The Atlantic matches were held 18 May - 1 June at NAS Oceana Dam Neck Annex, VA. The All Navy Rifle matches are held the second week of competition and PAC and LANT sailors compete for the All Navy titles via a postal competition.

Sight Adjustment and Minute of Angle (MOA) - By SSG Daniel M. Pettry, USAMU Service Rifle Team Member - People who shoot for sport, hunting, or even military or law enforcement applications have many convictions, theories and myths about what can be done to improve their ability to hit where they aim and increase the effectiveness of their choice in firearms. There is one conviction, however, where all shooters agree. Every shooter’s objective is for their bullets to impact where their rifle is aimed. This sounds simple enough and, if performed correctly, the bullet should always strike where it is aimed. Although this sounds good in theory, the truth is that many shots do not strike where they are aimed. One thing we can do to increase our chances of success is to learn how our sights work. They can then be adjusted so that when the perfect shot is fired, the bullet will land exactly where it is aimed. This article covers what we need to know as shooters to make sight adjustments that will keep our shots hitting where they are aimed.

CMP Awards $100,000 in College Scholarships to JROTC and ROTC Rifle Shooters - The MISSION of the CMP is to promote firearm safety and marksmanship training for U. S. citizens with an emphasis on youth. One of the important ways that the CMP promotes marksmanship among youth is through its Scholarship Program that annually awards 100 $1000 college scholarships to JROTC and ROTC rifle shooters.

USAMU Change of Command - The United State Army Marksmanship Unit officially installed a new commander on 23 May 2007 when Lieutenant Colonel Frank Muggeo assumed command from Lieutenant Colonel Ty Connett in a formal Change of Command Ceremony at Fort Benning.

Marines hit their mark at Marine Corps Rifle, Pistol Competition - Marine Corps shooters from all over the world have met at Stone Bay to face off to see who could put more lead on target at the Marine Corps Rifle and Pistol Match Championships April 23-25.  The competitors competed in three different categories. The Individual Rifle Match, the Individual Pistol Match and the Team Rifle Match.

Rifle Cleaning and Maintenance - By SSG William T. Pace, USAMU Service Rifle Team Member - This article will cover one of the many reliable techniques to clean your rifle. The two main reasons we clean our rifles are to maintain consistency in accuracy and to help prevent any possible malfunctions. The cleaning of your rifle can be broken down into four steps: cleaning the barrel, cleaning the chamber, cleaning the bolt, and cleaning the lower receiver.

MAY 07

CMP Eastern Games a Success in North Carolina - Over 170 competitors from 22 states traveled to North Carolina for the Inaugural Eastern CMP Games. The Eastern CMP Games, held in conjunction with the Eastern Creedmoor Cup Matches, took place 5-8 May at Camp Butner, a National Guard Base located in Butner, North Carolina. The North State Shooting Club ( and the North Carolina Army National Guard hosted the events.

2007 Eastern Creedmoor Cup Matches - The Inaugural Eastern Creedmoor Cup Matches was held on 9-13 May at Camp Butner, a North Carolina Army National Guard Base, in conjunction with the Eastern CMP Games, which were held earlier in the week. The North State Shooting Club ( along with the North Carolina Army National Guard hosted the events.

2007 Reading Rifle Junior Highpower Clinic - After having 24 hours to defrost and dry out, I am filling out the last of the paperwork to close our second annual junior highpower clinic. The clinic was held at the Reading Rifle and Revolver Club in Reading, Massachusetts. We had a total of 27 juniors both male and female ranging in age from 14 to 19 on the firing line.

The Alliance Rifle Club welcoming New Members - The Alliance Rifle Club is located in Malvern, Ohio approximately 15 miles south of Canton, Ohio. ARC is affiliated with the CMP and all match results are sent to the NRA for classification purposes. 


2007 National Matches News - 2007 is an important year in the history of the National Matches. That makes it an important year for shooters to be at Camp Perry. 2007 is significant, first of all, because it marks the 100th anniversary of the National Matches at Camp Perry. With preparations for the 2007 “Camp Perry Centennial” National Matches well underway, this article gives you an update on what you can expect to experience during this year’s “100-years at Camp Perry” celebration.

Muskegon M1 for Vets Match Largest to Date - The Muskegon Pistol and Rifle Club has once again been overwhelmed at the outpouring of support for their second M1 for Vets match. This event, held on Saturday, March 24, 2007, brought out 44 shooters, besting their first record-setting match of 30 shooters in December 2006. Many spectators also came out just to be a part of the fun.

Aurora Sportsmen's Club Members Train College ROTC Cadets in Marksmanship - Since 2004, the Aurora Sportsmen’s Club (ASC) has been conducting firearms safety and marksmanship training for the “Chicago Fire” Battalion Army ROTC cadets, who span eight campuses throughout the Chicago area. This program started after two cadets attended a Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) rifle clinic at ASC, where they used the Club’s Bushmaster AR-15 rifles. Realizing the value of their experience, they inquired if dedicated AROTC marksmanship training could be facilitated.

2007 National JROTC Air Rifle National Championship - The culmination of countless hours of training and preparation were rewarded this past weekend for 129 Army, Marine Corp and Navy Cadets as they came together to compete for the 2007 National JROTC Air Rifle Championship. For these athletes, and their coaches and families, this accomplishment is a testament to hard work and a commitment to excellence. Only one team and individual in each division could earn the top crown, but all who competed could be considered champions in their own right.

CMP Releases 2007 Competition Rules  - The 2007 11th Edition of the CMP Competition Rules is posted on the CMP web site. This year’s version is largely unchanged from the 2006 10th edition. The new rules provide a modification to the National Matches’ President’s Rifle Match that will have the top 20 competitors in the traditional 30-shot course of fire shoot an additional 10 shots in a 600-yard final stage to determine the match winner. This change promises a spectacular ending to one of the National Matches’ most important events and it should appeal both to spectators at the match and to Internet viewers.

Sign-up Now for 2007 CMP Three-Position Air Rifle Summer Camps! - It is time to start envisioning you or your team on the winner’s podium, and the time is now to start preparing for that moment! Why not get started with the premier rifle camp in the country, the Civilian Marksmanship Program’s Three-Position Air Rifle Summer Camps.

CMP Camp Riflery Program Update - In 2006, the CMP Camp Riflery Program experienced a significant increase in numbers of camp riflery instructors trained and in camps involved in the program. Those numbers promise to go up even more in 2007. The number of Instructor Training Courses (ITCs) completed in 2006 more than doubled over the previous year. With these growing numbers, there is also an increasing awareness among camp professionals of the program and what it offers. In addition, the CMP is making a conscious effort to promote the program to camps located in the western part of the United States.

Developing a Training Plan - By SFC Lance Dement, USAMU Service Rifle Team Member - If you don’t know where you are going, how will you know when you get there? Many shooters are happy with going to the range, emptying brass, and having some fun. Others, however, are there to win, and have a plan to do just that. Training plans are like fingerprints, every good shooter has them, and they are all unique to the individual. There are an unlimited number of items that can be included in your training plan; some plans are very detailed and complex, while others are more general.

Record Setting Match Set to Music - The Tri-City Three-Position Air Rifle Invitational hosted by the Pharr – San Juan – Alamo High School JROTC Program on 30-31 March 2007 in San Juan, Texas was a first in many ways. For starters, it was the first sanctioned Air Rifle Tournament to be held in the Rio Grande Valley in recorded memory. Second, the event was a huge draw for a variety of competitors from the surrounding area and San Antonio, a total of 38 competitors to be exact. Third, matches are not often conducted to the pulsating rhythms of a rock concert being held in a nearby gymnasium which became the case for the part of the Tri-City Invitational. The concert was scheduled after the match was already on the books. It was held in a different area of the campus; however it was close enough to be heard (and felt) by the members of what became the championship relay.

2007 National Trophy Pistol and Rifle Matches Programs Available, On-Line Entry System Open - The National Matches, which were founded in 1903, celebrated their 100-year anniversary during the 2003 National Matches. This year, another National Matches Centennial will be celebrated. 2007 marks 100 years since the matches first came to Camp Perry. In addition to the traditional National Trophy Pistol and Rifle Matches, the newer CMP Games Matches and the NRA National Championships, a series of memorable special activities commemorating the Camp Perry Centennial will take place during this summer’s matches.

2007 Small Arms Firing Schools Enrollment Now Open - For many years, one of the best ways for new shooters to learn sound pistol and rifle marksmanship skills and get started in service pistol and rifle target competition has been to attend a Small Arms Firing School at Camp Perry, Ohio during the National Matches. That opportunity will is available again in 2007 and enrollment is now open. Shooters who want to attend a school this year are urged to get their entries in as soon as possible because the reduced number of military coaches who can attend the 2007 National Matches means there are limits on how many students can be accepted in both the pistol and rifle schools.


CMP Announces 2007 Achievement Medal Scores - One of the CMP’s most popular award programs allows shooters in sanctioned CMP Games competitions to earn gold, silver and bronze Achievement Medals or Pins. CMP Games events are recreation-oriented shooting competitions that include the John C. Garand, Springfield, Vintage Military Rifle, M1 Carbine and Rimfire Sporter Matches. CMP Achievement Medals and Pins are awarded to all shooters who equal or exceed established Achievement Medal Scores. Score levels for these awards are established with the intent of enabling approximately 40% of all competitors to receive awards. New Achievement Medal Scores for 2007 have now been established and are shown in the chart.

CMP ROTC Scholarship Recipient Tops Military Cadets in All-Army Matches - Each year, the CMP awards 100 $1000 scholarships to college ROTC cadets based on their leadership, academic and marksmanship accomplishments. Cadet Michael Mann, who is now a senior in Army ROTC at Virginia Tech has been a CMP ROTC Scholarship recipient each of the four years he has been in college. One week ago, Cadet Mann was one of two dozen military cadets who competed alongside 160 Active, Reserve and National Guard soldiers in the 2007 U. S. Army Small Arms Championship. In these service rifle and pistol competitions that took place at Fort Benning, Georgia on 5-12 March, Mann finished as the overall high scoring cadet. He also won a “leg” that counts towards being awarded the prestigious Distinguished Rifleman Badge.

So you want to shoot Infantry Trophy? - By SFC Norman Anderson, USAMU Service Rifle Team Member - It is “that day;” the day when you can drink all the coffee you want; the day when it is okay and even encouraged to be pumped. This is the day when the command “Load and Be Ready” might just as well be “Gentlemen, Start Your Engines.” It is a Coach, a Captain, six shooters, eight targets, four yard lines, 50 seconds at each yard line, 384 bullets and no alibis!! Once your team is called to the line, there is no looking back, so you had better be ready when you get there. Here’s how to prepare yourself, your equipment and your teammates in order to make sure that you show up with your “A” game for this “spray and pray” event. First, a review is in order to cover all that the Infantry Trophy Team Match involves. 

Western Region JROTC Championship - The numbers say it all for the Western Region JROTC Championship which took place this past weekend, 1-3 March, at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO. The 344 competitors were the largest number ever to fire in a single event at the Olympic Shooting Complex, and it took five relays on a 72 firing point range held over two days to accommodate everyone.

Crossed-Ankle Sitting Position - By SFC Grant Singley, USAMU Service Rifle Team Member - There are two primary variations of the sitting position that are used during Highpower competitions. The variations are crossed-ankled and crossed-legged. This article covers the crossed-ankled sitting position. You may want to try the crossed-ankled position if you have excessive pulse in the crossed-legged position and/or your body type prevents you from getting into the crossed-legged position. I would also like to say that all the cool people to include myself shoot the crossed-ankled position. Note: This article is written from a right-handed shooter’s perspective.


Eastern Region JROTC Championships - The Army Marksmanship Unit’s air rifle range at Fort Benning, Georgia was filled to capacity with many of the best junior shooters in the country this past week. On 15-17 February, 275 JROTC cadets representing XX JROTC units from the Eastern part of the United States competed for honors in the Army, Marine Corps and Navy Eastern Region JROTC Air Rifle Championships.

Master Instructor Course Completed at CMP South - The largest CMP Military Rifle Master Instructor Course so far took place at CMP South in Anniston, Alabama on 10-11 February. 41 students from 13 states attended the two-day training course designed to train and certify Master Instructors to teach CMP-sanctioned Garand-Springfield-Military Rifle Clinics at their home clubs and ranges. Course students came from as far away as Colorado, Illinois, Louisiana, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Large student delegations represented the Aurora Sportsmen’s Club, Aurora, Illinois; the River Bend Gun Club, Roswell, Georgia and the Revolutionary War Veterans Association, Ramseur, North Carolina.

2007 National Matches Kick-Off - The 2007 National Matches will celebrate 100 years of National Matches at Camp Perry. On 8 February, in one of the first official acts involving this celebration, the Ohio National Guard’s Fort Ohio Commander, Colonel Jim Chisman, and the Director of Civilian Marksmanship, Gary Anderson, presented a banner recognizing this significant anniversary to the Board of Commissioners of Ottawa County, Ohio.


On-line Registration Now Open for the First Eastern CMP Games and Creedmoor Cup Matches - The Inaugural Eastern CMP Games and Creedmoor Cup Matches, which will take place at Camp Butner, North Carolina, on 5-13 May 2007, offer an exciting nine-day schedule of training and competition activities. All shooters, especially shooters who live in the eastern and southeastern parts of the U. S., are encouraged to make plans to attend the first east coast version of the Western Creedmoor Cup and CMP Games Matches. The matches will be at Camp Butner, North Carolina, a National Guard installation north of Durham, North Carolina. The North State Shooting Club, whose home range is at Camp Butner, will host the Matches. Creedmoor Sports Inc. will sponsor the Creedmoor Cup Matches and the CMP will sponsor the CMP Games Matches.

New Match Sanctioning Program for Junior Three-Position Air Rifle Events - Shooting clubs, JROTC organizations and other shooting sports organizations that sponsor three-position air rifle matches for juniors can now obtain National Three-Position Air Rifle Council sanctioning for them through the CMP. Match sanctioning offers a “seal of approval” to potential participants that a competition will be conducted according to high standards with nationally recognized rules.

2007 Camp Perry Open Marks a New Chapter for CMP - The Civilian Marksmanship Program supports three-position air rifle matches all across the country. Every year CMP personnel and equipment travel coast-to-coast for these junior events. So it may come as a surprise that a significant three-position air rifle match has never been conducted at Camp Perry, CMP North Headquarters near Port Clinton, Ohio, especially considering that for a century Camp Perry has been a Mecca for competitive shooters from all over the country who attend the annual National Rifle and Pistol Matches. This finally changed on 20 January 2007 with CMP’s first Camp Perry Open. This match was the beginning of what the CMP hopes will become an annual series of three-position air rifle matches at Camp Perry.

Some Like It Cold! ~ Muskegon “M1 for Vets” Match - While many in Michigan huddled in their homes to stay out of the bitter cold, a record number of shooters attended the Muskegon Pistol and Rifle Club’s first “M1 for Vets” match held on Saturday, December 9, 2006. Even a wind chill of 15 degrees did not deter the 30 dedicated shooters who wanted to be a part of this fantastic event. Some eager participants drove several hours just to be able to participate in the 30-round match. Temperatures may have been frigid, but the cloudless sky was a beautiful blue, and spirits were soaring. 

CMP Board Officer invested as Civilian Aide to the Secretary of the Army - Harry A. Sieben was sworn in as Civilian Aide to the Secretary of the Army for Minnesota on October 27, 2006. Francis J. Harvey, Secretary of the Army, administered the oath, presented the CASA flag, and pinned the CASA pin on Mr. Sieben. Following the investiture Secretary Harvey hosted a luncheon in the Pentagon. in honor of the new CASA.

CMP Three-Position Air Rifle Summer Camps Make an Early Appearance in 2007 - Improvement is a constant goal at CMP, from creating the latest technology for tracking scores on the web to making registration faster for the National Rifle and Pistol Matches. We pride ourselves in improving the experience for everyone who participates in our events or purchases rifles and equipment. Our Three-Position Air Rifle Summer Camp program is no exception, and this year the CMP’s premier camp program is even bigger and better.

Reading the Wind (Part 2, 600 Yard Firing) - By SSG Emil Praslick, USAMU - In the previous article, “Reading the Wind (Part 1)” we discussed the tactics and strategy needed to negotiate the wind during rapid fire (primarily 300 yards). The goal during rapid fire is to center your group in the 10 and X-ring. Your windage setting must therefore be a compromise between what the wind is doing at the beginning of firing time and what you believe it will be at the end of firing time. The 600 yard slow fire stage needs a slightly different approach and skill set to maximize one’s performance. The ability to “read” the conditions, coupled with feedback from your last shot, make this stage one of the most intellectually challenging in highpower competition.

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